Angel and Kathrine

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  1. Name: Archaeo Grimoire
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    History: Once upon a time, Archaeo used to live over the pond in the UK. Then he became an assassin. He didn't have much growing up, so he ensured that he would have a better life after that. End of story.
    Themesong: Dance With The Devil by Breaking Benjamin

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  3. Walking quickly to her boss's office she waved saying hello to a few people on the way,considering she felt like being in a good mood today. She has came as quickly as possible when she had heard her boss needed something urgently and not to tell anyone that she was coming. As she approached the door she felt a little scared, the way his voice sounded over the phone didnt do to well for her, she actually felt a little afraid seeing this caller ID pop up on her phone. Brushing her black hair that cascaded to her shoulders out of her face she knocked on the door timidly awaiting and a answer if she could come in. "Come in..." She heard her boss say as she opened the door peaking in and can in fully seeing a man she had never seen before sitting across from her boss. 'I wonder who the hell this is' she crossed her arms as she thought to herself "Lilli, this is your new mission" her boss said to her not even looking up at her face "W-what!" She said out load seeing if what he said was what she heard
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.