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Hello and welcome dear potential partner! PM me if you're interested or have questions, and feel free to leave a heads up here. If nothing tickles your fancy I can supply several other plots and picture prompts.
  • Who, what and where I RP I do M/F pairings (as F), F/Futa or Futa/Futa pairing in plot and character driven RPs over threads. Sex should be an enhancement tool and not the basis of the plot.
  • Writing styleOn average I write 2-5 coherent, descriptive paragraphs and I emphasize character development. I'm no grammar Nazi, nor do I expect or want a novel per post. However, if you have a hard time writing 2-3 literate paragraphs, we aren't a good match.
  • AvailabilityI will reply at least once a week, up to multiple times a day depending on schedule and muse.
  • Communication Contribute to the plot and tell me what you like or don't like. Want to add a kink or spice up the story? Sure thing! Want to call it quits? No problem, it happens. If you're respectful and friendly we'll get along great. :)
  • Kinks and Deal-breakers My turn on's are not requirements. If you don't like some of my kinks, that's fine! I'm also open to non-extreme kink requests. Ex. red heads, stockings and corsets, etc. Just ask!
    • Character Specifics - Humanoids and sentient monsters. Realistic anatomy. Size difference 1-3 ft (taller male). Maximum 10 year age gap. Flaws and vices (scars, substance abuse, etc). Tattoos and piercings, Virgins or sexually experienced characters. Gender-bending canon characters. Love/Hate relationships.
    • Sexual Elements - Oral, anal, and vaginal. Slow building relationships. Early hook ups. Contextual D/s and slavery. Light bondage (power play, role reversal, blindfolds, restraints, pleasure control/denial). Wrestling. Consensual to rough sex. Non-consensual sex as a plot device. Teasing. Seduction. Foreplay. Mutual masturbation. Biting and scratching. Face-sitting. Fingers in mouth. Class or race taboo. Incest (in-laws, siblings, cousins). Sexual tension, frustration, and exhaustion. Dubious consent or pseudo rape. Risk of pregnancy and pregnancy. Sex in non-traditional places (anywhere that's not a bed). Non-traditional sex (tail sex or heavy petting with monsters). Voyeurism and exhibitionism. Romance and affection. Corruption. Light mind control. Cuckolding.
    • Turn Off's - Sexual gore/death. Vore. Bestiality. Heavy BDSM. Bathroom play. M/M. F/F. Harems. God-modding. "Slice of life" RPs.

I recently finished Dragon Age Inquisition/DLC. Our RP can be set before, during, or after any of the games. I prefer an alternate time line with original characters but I will play with/as certain canon characters, too. Be it a traditional Templar/mage conflict and romance, or one of the main protagonists involved with a companion or OC. A Tevinter noble and their elf slave, or a Qunari rebel who was captured inside their borders. Even a demon and the mage who summoned him/her would also make for a good story arc. In traditional DA style I would like us to play more than one character each, although we can certainly have our favourite pairings take precedence.

- Inquisitor x OC
- Dalish elf x Human
- Qunari x Human
- Tevinter Magister x Elf slave
- Fem!Inquisitor x Cullen, Blackwall, Solas or Iron Bull

Veins of Blood and Lyrium | Templar x Mage
A bright young mage in the Kirkwall Circle has lived there all her life. She befriends a kind Templar and they eventually plan to escape from the Circle with him when the time is right. However, a sudden attack on the Chantry and the chaos that ensues knocks their plans off track. They escape separately, believing their friend to be dead. Instead they have a surprising reunion a year later at the Conclave.

Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts | Agent x Agent
Agents who work for Leliana and Cullen (or other branches of the Inquisitor) carry out important tasks for the Inquisitor. They play the Game in Orlais, act as ambassadors, collect information and artifacts, investigate corruption, carry out assassinations, aid in the taking of Keeps. Etc. I imagine them as non-canon companions of the Inquisitor who can directly interact with other characters and alter storyline events as we see fit.[/hr]
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