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  1. It stucked on my head, so I think I have to say it before my head got blasted. What about making an app for Iwaku and put them on Google Play and Apple Store? That way, we can get a notification when a thread we watched got a new reply without having to open the site first. I think that's a lot more simpler.

    Oh, but it's just an idea. I didn't have any intention to force you to do this.

    -give you a peace sign-
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  2. I believe you can set it up so you get e-mail notifications for watched threads, as well. If you have your e-mail set up on your phone, I think that would probably give the same results that you want.
  3. Hmm, I see. But I think that having an app will allow an easier access to Iwaku than using the web. Though, using the email notification is another option as well. Thanks!
  4. We don't have the funds to get a custom app made (we went that route before and got screwed with a buggy system and no support ><), but we're looking in to the Tapatalk app and seeing if it will work for us. It takes time to run the testing though. D:
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  5. Ooh, that's great! Looking forward for the Tapatalk version of this site. It'll be awesome, I can already imagine that XD Thanks!
  6. @Diana have you thought of stickying this topic since it comes up once a month?
  7. I agree, this site does need an app someday in the future. The only other app (RolePlay Forums) is not nearly as good as this site, in my opinion.
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