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  1. Hi! I suppose I'll provide some random information to you internet peoples. :D

    I have one child, a furry kitty by the name of Gideon. He's my world. :D
    I enjoy writing, though I don't think I'm good at it.
    I spend to much time on my phone reading lore to various games I play. =3
    I'm pretty kick ass at Magic the Gathering.
    Some how I've broke the screen to every laptop I've ever owned.
    I'm 5'4.
    Annnnnnd I miss Arthas, the Lich King. =[

    I like making new friends so feel free to ask more if you like! Otherwise I look forward to RPing with you all! :D
  2. Hallo! Welcome to Iwaku! I'm into card games, too; although my preference is Duel Monsters :3

    You can always PM me if you're bored or stuck~<3
  3. Pleasure to meet you, Andell'avara. Name just rolls off the tongue. Lore to the games you play, mind if I ask what they may be? Assuming WoW is one of them? Also, Magic: The Gathering, quite an awesome card game, use to be a huge fan of it myself.
  4. Minibit,
    I haven't played Duel Monsters in years! :D I probably don't even know how to play anymore. XD
    Anyways... Thank you !! :D

    Kaguya Houraisan,
    And you as well, Kaguya! Don't mind at all actually. I used to play WoW, still very much a lover of the lore and have no problem losing an hour or six to reading about it. I also enjoy; The Zelda Games prior to Twilight Princess(minus GBA games), Darksiders, Fatal Frame, Haunting Ground, DC Universe, Gears of War, Dishonored, Jak, Bioshock, Elder Scrolls, Dragons Dogma, and I'm probably missing about sixteen more. :D
    I still enjoy magic, though I just can't keep up with standard. Kaguya, mind if I ask what makes that a 'use to be' instead of an 'am' ?
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  5. @Lady Andell'avara Lol. I see, I see. Also, Darksiders, Fatal Frame, Huanting Ground, Gears of War, Dishonored, Jak, Bioshock, Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind, all good games. Quite a few Zelda games are good, though never played the newer ones (AKA everything past Majora's Mask. >>; ) Also never played DC universe, or Dragons Dogma, but heard the latter was good.

    As for Magic, I use to play waaaaaaaaaaay back in the day, but slowly just stopped playing, and despite my recent attempts to get back into it, the lack of players and sufficient amount of money made it not as appealing as before. Though, do own Magic 2013 on steam, and considered Magic 2014.
  6. Greetings Andelyabnaia'bnavavara. O____O That is quite a name! Welcome to the community! <3
  7. Some in common I see! :D As far as the Zelda games go, Windwaker was okay(not as amazing as everyone has claimed it to be) and Twilight Princess was decent. But my favorites were still made pre-2000(N64 and back) :]
    DC Universe is fun. It suffices my twitching cravings for WoW. As for Dogma, play Dark Arisen if you get the chance, they polished it more.

    My vice is most certainly magic. I ebay a lot of the stuff I need and work with what I have. I've got a friend who gives me access to their collection though too, minus their Power Nine cards. XD Now, you say waaaaaaaaaay(did I put enough a's?) back in the day. What block is waaaaaaaaay back in the day considered? Lol. I know what you mean though with the money, like I said I hunt deals. Where I am, the fan base is sufficient but no one plays legacy or vintage. Every one is standard all the way and don't even know what the good stuff is! Believe me, they're pretty annoyed when they realize how crappy standard is when it faces a turn two kill deck from vintage. :D

    I wish I had magic on steam. Mines on the box of X. I wouldn't waste the money on Magic 2014, it wasn't nearly as good as 2013 and the starter decks they give you to play are horrendous. Unless you enjoy a good dose of land screw, I wouldn't.

    Oh god, look at me I've gone all magic. I'm so sorry! :'D
  8. Lol, how did my name come out so jumbled! XD Thank you so much!

    -Lady Andell'avara
  9. @Lady Andell'avara Windwaker didn't appeared to be as great as others made it, honestly. Twilight Princess was told to be the sequel to Ocarina of Time, so imagine my disappointment when I heard it wasn't anymore. But, yes, Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, probably the best, yeah? Lol.

    : O Sounds like quite a nice thing you have going, and waaaaaaaaaaay (you forgot an a~ ) as like, 11 years ago. Though tried to rejoin earlier this-- last year. I tried to deal hunt, bought 1,000 cards for 30$, but a lot were copies. And sounds like you had a fun time showing them the oldies~ Lol.

    I see, will keep that in mind, stick with 2013, don't go 2014. Lol.

    And it's perfectly chill. : P
  10. Lol, yeah. I keep pretty busy. Ebay is probably the best I've found for deals. But my local card store is pretty decent on pricing. :3 I should probably at this point start trying to get back into this RP!

    Have you found one you like yet?
  11. Welcome to Iwaku, I hope you enjoy the site and we are happy to have you.

    PS - I too have broken many a screens

    Be well Lady ^_^