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  1. My name is Andastra ! However, i'm sure you already are aware of that so i will get past the pleasantries. I am looking for a male role play partner , whom is seeking a long term partner. A few things you should know about me before we start this whole wonderful journey of creation. I SUCK at spelling, thank the heavens for auto correct. That being said, grammar is not my strong suit either. However, I do try my best but i will not murder you if it is not your strong suit either. I prefer to role play romantic rp's as i'm sure most females on this site do so nothing new there. On another note, I enjoy violence, gore, blood, sex and anything that keeps the plot going. I love to Rp well rounded stories and have situations that's keep the situations interesting. I really enjoy having a partner who is interested in developing the stories as much as I. With all this said and if you still are interested great! i should also add that everything in my Rps must have a purpose, meaning they don't fall in love at first sight, it is gradual as is the climax of the story lines.

    My ideal male characters in my role-plays tend to be very strong headed males. Rough around the edges with a tough attitude. If you enjoy playing thous types of characters and agree to everything in the above paragraph then i think we may be in business.

    My idea of the RP is one I have done before and it has worked out well.

    It is set in England during the depression. A lowly old men sells his daughter to the highest bidder. Not knowing that the man who had such a fancy for his daughter was not only a very rich but was also a very old vampire. The vampire keeps her as a pet only to realize that she is becoming more of an addiction to him. Unable to bear the thought of losing her he changes her. The reaction to the change creates anarchy between them causing her to go some what insane. His need to regain her back and his persistence finally works as he finally sires that vampire bride he wanted. As everything seems to be going well, Hunters enter England and capture his new bride.

    This is timeline and small things will happen in between. He will obviously not fall for her or her to him for awhile but it gives us a direction to head.

    Let me know what you think! I am always open to suggestions
  2. Here's my suggestion. I would be willing to play a hunter that is trying to kill your character, the vampire. The initial reason why my character became a vampire hunter is because your character killed his sister many years ago when he was still a teenager. This story takes place in modern days times or near future.

    We can elaborate further on the plot if you like it :)
  3. I'd be interested in exploring that idea more send me a pm :)
  4. still looking
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