And You Saved Me

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  1. And You Saved Me
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    Sofia wrapped her arms around herself, trying not to shake. This was what she had signed up for when she had offered to fly from Argentina to America, so why was she so afraid? Fabian had promised her that life would be better in the States. Her brother, Juan, had agreed.
    But the young woman felt an awful sense of danger welling in her chest as she led through the airport by one of Juan's co-workers. Once she was dropped off to her respective "host", the man would disappear and return to her home of Argentina.

    Her eyes searched the crowded room, the airport much more crowded and brighter than the one in Buenes Aires. Most travelers were in jeans and t-shirts, but some donned neat, crisp suits. Sofia's eyes searched the room for her host... not that she knew what they looked like.

    They descended down a escalator before seeing three men with a sign labelled "Sofia". Sofia wondered why they had not bothered to put a last name; perhaps her name wasn't nearly as popular here, or perhaps they didn't even know it. She had never even filled out paperwork, just signed her name on an unknown dotted line.

    "Here you are," the man said to her, pressing a hand to her back and guiding her towards the three men. Two were distinctly similar in age, but all had an underlying similar appearance. Sofia imagined that it was a trio of father and two sons. She wondered if she would have a host mother, or perhaps even a sister. Growing up with just a brother, Sofia smiled at the idea. How wonderful would that be?

    The man talked quickly to her hosts, explaining in a low voice that Sofia wasn't sure she was meant to hear, "Fabian expects the second half of your payment by next week. If not, we have your address. After that payment, she's all yours, so we suggest you make it as soon as you can."
    The older man laughed, "already made this morning."
    He smiled and nodded his head gratefully, "then have fun, and good doing business."
  2. The Trio welcomed her in, smiling to her as they welcomed her to their lives. They paid a hefty fine to have her rescued form her corrupt country but were more than happy to. The eldest of the gentlemen obviously the Father, brought his long arms around her in a gentle hug as the other two that stood behind him, smiled as well, ready to welcome their new member of the family. The others joined in for their own embraces but the eldest one found to be a little longer in his grip around her before his brother pulled him away slowly
    "Give the girl some air Matthew.."

    Matthew sneered at Travis as he tugged him away from Sofia, but Roy, the father, spoke up
    "Boys we have plenty of time to get acquainted but she must be starving. Let's get her home and situated shall we?"
    The boys nodded as Travis, the youngest, around Sofia's age, 24, helped get her bags to the car, but Matthew, 29, tried to get to her again, before Roy, 59, looked at Matt with disdain
    "You will sit up fornt with me, Travis and Sofia will sit in the back."

    The trip plus one drove home to Sofia's new place. It was a lovely two story house, wider than most as it took up twice the space of a normal place., the garden shined with a recent dewwing and three dogs frolicked in the grass, two Labradors and a bulldog, who once the van rolled into the drive way, made their way to greet their masters. Barking happily, they froze at the new sight of the girl, and walked up slowly to sniff her, but Travis kept a tug on their collars as to night frighten her
    "They are quite friendly but need time to adjust to you Sofia."
    Travis spoke, his strong hands holding the dogs down from jumping as his raven black hair tussled down as they struggled to meet Sofia.
  3. Sofia stared out of the car window as hey travelled through the city and was surprised to find that I was not much different than Buenes Aires. She lived all her life in a much smaller, poorer town, but she enjoyed the similarities between her home country and America. Her brother had said it wasn't significantly different but considering she had grown up on the poor side of the country they knew it would take her some getting used to.

    They entered the beautiful home and that was where the difference between Sofia's home and this place ended. It was wonderfully decorated and though clearly made for a set of single males it was very nice nonetheless.

    The one who had been introduced as Matthew offered to take the young woman up to her room. His family seemed apprehensive and Sofia bit her lip. She hadn't said anything but her English was not the greaetest and she did not want to say something wrong to them. She still was not entirely sure her purpose here, I'd she even had one.
    The men soon agreed that Sofia would be showed her room and allowed the settle in before lunch. She smiled gratefully and allowed Matthew to lug her things up a flight of stairs. There were several bedrooms on this floor and he showed her to one with light blue walls and white simple furniture. Matthews touched her back and winked, "don't worry, you wont be spending too much longer in here."
  4. Travis walked downstairs to help his father with dinner, as their mother was sleeping in, a little sick but wanted to see Sofia, but Travis told her to lie down and rest, he would bring her around some other time. As they cooked, he noticed Matthew was taking his time to show Spfia where she was staying. So he waited longer

    Matthew though had plans. He helped rescue Sofia form her poor country and she would do some housework to help around the house, but he had some other plans too for her to repay him
    "..Take your shirt off."
    he demanded as he walked up to her, and when she hesitated, he tried to force it off, making it slide above her arms to show her bra, which made him grin viciously.
  5. Sofia barely had time to realize what was happening before her shirt was odd, revealing a simple lace bra and tanned stomach underneath. She immediately wrapped her arms around herself and backed away from Matthew, who now had a menacing look in his eyes.

    "You dare say anything to anyone and we'll send you right back," he snorted, pushing her roughly against the wall.
    Sofia's eyes widened and began to well with tears. She remembered her brother telling her to kick a man where it counted if he ever came onto her, but as if sensing her thoughts, Matthew's leg pressed hers up against the wall, pinning her against it.
    One of his hands immediately slipped underneath her bra, roughly tweaking her nipple and causing a ripple of pain to go through her. "Stop!" she cried.

    There was a small flurry of movement and someone sounded to be ascending the stairs. Matthew was quick to shove Sofia back into her shirt and he shot her a menacing look before Travis appeared in the doorway.
    "Everything ok in here?" the tall, darker brother asked, one brow cocked.
    Matthew looked between the young woman and Travis and then smirked, "oh, don't worry little brother, everything is perfect."
  6. "Well come to's ready..."
    He stayed in the doorway, not budging as Matthew clicked his tongue in annoyance and dejectedly walked out, with Travis not far before he turned and saw Sofia almost on the verge of crying, as he walked over to her and tried to console her, but she constantly tried to push him away, which worried him more. So he left, closing her door behind her to give her space as they ate.

    Later in the evening, Travis came upstairs as Matthew left for a party, knocking on her door and walking in, setting a plate of food onto the table beside her door, steak and fried potatoes riddled the plate with grease, a fork and knife beside it
    "..Eat up Sofia.."
    But he left before she could question.
  7. Sofia felt too sick to eat anything. The mere thought of food, like thoughts of Matthew and his rough actions, made her ill.
    She had been barely been in the house for five minutes and he was already trying to... come onto her? Sofia had never been with a man that way before but imagined that they weren't normally that vulgar or rough. The thought of him touching her again made her cringe and shiver.

    There was certainly a difference between the two brothers; like night and day, black and white. Travis was most definitely the kinder of the two but Sofia couldn't be so sure. Matthew, too, had been welcoming and generally nice in the beginning. But then the moment they were alone he had tried to touch her...
    Again, she cringed.

    The food sat cold on the table and though Sofia felt bad for not eating it, she couldn't bring herself to touch it. Once she was sure that the entire family had gone to bed, she traveled downstairs with the plate, finding some plastic wrap in a drawer and covering it. Just as she opened the fridge she heard footsteps behind her, and she stiffened.

    "You okay?" the voice asked softly.
    Tension flowed out of Sofia's body, though she tried not to led her guard down. She knew better than to trust Travis.
    She turned and watched him for a moment in the dim lamplight. He was certainly the better looking of the two men, less portly with more muscle and also a few inches taller. He towered over her softly rounded five foot four figure.
    "I... I... yes," she nodded in a thick Spanish accent, "fine, promise."
  8. He looked down at her body, and her hands with the plate, taking it form her fingers gently and walking to the trash, putting it in the bag then facing her again. Even in the light under him, his eyes were soft and his face handsome, the eerie lighting didn't break this visage of kindness and gentle caring, but he spoke lowly as to not catch unwavering ears
    "..I know what my brother tried to do to you Sofia..."
    he shook his head and walked over, but stopped on the other side of the fridge
    "..You can't let him do that to you...did you try to push him away?"

    She told him of what he did when she tried and how he went for it, but she was hesitant in telling him which made him more worried for her safety and innocence. He didn't want to harm her, he wanted to shelter her but he knew that she didn't trust him, and he understood especially after someone who took her in tried to force himself on her. But still.

    He looked at her gently in the eyes, never breaking the contact between them as he looked at the fridge now, then back at her
    '"...You should sleep well..and lock your door, I don't want him trying in the middle of the night when you're sleeping..I'll talk to father about this me....Night Sofia...."
    And with that he turned to head upstairs to sleep again. Matthew was still out to try again/
  9. Sofia paced around the room that night. She was fearful that Travis would indeed tell his father what had happened; Matthew had threatened to send her back and Sofia imagined he would have the will to if his family found out. It was bad enough that Travis had already known. She pleaded with him in the kitchen not to tell anyone, and Travis had agreed, but only if nothing else came out of it. If he caught Matthew again, he said there would be no stopping what he would do.

    As instructed Sofia locked her door but considering she was tossing and turning for most of the night, she ventured out around two in the morning for a glass of water. The lights of a truck in the driveway blinded her as she descended the stairs, and she startled when Matthew came bursting through the door. He was clearly drunk and didn't see her at first.

    "Ah," he grinned, "what do we have have here? That's a nice little nightdress you have on there."
    His breath smelled putrid, like alcohol and smoke. He was most certainly wasted and he roughly grabbed the young woman by the hair. Fearing that Travis would hear something, she prevented herself from crying out.
    It wasn't long before Matthew had her in his bedroom, the door locking behind them and Matthew's beady eyes settling on her figure.
  10. He had the door viced lock to make sure nothing stopped him, but he was clearly too intoxicated for their own good as he started to tear her clothes off, lifting them but the ripping sound of torn fabric could be heard by her as the nightgown was forced off, smiling as her near naked frame showed itself, her luscious breasts behind a silky bra and matching black laced panties as she tried to conceal herself, but Mathew forced her limbs open with his arms and legs, making her sprawl out, and she kept quiet, though hot tears filled her face. He didn't care about her innocence, he wanted what he thought he rightfully owned, and he bought her freedom as he unhooked her bra, letting her chest hang free which made Sofia whimper coldly.

    He just kepyt staring at her form, she was curvy but sexy, her chest heavy with mounds as her figure was screaming to him, but she was also screaming on the inside. His vision blurred and he tried to find her panties to the ground, but he slipped, holding his head as it banged on the bed frame, making him curse out which was louder, but everyone was already fast asleep. He looked at her but couldn't really focus, as the binge he was on caught up, sending him sloppily to the bathroom and ralphing the poison out of his body. giving Sofia a great moment to escape.

    She ran to her room and locked the door, cowering to herself for the night, she couldn't sleep, not after that.

    The next Morning, Matthew was out, somewhere, and Travis woke up slowly, to get ready but he noticed her nightgown and bra in the hallway out of Matt's room, and he rushed to check on her
  11. Sofia heard Travis banging on her door and she shook her head, wishing he would just leave her alone. She knew that her underwear and ripped nightdress were somewhere out there, but she feared going to retrieve them, not knowing if Matthew was still in the house or not. She would know better than to be alone in the house with him again. She would merely have to be careful now, and make a plan if anything else did happen.

    Slowly, Sofia creaked out the door. Travis's handsome face greeted her on the other side, dark eyes staring into her with concern. His hand was matted and in wisps around his face, framing his angular jaw.

    "Please," she whispered, "just... leave me be. I... I... it fine, promise." Her disjointed English was full of emotion, but she fought away the tears. "He not do anything, catch me off guard, is all. Please... not tell your father..."
  12. He clicked his tongue in disgust and tossed ehr clothes in the floor beside her
    "..No..I have to tell him...."
    he sighed as he slowly turned to face his father, Sofia's pleading did nothing for him.

    As he went to speak to his father, they both were worried and disgusted but not sure what to do. so Roy offered a proposal.
    "We do have another house we use, for guests across town. IT's small but enough for two will accompany her to it, and keep her safe...we paid for her to stay in America but we will not let her stay like this...Matthew will not know and we won't bother you for much, but you are welcome to be back for supplies while Matthew leaves."

    Travis nodded thankfully at his father before walking back to Sofia's room and peeking in
    "..Pack up...we're leaving...":
  13. Sofia sat on the edge of her bed, tears falling from her eyes. What was she meant to do now? One day in America and she was already beginning to fall apart, not to mention tearing this family apart with her! She hated herself for being so weak and wished that she could just suck it up.

    When Travis entered the room and explained that they were going to be hiding out at their guest house, Sofia stood and shook her head. "No... no." How was she meant to trust him when he had told his father when she had said not... not to mention he could be just as foul as his brother. "I can't leave with you," she cried, covering her face with her hands.

    "I not weak as you think...," she told him, "if that what brother want, then I oblige. I am strong woman." She tried to convince herself of the words as she said them. "I know you pay hefty money for me to come here, and it only fair. I not want to cause more trouble. And now please, leave alone..."
  14. he didn't budge form her doorway and looked down at her, as much as he wanted to help her though, he didn't want to step a boundary with her, she was hurt and he knew it. But he desperately wanted to help her

    "...I am nothing like my brother..he takes advantage..thinks he deserves this for rescuing you...But I know you wanted to be free and you wont with him..Please..just trust me....."
    he looked down and around to try to think of a away to ge tto her, try to make her understand.

    "Sofia please, I want your time in America to be a good one, not a time when you cower in your room and force yourself to be raped by that me..."
    His hand stretched to ehr, hoping she would react and join him.
  15. Sofia stared at Travis for a long while. There was a longing in his eyes but it was not the same as that of his brother. The emotion was not sexual, but rather a will to keep her safe and protected. Sofia didn't entirely understand his feelings considering they had just met, but she supposed he was simply a kind man. She found it hard to believe and she just looked at him for a good minute, an internal struggle behind her eyes.

    The tears were hot on her cheeks and Sofia stood from the bed, crossing the room to him. She didn't take his hand, instead stood toe to toe with him, as though she was standing up to him. She found it much easier to do that with Travis and she figured she trusted him a lot more.

    "I... I'm scared," she whispered.
  16. He watched her move to him, slowly gaining her trust as he looked into her eyes. As she spoke, he let a hand wonder to her back and he gave her a hug, a soft loving hug, like a father gave their child, or a brother to sister, but did not tighten his arms, still held them loose around her
    "..I know..especially after that...but you'll be safe....please come with me..."

    His arms fell form her and he walked to his room to grab some clothes for a month, waiting for her to do the same., As he popped out the hallway he looked at her
    "..Meet me downstairs when you're ready."
  17. Just as Sofia finally began to put her clothing back into her suitcase, she heard the commotion downstairs. Matthew must have arrived home and seen his brother moving things out because he began to bellow about how much money he too had put into this and how it was his right to have the girl. He even yelled that he would pay his father out if it meant he got to take her.

    Sofia crept to the top of the steps but hid out of view, listening closely to them all bickering. The voices of the three men intermingled, and sometimes it was heard to tell who was speaking.
    "You'll take her away over my dead body! You want to hide her? I'll fucking hunt you down and take her away myself. I'll give you what you paid for her, dad. She's just a fucking third world girl, why do you care so much about her? I'll show her what America is all about, treat her well, I swear!"
  18. But Travis had none of this. Even though the youngest, he was the well fit and formed one, since Matthew spends it on drinking and partying. With a punch to the jaw, Matthew falls to the floor, bleeding and gasping as the wind was knocked out, But Travis grabbed his collar and pulled him up to his face
    "..If you as much as come near a mile to her and try to touch her, I will use whatever I can to keep you away...You know damn well this isn't right and just because you paid for her to be here doesn't mean you owe her..We paid for her freedom not for a slave again..."

    He shoved his brother back to the floor and looked at Sofia, who was shocked but still followed, and while Matthew tried to grab at her ankle, Travis kicked his hand away and went away with her.

    They arrived in a Small loft in the outskirts of downtown. It was a tricky ride, one that Matthew couldn;t follow as he helped her in, settling down on the couch. On the way here his hand still had blood, and he washed it away immediately when he could, then looked at Sofia
    "...We have two rooms..Pick one"
  19. After putting her bag in the room that he had claimed, Sofia sat on the edge of the bed, staring at the beige walls and feeling her vision blur. Her chest was tight and she felt like she was going to fall apart at any second. The mere thought of being alone in this building with Travis made her stomach knot. He was certainly the kinder woman but Sofia didn't want to get too ahead of herself.

    Recalling how she had virtually ruined their family, Sofia's breathing hitched and her heartbeat began rapid. Travis entered the room just as she was drawing her face into her knees, sobbing and praying that the panic attack wouldn't last. She barely recognized his gentle touch as he put a hand on her shoulder, soothing her with kind words.
  20. His hand massaged her arm and back as he tried to hold her close
    "..Don't're not breaking us apart...Matthew is.....We wanted you to be safe and free...we didn't know Matthew would do that please..don't feel bad Sofia..."
    He got up to give her some space but looked back at her

    "..I'm going to order some pizza, are you going to be hungry soon?"