And thus, a new chapter unfolds

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  1. As I continued to run, it seemed as if each foot step I took weighed me down, becoming heavier. The night sky clung over my determined fate as I continued into the dark woods. The moon seemed to get closer after each breath I took. My chest begins to tighten as the rain hits my body. I dare not look back at to whom is chasing me. With my mother dead, I had no family left for me to turn to. I journeyed on through, and my heart begins to race. Thoughts of hatred, torment, and the experiments I had undergone made me into a new creature. A creature that’s last hopes is to find a woman whom he hasn’t even met. Just as I emerged out of the forest, there I stood on a cliff. Despair. I turned around and I could hear the sound of my executioners, my torment…my people whom I tended to and cared for. “That bastard!” “The freak!” “An abomination sent from Satan himself!” I stepped back and was nearly at the edge of the cliff. The men, and my father emerged from the forest, armed with hatchets, torches, lynches and cross bows. As my father raised his hand towards me, I covered my face underneath my cloak of animosity. “I want him back here alive. He is a sin and must be punished, for the murder of my beloved wife.” I inched a little from them, roaring, “The death of my mother was unjust based by your accusations Enrique. Mark my words, you and these men will die by my hands.” As my father laughed hysterically, he ordered for my execution. As the sound of the arrows gracefully flew through the air, and the sound of the heavy thunder matching each man’s footstep, I leaped backwards. Turning to face my death, I saw nothing but a dark. As the wind roared around my body, I inched closer towards the dark abyss and hear the sound of my mother…The voice of a muse…The sound of a new chapter unfolding…The sound of a Phantom.
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