And then there were none (photo shop)



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So, I decided that I'm going to open a photo-shop here.
I will be taking requests, as long as you go easy on me.
I'm still sort of new at the whole photo-shopping, so bare with me.
Here's a few of my designs that I've done. I will be getting some brushes
so I am able to put on things that you'd like to have done.

Set 1:
I did this for my mom, when she passed away, August 2009.


Set 2:


Set 3:


Set 4:


Set 5:
This is my absolute favorite picture of all time. :D

What I want from you guys.

making requests is easy:
although, I am not quite able to make signatures yet, but I will try my best
to get better at them, just for you lovey's.
image (links and the like)
colors(shade of tints, black and white, text?)
text (what do you want it to say?)
That is awesome! I love the last one! and the first one is really touching.
If you don't mind me saying, your Mum looks happy in the first one. :)

Great work, Crystal.
She was happy. Or at least I thought she was. :(
It's easy to tell that you loved her.