And Then the Moon stood still

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  1. Aela sighed as she stretched her aching body, she had just gotten back from a hunt. But even with only a few hours of sleep she was ready to face the day that might bring in new and fascinating people. Her family had died a few years ago and had left her this hotel. It was a decently sized building, with over 50 rooms she was always busy. The hotel was close to the Forest, Well it pretty much was In the forest... There was a calm river about 20ft away from the building that she would often get fresh water from. Aela would go into the forest for herbs and such to cook with or heal with.

    Looking up Aela smiled,
    "Welcome, what can I do for you?"
  2. Ssaj was weary from a long, failed hunt. Not only that, but he had the worst luck. He had lost his way back, and had been wandering in a forest for at least two days before he stumbled upon a hotel. Amazed at such a thing, the purple-scaled Draconis headed toward it. Upon nearing it, he saw a female. Deciding that she probably was in charge of the hotel, he approached her with a smile on his face and gave a light bow.

    "Hello," he said to her, his voice extremely rough sounding and deep. "I am lost and parched and I hunger greatly. Is there any chance that I might stay here for a bit to rest my weary bones and satisfy my body's desire for food and water?" Ssaj was a seven foot tall, two hundred and forty pound, violet-scaled, blue-eyed dragon anthropomorph. He looked and sounded frightening, but his smile and body language let the female know he was not out to hurt her at all.
  3. Aela nodded her head, not at all frightened by the purple scaled man. She had become used to these people who would often come here. Being an Moon Elf herself. Aela had turned to grab a key off of the wall, then turned back and smiled softly.
    "Of course you can stay! Here is a key to room 25, it is down the hall and it should be the second to last door on the left. There is a kitchen there, If you need any ingredients that are not already there, you can come to me and I will happily get them."

    Aela was always taught to trait others as she wanted to be treated. She could easily imagine what it was like to be lost in the forest for two days. It didn't sound like much fun...

    "I hope you enjoy your stay, you sound exhausted..." Aela gave the poor man a sympathetic look.

    "How about after you rest you tell me where you're trying to go and I'll tell you how to get there?"
  4. Ssaj beamed at her, eternally grateful for her hospitality. He bowed to her again, this time even lower, a sign of extreme gratitude and respect. "Xurwkar tiichi wux," he said in Draconic, and then, "Maker bless you. Your kindness shall not go unrewarded. Do you wish for payment? Either in coin or in work? Set me to work, and I shall do so. I hunt and I gather and I am a carpenter."

    He took the key from the Moon Elf's delicate fingers and slid it into his vest pocket for the moment. "Ah, I am weary indeed. My body demands I rest, but I shall not do so unless you do not require my assistance at this time. And I would be thankful if you would direct me about."
  5. Humming a moon elf lullaby softly to herself as she thought Aela tilted her head and bit her lip softly.
    "Well once you are well rested would you mind helping me repair a room? I'm afraid a fight of some sort had broke out and now a wall is missing." Sighing Aela rested her head in her palm and looked up to the man beside her.
    "would you like me to walk you to your room so you do not get lost?"
  6. "I will gladly help you repair your room. I shall also protect this land while I am here. My life is yours." Ssaj was a gentle giant for sure. A grateful and honorable creature, the woodsman had decided that it is only fair if he returns the hospitality. "If it please you, my lady, then aye, lead me to my room. I shall follow." The purple-scaled Draconis stood right beside her, towering over her lithe, elven figure.
  7. Smiling Aela started down the left hall,
    "Thank you, It would greatly help me to not have to protect this place alone. It gets very tiring."
    Coming to the door Aela stopped and nodded her head toward the door.
    "Here is your room, let me know if you need anything. I'll be in the room we just left, most likely reading or doing paper work."
    Turning to head back down the hall Aela looked over her shoulder and smiled softly
    "Rest well"

    Once she was back in the other room Aela grabbed a Ancient Moon Elf book and begun to read the ancient text
  8. Terah walked along a narrow path she had found leading into a forest, she ran the tips of her fingers gently along the bark of the tree and smiled to herself. She was a Loup Garou, though of course people used the derogatory term Werewolf instead. She loved the forest and the feel of wind through her snow like white hair. The sun was beginning to set though, which meant she either find a place to stay or change forms and sleep outside amongst the animals of the forest. At the moment the weather was just the perfect temperature, but she was sure it would be cold later on, so she settled for the former option. She walked for another ten minutes when she saw a hotel peek out at her from the branches of the trees.

    She slowly made her way to the hotel, amazed it was all the way out here to begin with. She shrugged shaking the thought off, and opened the front door to the hotel, walking inside. No one was at the front counter, so she would just wait patiently for assistance. She sat in the lobby of the hotel, her slender legs crossed while she looked out a large window just to her left.
  9. Hearing the door open, Aela walked into the lobby, humming the same lullaby as earlier and stepped into the room. After looking around Aela spotted a young woman. Smiling softly she stood behind the counter and set her book down.
    "How may I help you?"
  10. Ssaj wished her well as she departed. He gazed upon his room and smiled to himself. It was cozy, quaint, warm, and lovely. The hunter spotted the warm, soft bed and dropped his backsack, bow, quiver, and blade onto the floor, and then crawled onto the bed. His huge, rough violet face met the cotton-filled pillow and within moments, the Draconis was fast asleep. He emitted light snores, and his left arm hung off the right side of the bed as he slept belly-down.
  11. Terah looked over when she heard a gentle voice, of course she had smelled her coming anyways. She smiled at the woman and stood up, walking over to the front desk. "I just need a room for the night if it wont be to much trouble." Terah said in a quiet voice. She looked around the hotel and realized how well done it was, and how beautiful the inside was. She was lucky she had stumbled across such a place.
  12. Neurah readjusted the strap to her satchel, staring down at it's brown leather disdainfully with her pale green eyes. After a day of lugging it about the Forest, it had started to dig into her shoulder. A feint red mark could be seen in her mottled skin from where it sat. The tranquil river served as a road to her as she youthfully hopped along it's bank from weathered rock to weathered rock. Neurah was a mage by practice, studying foremost in the arts of earth magic, out in the woods to collect a few herbs and other such things to be sold or used in ceremony as she headed for her true destination. That is, a town resting on the other side of the forest. She realized, now, that she had underestimated it's immensity, and despite her general love for the area, there was the looming issue of not-so-friendly things that might be lurking about. She was quick, of course, but in forests, bronze was much more appreciated.
    A foot slipped and she stumbled sideways, into the small rocks and soil that made up the rivers edge. Getting to her feet, her eyes caught the sight of a modest hotel. Recognizing her own swollen feet, she decided not to take up the opportunity and headed in it's direction. Up close, Neurah couldn't help but notice the welcoming air it gave off. She patted herself clean of dirt and walked in.
  13. Smiling to the young woman Aela turned and grabbed another key handing it to her.
    "Your in room 15. It's right down the right you'll be the second door on the right" Nodding her head to the customer that had just walked in Aela turned back to the other young woman and grinned.
    "Let me know if you need any help with anything. I'll be here."
  14. Neurah returned the nod with a shy smile and made her way to the front desk. She looked down at her feet as the owner finished with the first patron. Short brown curls fell over her face. She wondered, for a moment, if a room would be opened at all, but quickly shook the thought away.
  15. "Hello," Aela said softly to the shy young woman.
    "How can I help you?" Smiling softly Aela leaned on the counter and tried to look into the young woman's eyes. She had a very soft feel to her, If Aela hadn't been paying attention she would have missed the shy presence. Aela smelled the soft scent of soil from the river, looking down Aela noticed that one of the woman's feet was slightly swollen and had a few cuts on it.
    "Would you like me to take a look at your foot? Make sure everything's ok? I'm a healer so I know what I'll be doing.."