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    • A private roleplay between Azreal and I.

      A young former alpha, chased from his pack and on the run, makes a grave mistake that will change the life of one poor unfortunate boy perminantly.

    • Name; Seth Corlin
      Age; 24 human years
      Age bitten; thirteen
      Height; 6'2ft
      Body type; Muscular
      Human description;
      Black hair, dark eyes, light tan skin. No tattoos or piercings. Bite scarring on his left side ribcage.
      Wolf description;
      Grey timber wolf with a darker back and lighter chest. Dark eyes.


      Name; Ezekial Leon
      has somehow gotten the nickname Izzy over the years and goes by that.
      Age; 18
      Height; 5'9
      Body type; Very lightly toned, with some obvious muscle
      Human description;
      Hair a brilliant red, down to the middle of his back, right eye blue, left eye green, lightly tanned skin. Snake bites, ears piercings. Slightly toned, but a tad feminine
      Wolf description;
      Eurasion wolf, brown and red fur.

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  1. "Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave. Your scaring the other customers."

    "Fine!" Seth snarled, slamming his hands down on the counter. "Fine, I'm going!" On his way out of the little shop he slammed the door with such force, it was a shock the thing didn't crack. No one dared follow him though.

    He knew he should have stuck to the woods, like he usually did. Making a commotion in the area would only make it easier for those brutes to find him. But he had been hoping he could rent a room for the night somewhere in this little but hussling town, to maybe enjoy a hot shower and a meal that wasn't roadkill.

    Apparently not.

    He was so furious with himself. Seth knew he was dangerous when he was mad, but he didn't pay it enough mind to take a breather as he walked along the edge of the forest quickly. Back and fourth in his bare feet and tattered shirt. Anyone to bump into him at this time would definately be unfortunate.
  2. Izzy had spent most of the day at his friend's house, working on a big project that they had to finish for school. They were almost done at this point, just a few more hours of work tomorrow and they would finally be finished with the damn thing. The human yawned as he wandered into a fast food joint to grab his dinner for the night before heading home. Luckily since it was a bit late, there wasn't much of a wait to order and get his food.

    So soon he was back out and on the way to his family's house, he nibbled on his fries as he walked. His mind lost in thought as he mapped out what needed to be done tomorrow to get everything finished up. Accidentally bumping his shoulder against Seth's.
  3. Seth hadn't payed the human coming towards him any attention, until they collided that was. It wasn't even a hard bump. With him being quite a bit bigger in stature, Ezekial was probably the one who got the rougher side of the bed.

    But it was enough. On a bad day, it really didn't take much to tick off a werewolf with nothing to loose.

    Seth whipped around to glare murderously at the human -a recently developed skill of his. "Hey pal, watch where your going! What, do you think you own the sidewalk or something?!" He barked at the other, clenching his fists.
  4. Izzy snapped out of his thoughts when he heard the shout, turning around to face the direction it had come from. Body tensing up when he caught sight of the murderous look, oh god, he really should have been paying attention. "U-Uh, It was an accident." he said, taking a step backwards. This was not a good situation to be caught up in, he wasn't exactly skilled in fighting if it came down to it. He really hoped that the larger male would just let it go, so he could go home without getting hurt.
  5. The wolf got a good look at who he was talking to after a moment and seemed to decide for whatever reason that a fight wasn't worth his time. He sighed heavily, angrily, but blew it off through his teeth. "Yeah, alright. Whatever. Just watch it next time." He growled, running his hands through his hair as he turned back to the forest.

    And he found a pair of bright yellow eyes that him from the trees. Watched them.

    A large brown wolf, double the size of most with a few ugly scars marring his face jumped out at them. He landed between the two and gave an ugly snarl. While Seth stumbled back in surprise -a rather normal reaction- the animal looked from him to Izzy a few times and gave a sharp bark. "Shit!" Seth swore loudly.

    Then he turned to the smaller of the two and prepared to lunge.
  6. Izzy let out soft sigh of relief when the other male seemed to let it go, it would suck to end up in a hospital just because his shoulder bumped into some stranger. "I'm sorry.. I'll be more careful." he said softly, ready to have this interaction over. The teen watched the wolf turn toward the woods, he didn't plan to start walking just yet because he was worried the weirdo might follow. A frightened yelp falling past his lips when the wolf jumped between them, mismatched eyes wide. "A wolf?!" he gasped out in surprise, a scared shiver running through his spine when the creature snarled. Oh gods, a fucking wolf, it must be rabid to be so close to such a populated area. "Fuck!" he shouted when it lunged at him, throwing his food bag at it's face, stumbling backwards.
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  7. ( Throw your food at the wolf, good distraction. Maybe he likes burgers and fries lol )

    By the time the large brown wolf had recovered from taking a bag of fast food to the face, he wasn't alone. Seth's shredded clothes littered the sidewalk and clung to his thick grey fur as he snapped at the hind legs of this significantly smaller mutt. He had changed so fast that his skin muscles were going to be sore. They contracted and sprung, as he leaped over the brown wolf, and landed two heavy paws on the humans chest to knock him to the ground.

    Sure, the impact wouldn't be nice, but he would survive.

    He snarled in the boy's face for a moment as if to say 'just stay there.'. Of course it would probably look more along the lines of 'I'm going to eat you now.' To a human. While he was doing that the brown wolf leaped, knocking him half off of Izzy as he bit down on Seths neck and caused the wolf to yelp. They were practically fighting on top of the human, weighing him down by at least two hundred pounds of power and snapping jaws inches from his skin.
  8. Izzy really didn't notice the shredded clothes all over the sidwalk, all he could focus on the fact that another wolf had joined the first. "Oh god." he whispered, body starting to tremble in fear. There was very little chance of escaping two wolves, if he was lucky maybe he could make it to the bar down the road.. They would probably have a gun and either scare or wound these creatures. The teen let out a soft screech when he was pounced on by the larger wolf, back and hitting the concrete hard. Tears welling up in his eyes from the pain and fear.

    Shit, he was going to die a gruesome death from being mauled by a wolf. The human started to cry when the over grown dog snarled in his face, trying very hard not to pee himself. "G-Get off!" he shouted, though he knew words were pointless considering they were wolves. He struggled to catch his breath as the pair began to fight on top of him, the large animals crushing him under the combined weight and making it impossible to get away
  9. Seth growled again at the human to be quiet. Unfortunately he wasn't really good at being reassuring when his canines were an inch long and an inch next to the others face. While he was doing that however the other wolf managed to grab his leg and gave it a jerk, making him yelp and snap blindly to try and get it away.

    He snapped twisted and yanked, and his teeth sunk into the boys shoulder.

    It took a moment before he realized he hadn't bit into fur, and let go. But without time to ponder, his long teeth sunk instead into the brown wolfs muzzle and his head jerked. The wolf gave a shrill yelp of pain and stumbled back. Finally the attacker backed off, turned heel, and bolted back into the woods.

    Seth was left there standing over Izzy. Blood dripped from his muzzle, both wolf and human, and his muscles quivered with each deep breath.
  10. Izzy pushed at Seth's chest when the wolf growled at him, that really was in noi way comforting. It was down right scary. The human tried to scoot back away from the two of them, though it was no use. He couldn't get free from the wolves, they were just too darn heavy. Dual colored eyes widening when the wolf snapped at him, a scream of pain falling past his lips when the teeth sank into his shoulder. The seering hot pain of his flesh being tore by the wolf was more than he could tolerate. soon blacking out underneath the huge wolf.
  11. Seth shook his head and looked down at the human, convinced if any good had come out of that encounter, at least this boy handn't been killed for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But as soon as he looke down the thick scent of blood filled his nose.
    And that's when it hit him, like a brick to the head.

    The great wolf jumped back in shock as his big dark eyes settled on the open wound. His wolf side was having a hard time processing it or understanding what was so bad. But the human knew. No no no -oh shit no no this can't have happened. He could taste the blood on his lips and knew it had been him. In seconds the man was human again, kneeling beside his victim and hovering over the wound. His hands almost touched it, but didn't. His whole body started to shake before he could stop it. Even if he left the kid here alone, he wouldn't bleed out. The wound would close up and heal. But he would be alone. He would be alone and scared and not understand what was happening when his body started to shake and quiver as the wolf took over for the first time.
    He would be alone.

    Seth whined, not unlike a wolf, and lingered there for a few more minutes unsure what to do. His anger of before seemed so stupid now.
    Finally after some time, when he was sure he couldn't just leave Izzy there, he picked up and pulled the bleeding boy onto his back before shifting again. Then he took off into the forest without a destination. He just ran, unsure of when the human on his back would wake up, or what he would do when he did. After a while he stopped in a small clearing of grass and laid the boy down. Giving another whine, he curled up next to him with his ears flat against his skull.

    What are you going to do with yourself, Seth?
  12. Izzy let out a soft whimper when he was picked up and pulled onto the larger male's back. The movements jostling his injured shoulder. Even though the pain was awful, the strange warmth he felt was nice. The teen nuzzled his face into the warm fur as the wolf ran through the forest and away from the town he had lived his whole life in. Shame he wouldn't be awake to fight the other male, he would hate to just leave his home without even saying goodbye to his parents/

    There were brief moments when his eyes would open and he would take in the strange sight of the forest moving around him, before he'd slip back into unconsciousness. It seemed like a dream., he couldn't imagine that he was actually traveling through the woods on this large creatures back. His body keeping him asleep as it needlesly fought the losing battle to keep the virus that was the wolf genes as it started to make the changes. Causing a slight fever. A soft grunt escaped the sleeping teen's lips when he was laid down on the grass, turning towards the feeling of the soft fur as Seth laid beside him.
  13. (Sorry, long post, don't worry about matching it at all!)

    eth laid his head down on the grass and moved one large paw over his muzzle, trying to hide himself away from the world. He was without a pack to lead, he was being hunted, and now he had bitten someone by accident -an act all werewolves shunned for and told never to do.

    Whoever this kid was, and the young alpha would find out soon enough, he had just had his life ripped away from him. He would be too dangerous to go back to any family or friends he had prior to his change. For at least a year, his shifts would be too unpredictable for him to even step among society. And since Seth didn't plan on leaving him to fend for himself, or worse, leave him to run into a packs territory and get ripped to shreds... Well, now he was stuck with a hunted outlaw.

    Guilt was already eating him alive, guilt that the alpha in his blood immidiately commanded be hidden. Seth raised his head to focus on the boy. He could see a sheen of sweat break out on his top lip; a sign that the virus was taking. His wound was probably already lacing itself up. He was so small really compared to the big black and grey beast curled around him. He didn't look fit to be a monster he was going to become at all. Seth had always had that look about him, the tough look, the broad shoulders, the alphas stance. This boy looked soft and sweet.
    The forest would crush him.

    The wolf curled up a bit more protectively around Izzys small figure and pressed his large wet nose to the boys cheek. He gave a throaty sigh. Then, knot in it could be hours before he came to, he closed his eyes and kept his ears tuned forward for sounds from the forest.
  14. Many hours later, when the sun started to come up and shine through the top of the trees. The teen's face scrunched his face, his eyes soon fluttering open; his gaze falling on the large wolf curled around him. Body tensing up once it sunk in that the wolf that attacked him was sleeping beside him. Oh dear gods, that rabid thing was laying beside him! A soft scared whimper fell past his lips, pushing away from the creature as quickly as he could. Crawling backwards, eyebrows knitting together when he felt the grass under his hands.

    Was he in the woods? How the hell did he get here? Oh, it doesn't matter he just really needed to get away from this beast and get his ass home. Izzy quickly scrambled to his feet, trying not to make too much noise. He'd hate to wake Seth up and get bit again.. Wait.. why didn't he feel any pain? The boy paused and looked at his once injured stare, mouth falling open slightly. Eyes wide in surprise. It healed up!
  15. There was no sign that Seth had woken as Izzy moved a away silently. He had laid his head down on his paw, and his ears were tilted forward in their natural state. Until then he had been lost in thought. Deciding what he would do when the teen awoke, what he would say, and how many questions he would answer. But after a few seconds, as the boy rose to his feet, he cracked one big black eye open.

    And he had a plan.

    The beast rose to his paws. Standing on all fours he could easily had touched his nose to Izzys shoulder if he wanted to. He took a moment to eye up the wound and decided it had healed over just fine. He didn't make any moves yet as he waited to see the reaction... But his dark eyes were intensely focused on the pup.
  16. Izzy lifted one hand to his shoulder, hesitantly touching the now healed flesh through the tear in his shirt. How on earth was this possible? He had clearly been bit, their was huge tear in his shirt and he was covered in his own blood. Where the hell did the bite go? A wound like that shouldn't just vanish. The teen was having a hard time accepting that it was truly healed up, but he didn't have much time to think about it.

    His body slowly tensing up when the shadow of the large creature captured his attention, very reluctantly he turned his head to face the wolf. Biting back a scared squeak. Holy crap, this was one big wolf. And now it was standing it front of him, he quickly turned on his heel. There was no way he was just going to stand around this time. Taking off in a panic away from Seth, he didn't know where he was going but he wanted to get away.
  17. Alright, so he should have seen that coming. The kid bolted, and Seth was left standing there for a moment, slightly dumbfounded at the sheer instinct of his actions. Did he really think he could outrun a wolf? With one easy bound he took off after Izzy, across the grass, over a few stones, and caught up with the boy before he had even reached the trees. Seth leaped again and this time to land on his back, bringing him to the ground.
    This was going to be a long process.

    Keeping the boy pinned down by his front paws resting in the middle of his back, Seths paws slowly shifted to hands as he changed back. He felt vulnrable being human in the forest, it felt wrong. He was bare naked and soft in this form. But he couldn't very well talk or explain what was going on through barks and whines.
    "Alright, calm down pal. Just slow down a minute and take a deep breath." The alpha said slowly, letting his natural control slip through in his tone. He wondered if the alpha voice would take affect on such a new werewolf. "You're not going to be able to run home from here. We have some things to talk about."
  18. Izzy kept his face focused on the trees, he wasn't sure if he could escape the wolf but it was worth a try. Maybe he could lose it in the woods, or find a tree to climb up; But it was worth a try. However his hope was crushed when he was punced on by the large creature, letting out a pained help when he slammed onto the ground, face smacking the ground hard. Oh gods, he was captured again.
    The teen dug his fingers in the grass and dirt, trying to use it as leverage to pull himself forward. Whimpering softly in fear, only managing to move about an inch underneath Seth. Body starting to shake a little. This was not how he wanted to die, visciously torn apart by a crazed wolf. Wait... did he just hear a voice from behind him? Wolves don't talk.. The teen bit down on his lower lip, hesitantly peeking behind him. Body tensing up when his gaze landed on Seth. "...What.. the fuck?"
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