And the world became silent....

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    Vera made her way down an empty street. She could see vacant cars with doors left open; red lights flickering on and off. The wind was blowing trash across the sidewalks that were once full of people. She could a house door swaying in the wind. There were no sign of animals and definitely no people. The sky was blue, with barely a cloud in the sky yet still there were no kids playing with water on the warm summer day, no parents tending there gardens that were now filled with weeds and no fathers playing catch with their sons. It was deserted, the only sound was of the doors agar and Vera's own breathing.
  2. "Get up!! Liam!! Get up!!" A voice yelled as he shot up and no kne was around. He looked around, he was in a hospital. He looked at his body which still had his suit on with his weapons on the side. He got up and grabbed his thinks and walked out the door. The lights flickered in the halls, trash all over the floor. He walked in a steady pace but stopped when he saw blood all on the walls. He then started jogging and found the entrance of the hospital and ran through it. He walked outside and saw the city...but it wasn't just a was a ghost city. "What...happened?" He said to himself.
  3. Vera continued on, her first mission was to see if there was anyone still alive in this world. After that she was told to take down all of the zombie's that had taken over. It was at that moment that she ran unto one. It moaned as it came for her. She put her hands onto her sword and pulled it out, swinging it into the zombies body, slashing the thing in half. The sword began to glow a bluish white as the light seemed to talk off the blood from the sword. She then put it back onto her back and continued her journey.
  4. He started walking down the road with his rifle in his hand. He walked for a good long while till he came across someone. "Hello?" He said as he started walking toward it and stopped as he got's arm was missing. It was a female as it turned around and it's jaw was torn off. She lunged for Liam and he shot her in the chest but she kept coming, he shot her four more times but never died. He though and aimed for her head and shot the bullet and it pierced through and she fell. He looked at her and then looked up and realized who was their...a horde of them. "Shit..." He said as he turned around and grabbed the sword that mysterious man gave him and started charging the other way and the Zombies followed.
  5. Vera could hear more groans, they didn't scare her she just saw them as annoying. The fact of the matter was she wasn't even sure what would happen if she got bitten of killed by own. Would she die again? It was questions that didn't really seem to bother at the time, every one she came across didn't put up much of a fight. She was so much stronger than most of them, stronger than most humans as well. It was then one jumped from the roof at her. She swung her body, pulling her sword out at the same time and slashed at the creature. It fell apart, half of it going to one side of her, then the other to her other side. She walked around the body to not get any of the blood on her boots and continued on.
  6. (Sorry, been busy. I'm free now.) "Great!" He said to himself add he ran from the horde. He saw an open door that lead into a building, he team for it busting through it. He kept running add the horde followed. He found the stairs and ran up them. A zombie grabbed his arm and stung him back, Liam grabbed it's had and snapped it. Liam looked back and hauled ass up the stairs. He ran seven floors up the building and ran into a barricade and stopped "Shit." He exclaimed and ran through a door. He tried to barricade the door but the zombies busted through. It's a good thing he's wear that advanced cyper suit or he'd be in trouble. He turned and used the sword of the gods and sliced away but their was to many of them. He was cutting them in half and slicing their heads off but more kept coming. He looked behind him and say a window. "Fuck it." He said and charged for the window but some grabbed him and they feel through it. It felt like he was falling forever as he tried to fight off the zombie that was trying to bite him but then, all of a sudden he landed on a car, but of them fell on the ground and splattered everywhere. He just laid their, unconscious, but before he landed he saw someone walking was a girl or it could've been a zombie. (don't get me or anything, to see if I'm alive or something lol. I'm about to eagle up on the next post xD)
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    Vera watched someone fall from a building in front of her. He was fending off the zombies, while in mid fall. She heard him crash into the car. Humans, she thought to herself, they really couldn't think of better ideas then to fall to their death. She figured after a fall like that he would be dead. It was at that point another zombie came after her. She moved out of the way, dodging its attack and pulled her sword into its body. She pulled it back out and let the thing fall to the ground.
  8. Liam's eyes opened as he heard a body fall. He looked down and got off the car and grabbed his sword and stabbed it in it's head and looked up and saw a girl. She couldn't see his face...he didn't want her too. His body and face were covered from his suit to hide his identiy..which was a good thing at some points. He just stared at her and saw her sword. It had the same crest as the one Liam has. 'Could it be another one?' he thought.
  9. Vera turned the the man she believed was dead. So he's alive, she then thought. She stared at him for a moment. "Are you a survivor?" She asked him. It was her first job to see if anyone was still human in this forgotten world.
  10. He just looked at her for a almost a minute and then nodded his head. He clinched his fist on the sword for better grip, just in case she tried to attack.
  11. "Very well." She then said to him as another zombie came running to her. She swung her sword into it's body, letting it fall to the ground. The wind was blowing her white hair. She was glad, the wind made her stronger.
  12. He shook his head and walked past her and stabbed it in the head and let the blade sway in it's head facing her. "Head. Kills faster." he said as he stood their and studied her. 'Do I trust her?' he thought to himself.
  13. "I don't need to hit it's head to kill it, my blade kills it only after a matter of seconds." She said to him without any emotion.
  14. He rolled his head and yanked the sword from it's head and chuckled under his breath "Gods..." he said as he shook his head and walked past her, hoping she didn't see the sword.
  15. "Where are you going?" She said to him. She used her wind abilities to clean off her sword again before he noticed, the blood falling to the ground. She put it away onto her back.
  16. He stopped for some reason and turned around and looked at her and shrugged "I don't know. Home." He said.
  17. "And do you think it will still be home?" She said to him. "I highly doubt it's the best place for you to go."
  18. is fist clinched and punched the car that was standing next to him making it moce to the side a little "Silence!" he screamed as the wind blew widly. His hand shaking and then calmed himself "Sorry..." he said to her.
  19. She stared at him and made a sigh. "I apologize 'home' is very important to you it seems." The same wind blew her hair around. She breathed the air in.
  20. He nodded his head when she said that. He started walking over to her but stopped, that loud bang he made when he hit the car attracted a whole horde of Zombies. He turned around and ran the other direction. Leaving the girl but wasn't to far from her.