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  1. Every genre of entertainment has its award show. The Oscars, the Emmys, the Grammys. Not to mention, the awards for video games. Porn. Books!

    So here's my idea. Maybe this thread might even become a sticky. A place for us, the players, the writers, the creators of worlds, to voice our appreciation to our fellow players when their efforts go so far above and beyond that they leave us slack jawed and wide-eyed at their talent. Their excellence.

    To receive an Iwaku shouldn't be just a pleased review or a slap on the back. It's a humble bow in the presence of a master. A trophy earned on the tips of typing fingers and in the bloodshot eye of the writer who stayed up a little too late to make an entry just right.

    A badge of honor given by one's peers. An award that all set their sights on and few achieve.

    If you know a player who is truly exception in their craft, post their name below. This isn't about friendship or making sure everyone in the class gets an A for effort.

    This is an honor. It is earned. Not with the occasional post of pure awesome, but well crafted words delivered time and time and time again.

    Do you know a player like that?
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  2. If we're talking sheer bloody-minded anti-social writing mania...

    @Jack Shade

    Diana, Vay and Razilin used to be good too, but I ain't seen nothin' from them recently, so I'm just gonna assume they suck now.
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  3. Love you to assmo
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  4. I'm pretty sure HummingWren meant that this would be awards to the roleplayers you think makes exceptionally good posts and plots every time, and not the people who work hard on other things in the community or people you like. We are working hard for the community, but that doesn't mean all on staff nor among the community volunteers should get a roleplay award that's supposed to be similar to an Oscar. Especially not if your reasoning for giving it to them is for something else than roleplaying.

    If you want to thank people and give them shout outs for doing a good job, you can do it in this sticky thread, cause that's what it's there for ;)
  5. Self-nominating non-rule-reading dicks! >:[

    *beats up the Staff*
  6. <_>

    *Puts on a dunce hat and sits in the shame corner*
  7. @Asmodeus is the only writer on this forum that, for my 4 years here (and more, back when this place was moonwings or something) whose RPs I have always automatically taken interest in. "Oh, it's another Asmodeus roleplay. I wonder what he's up to this time." I think he got me interested in a Prometheus redo before I even knew what Alien was. Sadly .. that didn't last ..

    SALUTO o7

    Also, @Tegan 's style is great - it hangs like smoke, just out of reach, always tantalizing. And there are some people who have faded away from here, but you know who you are.
  8. Now we just need Tegan in here to make the circle jerk complete.

    Speaking of...

    I'd like to give an Iwaku to @Fluffy for being hard working and awesome.

    And @Seiji for being tough as nails.
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  9. Shameless plug on @unanun, @Zen and @Peregrine, whose creativity and determination I find insanely admirable. You guys rock.

    @Asmodeus and @Tegan have two very contrasting but complementary and engaging writing styles. The work I've seen from them is without a doubt some of the best I've seen on a roleplay website. Wish you guys the best of luck in your professional writing careers!

    Also, @Red Velvet because she's amazing. Love you sis <3
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  10. Honestly @Brovo deserves one in my eyes. His efforts as a GM have impacted heavily on my own style as of late, and he is just so sound when it comes to balancing player choice, input and world building. Cheers Brovo!
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  11. As ever, @unanun . His determination and creativity has not only kept me going after I would have stopped, but pushed me to do more than I ever have, simply for the sake of doing better. I've never roleplayed with someone who could inspire me in that way before. Not only are his posts consistently intriguing, intelligent, and written with just the right mix of detail and vagueness, but he encourages everyone around him to try and do the same.
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  12. We're going to fucking finish it! >:(
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  13. I had a writer in mind when i wrote this, but wanted to see others shout outs first.

    Mine goes to Muirgen, who has challenged me to always give my very best to every post. She delivers quality every single day. You know she's really reading your work and doing all she can to answer and engage you every round.
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  14. @Grumpy is one of my top choices because of his awesome ideas and wonderfully written posts. Deary, don't you dare stop. You have a gift.

    @Asmodeus because he's been a great GM since I first joined, his writing was honestly something I wanted to emulate. You've been doing this for years and you have the skills to back it up. Respect is given freely in his direction.

    @LadyHarpy Because she's got a hell of a lot of chutzpah, hell she puts up with my twists and turns and me up and vanishing every once in a while. I swear I have been working on a post. You keep doing your thing.

    @Fluffy I've always loved your style. Now, I have you. You have a flair you add to your posts and I love how you express all the little quirks of your character. Also you put up with my pestering and continual ideas I think our RP is good on ideas for the next year.
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