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  1. If you were the final boss of a game, what kind of game would it be?
    What about that final showdown would leave your fans throwing their controls in frustration?
    What kind of badass final boss music would you have?
    Any death scene quips for the fallen protagonist?
  2. Four forms. They are just me getting saltier and more pissed of by each iteration. From easily dodged haymakers, to angry stun locking roars and indignant crotch kicks by the end.

    "Go cry somewhere else bucko"
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  3. My abilities would center around "glitches" in a 4th-wall-breaking game (something sort of like Undertale) where the characters (or at least some of the characters) are aware that it's a game. A lot of the villains' motivations in the game revolve around video game logic (ie: I have to defeat you because I'm a video game antagonist and that's literally my only purpose in life), but, throughout the story, there are a few things that are just off and causing extra trouble in the game world, and none of the game characters can explain it. All of them say that it isn't normal and that something weird is happening. There are also things in the game that the player is supposed to be able to use in order to progress (consider the fact that dungeons and puzzles are always designed to be solved...) that get sabotaged somewhere along the way and force the player to think outside-the-box in order to find another way to do things.

    Eventually, the player makes it past the "final" boss, and is supposed to be greeted with a victory screen... but then a metallic-y female voice screams "No! Noooo!! This can't be happening!!!" The screen starts to split apart and pixelate. Eventually the scene opens up to reveal meeeee the glitchy anomaly, with wings and limbs made of flickering, glitchy static. I go on a monologue revealing that I was the one who sabotaged the puzzles that the player was supposed to solve, because I didn't want the player to win -- all the other villains just sat back and let the player defeat them. Why?? I don't want the player to win, because if they win they stop playing! I want to keep the player stuck forever!!! So of course the boss fight against me is frustratingly unfair. I keep flickering around the screen and my limbs keep flickering/warping, making me harder to hit. My most frustrating move is when I start taking away platforms for the player to stand on, temporarily leaving the player with absolutely no foothold whatsoever! (You gotta jump at the right moment and land a hit on me while I'm distracted, yo.) The different "stages" of the fight involve me growing even more distorted and also more angry and frustrated as the fight goes on.

    You may think this is largely Undertale-inspired, but the thought of me being "the glitch" has been a thing since long before that game existed. :P
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  4. The entire game is an RTS. The final boss fight is a QTE riddled mess of a third person action game. This part is also the magnum opus of the entire game, music, graphics, and gameplay are top notch while being above and beyond the rest of the game.

    The boss fight throws every dirty trick in the book at you. Hit in the face? Screen edges dim. Miss a QTE and it's an instant kill. Every attack on either side is satisfying to deliver and receive. Lots of bullet time, but no bullets.

    It'll be country music. Something about losing family to time but remembering what they taught. It somehow doesn't fit at all and makes perfect sense. It also switches into hip hop and then metal as the fight progresses.

    The fight can last up to an hour.

    Also Kinect and Move support.

    "Fuck you. We're not done here."

    Open end cliff hangar shown in the after credits. It's just me making a >:C face over a bowl of ice cream in the middle.

    The final line at the end is "Continue the adventure in episode 3 of the DLC GameStop exclusive preorder bonus backer tier." (Which contains massive answers to plot centric questions.)

    Ign: 10/10 goty putting dangerous back in the word anger
  5. Going off a hybrid of my gaming experience and my Internet persona?

    It'd be a strategy game, preferably something like modern Fire Emblem (but actually consistently balanced) or Disgaea. I'd be the boss that sits back and stands behind an absolute swarm of smaller enemies (shit posting) that come from a variety of different enemy groups encountered during the game (My many armies). Once the player would actually reach me myself by attack animations would be exaggerated as shit with me doing through try throwing the Sun at you, running you over in my tank etc. Speaking of the tank, I'd be riding it and it would make me tanky as hell.

    As for the character/personality? I'd likely be making constant puns, innuendos, offensive jokes, or simply making 4th wall breaking comments.

    Also, music? Something active and tense, like this:

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    p.s. this may be the final boss, but I AM THE SECRET BOSS MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
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  7. The Game;

    Think of a massive, sandbox rpg set in a heavy sci-fi galaxy centered around space-fighter combat. You get to customize your ship, forge alliances, explore the galaxy, and participate in the over-arching conflict that has consumed the stars.

    The Boss;

    Admiral Toellner, is considered by many factions to be the greatest threat of the unknown expanses. Years ago he was one of many, part of a military government which held sway over many systems with a tight grip. The people rose up, falling their oppressors in uncountable acts of revolution, the military forces finding themselves leaderless and alone. Except for one man. Toellner rallied the remnants of the Union Party to him, centering what remained of it's power in the outer-rim. For many years, these remnants survived on the edge, forging a new life from the backwater planets they protected, fending of the zealous strikes of the revolutionaries, until one day, they vanished. For the next 20 years, the only trace of these remnants was the occasional sighting of an out-dated destroyer darting between the stars. There were numerous legends, but nothing of these remnants would be heard until the beginning of the most recent conflict. A massive offensive was launched on the inner-systems, giant, decrepit ships of similar design to the remnant forces crept out from the rim. But they were no longer the remnant, they were The Legion, the zealous military government of the Rim, shrouded in secrecy, led by their enigmatic admiral.

    And they were back.

    The Story;

    The game allows you to choose many sides and fight in a wide-sweeping and complicated conflict over the various populated sectors of the Galaxy. All the while, a number of large factions make their own power-plays. The massively influential League of Free Worlds tries to unite the fighting factions against the sizable threat of a resurgent Legion, the forces of which are pouring out of the rim in a series of calculated attacks on Core systems. The threat this force poses is tremendous, and it takes the full might of the galaxy to face it. (This is towards the end of the game, the last quarter having been about focused counter-offences against the Legion.

    The Level;

    The Legion's progress has been halted after months of hard work, and now it's time to take the fight to them. The League of Free Worlds coordinates a massive strike at what is believed to be their main shipyard and capitol, attempting to knock the invaders out in one fell swoop. Your ship however, is stationed in the core, protecting the capitol of the League of Free Worlds with a token defense force as an afterhtought. You watch the feed from the offensive, only to see chaos engulf the massive fleet sent to wipe the Legion out. It was a trap. And before you can collect yourself, thousands of slipspace ruptures surround the Capitol world. The Legion is here, the real battle begins.

    You valiant hold off the attract and take the fight to the Legion, all the while coordinating the defense and watching help slowly limp into the battle. Against all odds, you push a strike force beyond the line of Legion ships, towards the symbol of Legion might, The Halberd.

    The Fight;

    Toellner's massive capitol ship, the Halberd is a relic of an older time, the last of a doomed line of dreadnoughts. It has survive all of these years, its pain chipped away to show the number of weld lines, showing all the repairs and upgrades it's endured over the years. It's the largest man-made ship in existence, supplemented by a legion of fanatic crew and defenders and commanded by the most dangerous and cunning man in the galaxy. The fight is long, you loose countless allies as you methodically take down the Halberd's defenses and critical systems. Still, despite the critical failure of his flagship, admiral Toellner does not flee, his forces never lift their assault. You only receive a last minute hail from the Admiral as his hulk of a ship enters low orbit. No words, no replies, the old veteran just looks into the eyes of the pilot who bested him. You see a little notification that you've just received a message, but before you can investigate, the feed of Admiral Toellner vanishes into static, a flash of light flashes from below as The Halberd crashes to the surface, killing millions.

    The Aftermath;

    Toellner may be dead, but the battle is still lost, the Legion continues it's attack, only spurned on by the apparent martyrdom of their esteemed leader. As you retreat towards the rest of the Leauge of Free Worlds forces, you delve into the files Toellner sent you. Files that proove of the League's hidden agenda, and of the foe the Legion has been fighting these past 20 years. Something evil lurks beyond the rim.

    The true fight has only begun.

    Battle music;

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  8. The game is an Empire Builder like Civilization (with resource management, diplomacy, tech levels, etc.) with combat sequences like Shin Megami Tensei, specifically Devil Survivor 2. With an Open World Premise in the time you aren't managing your kingdom. The game is essentially Civ mixed with a JRPG mixed with a Strategy RPG.

    The plot would be where you have to build your empire from a small town being invaded by Orcs, against the largest nation in the world. Once you and your allies have conquered the world, and defeated the evil empire, an invasion from heaven attacks and you and your allies must band together to defeat me, Paladin the God-Emperor of the heavens, and take my throne.

    The battle would begin with them entering my chamber, sort of like a large Roman Emperor style Throne Room, where I would sit on a throne and say "I read an interesting poem. Ozymandias by Percy Bysshe Shelley (even though he doesn't exist in that world. Still, cool reference, right?))Very applicable to your situation."

    I would then proceed to read Ozymandias in its entirety, and say "Soon, nothing will remain of your legacy. Much like Ozymandias in the poem."

    My battle would be the hardest battle in the game by tenfold. You would have to defend a magical respawn point where characters would take time to respond lawn after they died (to make it slightly easier.) as well as run an attack against me and my angels. (Styled after various characters of mine, as well as angel like beings.). And then Inwould launch strikes of light against the players. The song in the background would be by Hans Zimmer, and be an epic orchestral piece until I was defeated, where a Soprano and piano would then play.

    In the end, I would kneel on the floor, and say: "I... Guess that poem goes both ways... Well... Done." Before shattering into a billion pieces and a great flash of light in a great JRPG villain death, before the Hero and his allies take the throne of the universe.

    And then, SEQUEL HOOK!

    A being in black armor sits on a throne in a wasteland. It's heavily implied to be a corrupted version of the player from the first game, as it has several landmarks from the Heaven act of the game.

    The music during the battle sounds like this, but with a more Hans Zimmer sound:

    When I am defeated, this will play, except with a Soprano singing Latin as well:

    And in the end during the Sequel hook, this will play:

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  9. The game is set in some scenic, open-world game with relatively little story.

    The player enters a specific forest clearing, in which I, in solitude, sit with legs folded and eyes closed. At the sound of the player, I open my eyes, and calmly rise up. "This is what is has come to? Treenocide?" huehuehue

    Battle ensues. Cue Au5 - Blossom. My main attack would be making the various vines around whip in the player's direction. Occasionally also making mushrooms burst a cloud of spores at them, hindering sight. I do also when attacked, raise a 3-5 roots as a wall in front of me.

    Once I have been attacked enough, however, things change. A short, musicless cutsene about me being sorta hurt, then sitting down on an invisible chair, reaching for an invisible pair of headphones, and invisible mouse and an invisible keyboard.

    Cue music change. I haven't found a specific track that fits yet, but you'll get the picture. For the first part I sit still, playing on this imaginary computer, until a turning point at about 10 seconds in and/or the music drop. Boom. Flashing spoylights everywhere, bags of triangular chips and bottles of energy drink speed through the air. Blasting into thw player's ears are countless consecutive airhorns and male yells (rip headphone users), along with the occasional "Wow", "Mom get the camera", "Ooh baby, a triple" and similar, all yelled of course. Also, I sort of summon an elite soldier under my control, that will without exception try to spin around before shooting without using his sniper rifle's scope.

    Once victorious, all calms and I say "Gg no re" before falling flat on the floor. If I lose, all calms in a similar manner, everything turns greyscale, and I speak "Rip in prince sweet peace" and the music is changed to Sad romance, otherwise known as Sad violin. Then everything blows up after a minute or so.
  10. Turn-based RPG, classic Final Fantasy style, in a high fantasy world. The story starts with a huge comet blazing across the sky, a prophesied sign that the great evil of the world, sealed up thousands of years ago, is breaking free of his shackles. Local wildlife goes fucking nuts due to the comment and the home town of the four main protagonists gets absolutely destroyed. The heroes are told what it all means by an old man, a merchant who'd been traveling through town, who is laying there dying in the wreckage. They set out on a quest to kill four extremely powerful demons who are sealed in corrupted temples, all of them currently on the verge of fully reforming their material forms in order to go out into the world and break their master's chains. The most important part is that they must gather the magical cores of these demons to use in forging a new, stronger seal for the great evil. Along the way they receive help and directions from a series of kindly old men, and they learn of a cabal that was formed ages ago when the ancient evil was sealed up, a group whose solemn duty was to remember its existence and the warning signs of the bonds weakening, passing the knowledge down through the ages so that when the need arose they would be able to inform others of what must be done. It's an excruciatingly long journey, taking them to all corners of the world, and the corrupted temples are of course the most perilous. The four powerful demons all spout nonsense at the heroes, words in some language they do not understand, but they can read the rage and frustration clearly enough.

    Once the four demons are destroyed, one of the old men of the cabal shows up and congratulates the heroes for being stronger even than the legendary warriors of old who first sealed up the evil. He instructs them to seek out the greatest smith of magical metals in the land, to bring the four magical cores of the demons to him to be crafted into four sets of a hammer and a spike, to be used to anchor the new and improved seal on the great evil for all eternity. This requires some bullshit legwork that will feel like something added in just to pad out the game to be sure most people reached 100+ hour play times, but smith bro is elusive and needs to be tracked down, then has to be convinced to do the work, then needs special materials to get it done right, so players will have to just deal with it.

    Eventually they get it done and head to the huge cathedral that was the sealing place of the ancient evil. Once the heroes get past the random dangers of the wilderness, they find that the cathedral is not the den of horrors they anticipated. There are no lesser enemies prowling around, no fiendish maze, no magical barriers to break through. There is simply a stone path leading through an overgrown forest, the slabs very old, some cracked with plant life growing through them. A save point sits conveniently at the start of this path, of course. They walk down it, seeing at the end of this path the massive building that is their goal, looming over them the whole way. Old robed men of the cabal appear on the sides of the path as they walk, telling them a bit more about the evil one: he had been just a man once, but he grew to challenge the gods themselves and sought to supplant them. They struck him down and sealed his prison with four metal rings. This seal held only for a few years, and when the evil one broke free he was able to kill one of the gods and absorb its power before he was imprisoned again, this time with another, greater fourfold seal. The new seal was broken ages later by fools seeking to use his power for their own gain, and the very earth trembled in fear at his awakening. By this time the gods had grown old and complacent, and he killed almost all of them before they mustered a defense. Four great heroes rose up, each guided by one of the last four remaining gods, and fought through his legions of demonic servants in order to seal him once more, intending it to for the final time. They gave their lives to put him away, empowering this new binding with power far greater than mere magic. And now...

    The heroes enter the cathedral into a small-ish antechamber. There is another old man here, standing in front of the doors that lead to the inner chamber. He tells them that when they enter they will see naught but an empty chamber with a large square of runic markings on the ground. They must go to each corner and use the magically crafted hammer to drive its matching spike into the ground, pinning certain runes to make them truly eternally permanent, and then throw their hammers into the empty space between the runes so that the warding magic will destroy them and make it impossible for the spikes to be removed. The heroes do this, going inside and seeing exactly what they were told, hammering in their spikes and seeing the runes glow with almost blinding light as each one is added. They gather up to chuck their hammers in at once, to end their quest together. Off the hammers fly and, as anyone with a brain expected, the hammers are not actually obliterated. They strike an invisible barrier and see glowing cracks form in the air. The doors to the room slam shut as they watch the barrier crumble into nothingness, the light fading from all the runes. When the light show is done they're left in utter darkness for a moment, until a new illumination appears in the room: the spikes in the floor and the hammers now on the ground all glowing, melting into what looks like molten metal, and then being pulled toward a shadowy figure in the center of what had been the runes.

    Light then fills the entire room with no apparent source as they see the metal being sucked into the mouth of what appears to be just another old man of the cabal. After he's done with his treat he laughs at the heroes, snaps his fingers, and instantly appears young and powerful, his previously drab brown robes becoming opulent white with gold trim. They get a nice villainous monologue explaining how they'd been played from the very start, how those four "demons" were actually servants of the last gods, how those cores were the combined life essence of a great hero and their patron god from the last time he'd been sealed in, how these rubes had been easily tricked into freeing him just because some nice seeming old men (his avatars in the world) told them it must be done. He tells them they've done good work, but he doubts any of them would want to serve him in truth now, so time to die.

    The fight starts and it's unwinnable. The boss dude just one shots each person in turn, just runs up and punches them for an instant KO, no fancy tricks. All the while he mocks them, telling them to learn to take a punch. Eventually, once the group inevitably dies, he stands there and laughs at their corpses for a bit... then resurrects them and restores any consumables used in the fights. He waves his hand and a save point appears in the room, and he tells them to use it because he won't be so generous next time. The heroes go to use it.. and it explodes in their faces, killing them all again. More laughter and mockery, then the end boss revives them again and makes another save point, saying this one is legit, but they can feel free to run out and use the one at the start of the cathedral path if they don't trust him (the one in the room is okay, but if they do as he suggest then that previously safe save point explodes and he laughs some more and brings them back to cathedral room, where he interacts with the save point himself and shows them it's okay).

    When they fight him again it's another ass whooping, though instead of one shot kills he takes them down to 1 HP and gives them a slew of debilitating status effects. All the while he's mocking them, saying shit like "Oh come on, you didn't do the optional quest to get the Shrinemaiden's Grace buff? I told you guys that would make you immune to blinding effects from divine entities!" and "Wait, didn't I tell you to go kill the Emperor Sandworm to get your ultimate weapon? I'm pretty sure I did, but here you are using a plain old Mythril Greatsword. Wow." and "You realize I'm basically a pantheon of gods all in one guy, right? You're gonna need some godslaying power to take me on for real. THERE'S YOUR BIG HINT, PLAYER." Just a bunch of annoying meta bullshit with liberal fourth wall breaking. He basically tells you exactly what you need to beat him, all the optional bullshit to get empowered and to get their best gear that they skipped, plus some backhanded compliments for being capable of following basic directions if they already have any of that stuff. It becomes clear to the player that, if they weren't being completionists along the way, it's going to be a long slog of side quests to prepare for the final boss.

    He just lets them leave when they wanna go, telling them to have fun with all the grinding for preparation and that he'll be here when they're ready. Once they finally have all the things and fight him, he tells them some of those tips were lies, some status effects still mess them up, one of the ultimate weapons actually does no damage to him, some uber armor thing makes them actually super vulnerable to his attacks, etc. Once they reconfigure and get their shit together to fight him, it's STILL horribly difficult, lots of bullshit unfair moves that require precise timing of using consumables or healing magic to keep them alive before his next attack comes. The damn thing takes forever and goes through a few different forms (with snarky lines like "This isn't even my final form!" and "This one wasn't my final form either!" and "Okay, this one is definitely my final form." and "Hahaha, no, for real though, final form, I promise."). Just one of those bosses that make you wanna pull your hair out.

    And then when they finally win and get the melodramatic "What? No, this is impossible! I'm a god!" death speech, the players are rewarded with an abrupt cut to the credits, which go through showing scenes of townsfolk and happy critters in places they'd gone through and saved all being happy and going through their normal lives now that all the threats are gone... after which they get a black screen with a line from the boss saying "So you realize that was just an avatar I made to keep you idiots busy, right? Great work heroes, you gave me all the time I needed to destroy all the weapons that would actually hurt me. Thanks for all your help, simpletons, but now I'm done with you. Goodbye." Then it shows their characters in their victory poses in the cathedral being gutted and left dead, quick flashes of all save points in the game being destroyed, and then a scroll through all those same places seen in the victory credits now showing things dead and enslaved and so forth. Final shot is the great evil of the world, Jorick, sitting on a monstrous throne decorated with four familiar heads on spikes atop it, laughing and looking as if out to the player and saying "Game over." End of game, cut to title screen.

    There are no happy endings when I am the final boss. :D
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  11. Wow, you're a dick.
  12. :)
  13. Your name is Jorick, Boss of Bosses, Look on your works, ye mighty, and despair indeed.

  14. 2:05

    I'll make it a link to that part of the video when I get back to my computer.
  15. The Game: A 12 part series filled with symbolism, fantastic politics, destructible items and areas, part exclusive music styles and more. Part 12 would be riddled with enough questions to make the player wonder whether the other 11 even happened canonically. Oh, and time travel would be involved with Part 12. At the beginning of each they would feature a small quote.

    "One shouldn't disarray another's work."
    -An unimportant everyman-

    The Final Bosses: The player would inevitably meet a black ball of inverted light, the one actual boss of 12...
    A boss that they can walk away from and still get a tiny bit o' closure... Before the world just ups and ends.
    A boss that doesn't even try to attack.
    A boss that one could actually kill... And ruin their save file thanks to autosave technology and the lack of manually saved data ;D (Thanks for the idea, Team Dragon's Dogma).
    The after game pretty much has the player trapped in the final area of the game. That's it. No reward. No closure. Just credits and nothing. An abyss of the very same enemies you faced right before the contradictory ball of black light. A nonstandard game over if you will. Infinite enemies. Forever. No escape for that character. Similar previous games's Survival Mode... just without any goals, exits, or you know... a visible floor. Might as well delete them really.

    Do anything that technically ruins the state of the world, and/or search a bit too hard for answers, and one will meet The Creator, Er... Me... or rather my avatar... not too soon after the black ball of light is dealt with. And boy, would the player wish they took the non standard game over instead. After the light is destroyed, the area shifts to a slightly cloudy blue sky being reflected upon itself. I guess it'd be like Salar de Uyuni.

    A while of helpless gameplay later and the player will eventually stop moving their character and just look around. It's inevitable. There will be nothing.
    After say... 12 seconds of inactivity a cutscene will play, showing their character look around in the emptiness of the sky's reflection. And a giant fancy as hell 12 hour clock that they cant even get close to. The camera will rotate slowly, showing nothing, the player avatar's body, then bam. A man in a cloak and mask leisurely sitting down behind them "Indian style". All thanks to clever camera movement.

    "You've made quite the mistake, kid."

    The character looks behind them. The Creator is now standing.

    "One shouldn't disarray another's work."
    All in 12 frames.

    And so begins a 12 phased final boss battle consisting of a 12 paragraph summary of the player's wrong doings, the world they defiled, and how the Creator's Avatar is about to decimate every last pixel of the player character with little to no hesitation. There may be a small change if the player replicates of the first 10 protagonists's face using a guide that may or may not be anonymously posted on various sources as well as the game manual... But it always ends the same.

    Protag 11 is special case. Matter of fact every character in 11 is a special case.

    "It is not simply a game that you are playing. It is a universe that I have so playfully let you violate."

    Each phase follows the themes of each previous game and The Creator's Avatar uses each of the previous protagonists's fighting styles up to 12 where he uses an original one. The music changes its style depending on which phase it happens to be on. The fight gets more and more intense, befitting the series overtime.

    Luckily for the player, I'm not a complete dick so I'd make sure there's an autosave after every two phases... So the player can take a nap or something.

    The player loses? Well... They end up with a left hand on their frightened looking face in a gentle manner.
    As well as a bit of flashy pixelation and polygons flowing up from under this seemingly still frame.

    And then the camera pans down to show that creator's right arm went through the player avatar.
    The player is then pushed off of the creator's arm and the creator pretty vanishes after that frame.

    The player file is then graciously deleted in flashy cutscenes and the player can never use that specific character again.


    The player survives phase 12? Whooptydoo. The creator still deletes the player.

    "I applaud you for making it this far... But... as I said..." *Anxiety filled Black Screen. I'd say it would be about 12 seconds...* *Hand through chest* "One shouldn't disarray another's work."

    This time however as the character is depixilizing or something of the sort, the player can fight it, by mashing the living fuck hell shit out of the action button.

    The file's deleted if they fail to accomplish it.

    They accomplish it and they're given a choice by the creator who says if his eyes meets the player avatar again they'll be as good as deleted..

    1. [Option that makes the player give up the ability to travel time and go home to game 12's world state as it was meant to be. Eventually meeting the end of the world ending.]
    2. [Option that seems similar to PvP/PvE hell or heaven depending of how it's played... Eventually meeting the end if the world ending.]

    After give or take 12 seconds. a third option appears. /K111 CR3AtoR Or something like that.

    If the third option is taken... Well... The player character attacks the creator... And their weapon goes through the creator. As it should...
    And well... You see...

    The creator moves of the weapon and sighs before turning around.

    "Yet another one of you chose this ending, eh?"
    The creator takes off half of his mask, screen starts to freak out: green screen tears bluescreen of death...

    HIDEO 1

    etc, you name it. Bam character deleted. No second dose of credits. Said character's face is locked and never able to be used again.

    There'd also be a damage specific ending where the player somehow does more than 9999 damage in one hit. Likely through hacks. Of which may or may not be anonymously posted... by an executive of the company...

    "...Eh?" *Chuckles* "Tsk Tsk... Is that so? Extra force eh?"
    *Black Screen*
    "You should follow the rules next time..."
    File is deleted.
    Name cannot be reused.
    Face cannot be reused.
    Endgame equipment cannot be reused.

    And then the Pirate Ending.
    The Creator has an eyepatch over his mask. Attack grunts are turned into "Yarr"s etc. The player is transported to the creator early game. The gameplay is horrendously unbalanced and generally very uncomfortable. The controls should also be laggy on purpose.
    *Black screen before the creator even stands up.*
    "Pirates... Never prosper..."
    File is deleted.
    Name cannot be reused.
    Face cannot be reused.
    Endgame equipment cannot be reused.
    Start Game locked.
    Gallery Locked.
    Sound Test Locked.
    Survival Mode Locked.
    Locked Mode Locked.
    Pirate Mode Locked.
    Buy Full Game Mode Unlocked.

    [You might as well just delete this whole thing, You'd save what? 12 GB if you did right? Just buy the game if you want to play it. It most certainly would save you the time. This IS the last one after all.]

    And that's pretty much how that'd go.
  16. Someone should come up with a type of game and we all become bosses in it.
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  17. I could if I get a bit more experienced with RPG Maker, and stop being so lazy.
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  18. I did that for a while back on spam. So much effort lost when my laptop died ;_;
  19. I'm sans.

    The shortness of this post illustrates my point.
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