GROUP RP PLOTTING And the crows follow...

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So I had this mental picture after considering the bad rap that crows get. They eat the dead, and for some reason a lot of people want to make them evil. However what if they were actually eating the slayed monsters and demons of the hero?

Picture if you will a 'slayer', one who's purpose it is to kill vampires, zombies, imps and demon spawn. Now who wants to get ride of the garbage from that mess? No one really. But what if the powers that be helped that a bit.

Version 1
From the heaves descends a murder of pure white crows, who will feast upon the undead's now dead flesh.

Version 2
Burst from the bowls of the mother earth, a murder of midnight colored crows come forth when the slayer has finished their work.
Consider this: in a lot of folk lore the blood and flesh of slain daemons forever poisoned the land it was spilled upon. I doubt crows would touch that when these juicy bodies of dead hero.

Argument aside: So daemonhunter RP?
Yes, that's why they're not normal crows but supernatural crows.

Eventually I'd like to do one, yes.
So a few things that Vay and I have some up with...

Likely Title: "And Then The Crows Flew"

Working Intro: "They say once the world was full of many people, the large cities were crowded with people and there were few mysteries left. Then it happened. What exactly we do not know, but many died, many disappeared, and the things our grandparents were told did not exist now roamed. They have many names, but I'll simply call them demons."

Who are our characters: Paladins of a new order by the Catholic Church. Either orphans of the Church, or those that had a calling of sorts after witnessing the destruction that the demons have wroth. Their vow includes never to let their souls be consumed by anger against the demons, nor by lust for the demon's blood or they shall never see heaven. Paladins can be male or female, and while there is no rule of chastity like priests, monks, and nuns, it is expected that marriage happens before an consummation of love. After all when every time you leave the confines of the church compound your life might end, a passion should be allowed to manifest in whole.

Where: Mexico City and it's surroundings.

When: an undetermined time in the future. Because of the major population implosion, technology is lopsided. The city might have power, and farms and villages might have generators, but vehicle traffic is only for official business, communication is done by writing or radio, there is no internet or nuclear research, and weapons are a mix of firearms and and older, easier to make weapons. Especially swords.

Why swords? Because the only way you can be sure a demon is dead is to decapitate them.

So what about the crows? Problem with demons is nothing wants to eat them. Not carnivores, not carrion eaters, not even insects or bacteria. If you have a large pile of demon bodies you could burn them, but you might attract more demons if it's a large fire.

The first mission for the Paladins will be to rescue a group of church researchers. They will have unlocked a spell/prayer that will bring down birds from heave to consume what should not be upon the Earth. They will have also found out clues about a powerful demon in the region. If they can take it out, the demon attacks in and around Mexico City might stop, or at least diminish considerably.

What are the demons like? Still need to work on this. However I'm envisioning three levels. The top level being of human like intelligence, your typical devil type, the bottom level being the besties you kill in a hundred videogames that are just killing/eating machines. The middle level being, well, something inbetween... maybe henchdemons.
Daemons coming back to life after being killed is an idea, maybe by the same means they first arived, while the crows feeding on their "essence " kiss them for good?
*starts interferring*

It could do with a punchier title, like "Crow Fall" or "Rain of Crows", or "Then the Crows".

Plus, what are the Paladins defending/seeking? Just fighting demons in order to keep themselves pure is a bit of dead ended plot. There needs to be some stakes.

*opens Ocha and Vay's fridge and starts rummaging*
Two main reasons they're fighting.

1) Survival.

The only other armed force in Mexico city is the city watch, who at best are a militia given only basic training by the paladins and who rotate defense of the city with their civilian lives. They're also a pool of recruitment for the paladins should the need arise and may accompany them as auxiliaries when there are not enough paladins available.

2) Daemons might have a nasty habit of coming back after you kill them. Lost likely because killing their physical forms only sends them back where they came from. There is investigation going on to find a way to destroy them perminantly, thats where the crows will come in.

Civilization as we know it has regressed into a semi-theocracy with people turning to the church for protection and guidance. Who the church turned to for help has been discussed, lost likely tribal shamans who seem to be able to be able to keep the beasts at bay.
The world was not always like this. Once man was king of all we could lay his hands on. We thrived, we grew, we prospered. Back in out great grandfathers' days there was no hardship, there was no ignorance, there was no fear. Man was so close to understanding the fundamental laws of all things big and small and things were only looking to get better.


Maybe he pushed too far, dug too deep or became too proud but overnight it all came crashing down. One minuet we were alone in the universe, the next we were being butchered and hunted in our own cities as they burned around us. Many simply could not believe what was happening, and who could blame them? What had come for us was not from space, nor the predicted war over dwindling resources. They were called many things but over the years one name stuck and was passed down to us. Demons.


Paralyzed in our peaceful ways we fell quickly, but not all of us. Many cities managed to drive the beasts out and stockpile weapons, we even thought we might win within a decade but there was no end to the monsters we faced, and in the struggle we turned to the one institution that could help us against the enemy we faced. God's Church. As shocked as everyone else they nonetheless organized a resistance and founded a new militant arm. We call ourselves simply "Paladins" and fight because we must do so to survive and protect our city. And never must we let anger and hate for the enemy consume our hearts and our souls.

So FUECHAR technology still survives?
Maybe you should focus more on the religious side. Maybe Paladins could be chosen. Like...say they're visited by an angel or something like that, maybe have a divine dream, but the point is that they are chosen and posses holy powers. It would mean that anyone could be chosen as a Paladin and not just the 'bad ass, leather wearing, ultimate gunslinger' who's best friend is the exact same. For example you could make the Paladin's part of an order, with different branches? Maybe change it to something different like 'Divinity' then have the Paladin's a branch, then have a different branch of information gatherers or whatever, work it something like that?
Most future tech does not survive because future tech needs very specialized items to run. We'll have a tech out look in the OOC, but basically if a hobbiest in our day and age couldn't make it and run it on their own, it's likely dead. No computers, no planes, but there are a few things still. We're not back in the 1500s again.

Mea, I certainly hope we don't have players so uncreative that they make such a two dimensional character as "'bad ass, leather wearing, ultimate gunslinger' who's best friend is the exact same" I would have to hurt many people if that happened. Miracles will be a lot more low key then angels coming out all the time.
I meant no offence. And I assumed considering the fact Daemon's have sprouted out of nowhere it would be eligable for the 'other side' to do the same.

*Wait for it. . . Waaaait for it.*
I think the idea was to see the Human side battle against the demons, and bring up Faith and all that fun stuff. >:D

Speaking of, I have a character history to start with... .__.;
Thats kinda the point. Its not angles Vs. demons its humans Vs. demons. It mankind taking a stand alone with only his faith and what he has in his hands, otherwise it would be too close to a thousand other RPs out there. The only divine miracles we'll be getting are in the form of visions and maaaaaaaaybe a kick ass artifact much later. There will be magic but its shamanistic and the Church does not practice it (the Paladins being a branch of the Church) and the church are not "worship god or die lol" they're only in charge because they were the only institution left after the collapse of government and infrastructure and are just trying to keep everyone together and prevent a decent onto anarchy.

There are tribal communities outside the city who survive outside the city who have reverted to a shamanistic society.

As for tech, Guns are still around but we're at least one or two generations into Armageddon so any ammunition thats left is unreliable and is as likely to jam as it is to fire. Same with fuel for vehicles, and most vehicles have been scavenged for materials. Mankind is doing everything it can to survive another day.
*begins plans for bad ass, leather wearing, ultimate swordfighter*

I agree with keeping the Divine elements unseen. It makes them more powerful if they are implicit while the demonic side is explicit.

But I like the idea of different wings of the Order specialising in different things.
*begins plans for bad ass, leather wearing, ultimate swordfighter*

I agree with keeping the Divine elements unseen. It makes them more powerful if they are implicit while the demonic side is explicit.

But I like the idea of different wings of the Order specialising in different things.

*begins plans to play as his friend who shares those traits* :D
Heh heh, Coffee, buddy, what have you gotten me into this time?

*scratches the back of his neck while chuckling and sighing simultaneously*
*begins plans for bad ass, leather wearing, ultimate swordfighter*

I said Gunslinger...if your going to mock me at least get your facts right.
Yes, but the previous post pointed out that guns are unreliable.

Therefore... swordfighter... joke within a joke... thing.... that I did there....


yup... anyway...
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