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  1. I'm gone for one day and the whole company crashes. How the fuck did this happen?

    Sebastian ran a hand through his thick black hair, looking down at his papers and quickly typing letters into his computer. He closed his laptop and slipped it into his bag as he heard a knock at his office door. "Come in." His assistant Ellie stepped in, her green eyes looking down at the floor as she quickly walked up to his desk. She placed the paper in her hand quietly on his desk, looking away. "These are the papers from yesterdays crash. I apologize for the inconvenience." She stood stiffly, her jaw set as tears began to fill in her eyes. Sebastian sighed, grabbing the papers and looking up at Ellie. "I know I have been a little too demanding and rude lately, Ellie.. But I assure you I did not mean to make you cry." Ellie shook her head, finally meeting his gaze. "It has nothing to do with you, Mr. Black." Sebastian frowned, pointing to the seat across from his desk. "Sit. Tell me about it." Ellie stood there awkwardly, looking at the door in one last desperate attempt to leave. "It's not really something I should be telling you." Sebastian scoffed, chuckling lightly. "Enlighten me, then."

    Ellie sat down slowly, feeling uncomfortable in her bosses large office. "Well.. M-My fiance just called off our wedding.. I-It was set for three weeks from now!" She began to sob, covering her face with her hands. Sebastian sighed, running a hand through his hair as he sat back in his chair. "I know the feeling. My ex girlfriend left me at the alter. She was cheating on me with a pot smoker from Kansas.." Ellie giggled, looking up at his eyes and sighing. She grabbed a tissue from his desk, dabbing at her eyes and looking down at her hands. Her eyes met his as she leaned back in the chair, feeling more relaxed now that her situation was out in the open. "He left me the house and everything. I guess he was cheating on me. Now I have to find a second job to pay the bills." Sebastian's eyes widened as he looked at her. "No. I cannot afford wasting time in training another woman to pick up the days you aren't here. We'll just give you a pay raise and increase your hours. I want you to take a week off. With pay. I'll pull Angela to fill your shoes until you get back."

    Ellie grinned walking around the desk and hugging Sebastian tightly. It took him by surprise, though he quickly hugged her back. "Thank you so much, Mr. Black! I will be back next Friday!" She quickly left the office, leaving Sebastian alone in silence. He pulled out his phone, noticing a text from his dear friend Elise.

    Hey, Bub! What's up? I thought you'd like to hit the club with me tonight?

    Sebastian rolled his eyes, grinning as he texted back.

    What's the catch?

    Elise replied quickly. Well.. I have a friend named Sayomi who I thought you'd hit it off with. We both work in the same hospital. C'mon.. You rarely have fun anymore.

    Sebastian frowned, realizing that Elise was right. He was always busy with work. He never got to have fun.

    Will there be drinking there?

    Of course, Sebastian. What the hell do you think? I don't go to clubs to sit and watch others have a great time. See ya around 10 pm at Le Rouge?

    Of course. I'll see you and this mysterious Sayomi there.

    He leaned back in his chair, quickly shoving his folders of work into his bag. Being CEO of two companies was hard work. His mind began to drift towards the mysterious girl named Sayomi. Would she like him? What did she do for a living? He hoped she wouldn't cancel; He needed a nice girl to date.
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  2. Flopping down with a large sigh, Sayomi relished the moment of silence and peace. There had been so many ambulances coming into the hospital that they were pulling doctors from other departments. And of course, Sayomi had offered to cover one of the doctors spots as his wife was going in to have an emergency C-section.

    The door opened and closed behind her and hands rested on her shoulders, rubbing them softly. "I swear to god, Jake. If you try or hint at anything. I'm going to punch you. I'm not amused and I'm not in the mood for this right now." The man stepped back with his hands raised. He had a thing for Sayomi since she had started to even intern there when she was 17, and had many times tried to peruse her, even when he had girlfriends.

    "You looked a little stress Sai. I thought maybe I could help. Your department for the day is blowing up."

    Unnaturally green eyes looked at him, a mixture of exhaustion and an emotion that was mixed with anger and concern was written all over them and her face. Before Sayomi could lash out, her phone rang. It was Elise.

    Sayomi faught for a moment before she answered the call. "Yes, hello Elise. I am still at work filling in for Randy. I'm supposed to be off now. I'm just waiting to hear if they need me Anymore or not."

    "You promised you would go with me! You can't stand me up!" Sayomi pulled the phone back as waited to make sure that was all that would be said. "Yes. But I am just getting off a 14 hour shift from hell. I'm a little tired. Do I really have to go?"

    The only response she got was a short 'see you at ten' and a click. Sayomi stood, her legs a little shakie, and got her things and left. She could get in at least a nap before she had to go out. She wasn't extremely excited to go out to a club, but she was a nervous excited about meeting this Sebastian that Elise spoke of. Sayomi walked to her car, pulling her long reddish brown hair down from its bun, letting the now kind of curly hair flow down her back.

    As she drove home, she let her mind wonder to how much sleep she thought she needed to at least not be a buzz kill until she drank enough to keep her body going for however long. She didn't live too far from the hospital luckily, and arrived shortly.

    She parked the car, and was greeted by a large husky, who jumped all over her. "Nato, Down!" She laughed, her smooth and sultry voice echoed through the garage as she closed it. Her father always tried to make it easier for Sayomi, when it was little things that he could do. So she wasn't surprised when she walked in and there was tea and fruit out for her. She picked them both up grateful for her father. And ate them as she walked to her room.

    Without even bothering to change, she flopped on the bed and started to drift asleep, Nato laying across her, protecting her.
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  3. Sebastian arrived home a little after six. He unlocked the door slowly, enjoying the silence for a moment. A man in his early fifties quickly walked up to Sebastian, helping him out of his coat. "Hello, Sebastian! Nice to see you home. Do you require anything special tonight?" Sebastian laughed, shaking his head. "No thanks, Alfred. I'm actually going out on a blind date tonight. Elise set me up again." Alfred chuckled, hanging up Sebastian's coat and grabbing his briefcase. "It seems she is always interested in setting you up with someone. Gideon called, by the way. He said he will be home in three days." Sebastian grinned, hugging Alfred before slipping his shoes off at the door. "It'll be nice to see him again. This is the longest he's been gone." Alfred nodded, heading to the kitchen. Sebastian followed, his eyes glued on a plate of fresh fruit sitting on the kitchen counter. "Yes it has been, Sebastian.. It's amazing how long six months can feel when you miss someone."

    Sebastian quickly ate the fruit, snickering as Alfred told him about his crazy day. "First, a fire broke out in the garden. Faulty wiring, I guess. We quickly extinguished and had fire personnel come to check out the wires. Then the maid passed out from exhaustion. She found out she is five months pregnant." Sebastian raised his eyebrows, shaking his head. "I wonder what I will have to do with that.." He stood, removing his shirt to show his sleek and nicely toned body. His abdominal muscles were outlined impressively; His black hair fell in his eyes." He looked down at his body and his large biceps, flexing for a moment. He decided to head to his his gym to work out, doing a thirty minute run to raise his heart rate. He then slipped into the shower, quickly washing. He exited the shower in a haste, quickly sending a text message to Elise. The only thing that was covering his body was a sheer towel wrapped around his waist. For a twenty seven year old man he felt great.

    Ellie. Is this a casual event or a suit and tie club?

    *Sigh* Seriously, Sebastian? Is suits the only thing you ever wear? Get your twenty-seven year old butt in some casual clothes that show off that amazing hot body, bub! See you soon!

    Thanks for the compliment, Lise. See you soon.
  4. Slobber filled kisses washed across her face as Sayomi started to wake up. Her room was dark. She looked over at the clock and nearly fell out of bed as she lunged forward. It was already 8 o'clock. She hoped she wasn't going to be late All because she didn't wake up to the alarm.

    Quickly she shot into the bathroom, jumping into the shower. she didn't take a long shower, even though her body cried out for the comfort of the hot water. Mentally she was awake but physically she didn't want to move, and pain exploded as she moved.

    She climbed out of the shower, water sliding quickly down her smooth body. A pale face stared back at her, green eyes that seemed to echo through the condensation. Sayomi had an innocent look to her, she looked young and naive and barely legal. It had caused more stress to her job, and just with dating in general. Though, when she dressed up just right, she held onto the innocent look, but it added to the flame of her appearance.

    She did her hair to soft, full curls that caressed her face. Sayomi looked over a handful of dresses trying to decide which to wear. She knew nothing about this Sebastian that she was being set up with, so trying to decide what to wear was hard. She wanted to stay neutral, not trampy but also not conservative, just good. All Sayomi wanted was to look good.

    Deciding on a dress, the towel dropped to the floor as the dress was removed from the closet. She slid the dress over her body, fighting at her hips. just as it was up, and she was beginning her make-up as the cliche old grandfather clock began to ring. It was 9:45 and she still had to drive to the club. She finished a simple yet pleasing face and ran into the garage, grabbing her shoes as she went.

    She stopped at the door to a blue Cayman GT4. Sayomi and her father won the car only a few months back in a half triathlon. Sayomi's father was able to swim but she had to run and bike the two of them. She had spent half a year of intense training to be able to complete it. She had trained the last 9 weeks before the race with an added one hundred pounds to the weight of her and her father, ending them in first place. She had been celebrated nationally as the news spread, but her name wasn't all to unknown due to her medical accomplishments she had achieved at such a young age.

    Sayomi chose not to put on her shoes while driving, since heels and a manual transmission may have been hard for her to handle shifting the car. She pulled forward and once out of he drive way she took off, hoping she wasn't late.
  5. Sebastian decided on a tight fitting black jeans and a snug white tee shirt that outlined his toned body. He picked the keys to his BMW, amazed at how much darker the black paint on the car seemed at night. He checked his watch, noticing it was nine-thirty. He grabbed his wallet and keys and opened the front door to the mansion. "Alfred! I'm leaving! See you when I get home!"

    The drive to the club was fairly short and in no time Sebastian found himself pulling into the parking lot of the large club. He was unsure of himself; Something told him that he was nervous. After all, this had been the first time dating since his ex left him at the alter.

    C'mon, Seb.. You can't let these things get to you! You're just freaking out. Now get going!

    He thought the positive mental thinking would work. It did not. He scowled, throwing open the door to his car. He spotted Elise walking up to him, waving as her sleek blouse shined in the light. She was five foot three with a very thin figure. Her long black hair fell onto her pale, milky skin. Her eyes were a rare amethyst color, accenting her features. He and Elise had met through his ex girlfriend and both shared a passionate hate for her.

    "Hey, bub! Glad to see you picked a hot outfit!" She hugged him tightly, sniffing his shirt. He stood tall at five foot ten, his eyes looking down on her. "What are you doing, Elise?!" Elise giggled, gently smacking his shoulder and looking towards the door of the club. "You smell amazing. Is that the new cologne you were telling me about? The one you designed?" Sebastian nodded, narrowing his eyes as he grinned. "Yes it is! Glad you noticed. So where is this friend of yours?"

    Elise looked at her watch, shrugging. "You're early, as usual.. She should be here any minute, though. So what is new with you? I thought you said you were going to take some time off work!"

    Sebastian ran a hand through his hair, shrugging. His hair was a shaggy black mane; His hair dresser was Gideon and he refused for anyone else to do it. "The company crashed and I had to come back early. I was only gone for one day. Seems like I'm the only one who can keep it up and running."

    Elise shook her head, messing with her purse. "You're just too nice. Start being more mean and you'd be okay." Sebastian scowled, looking away. "I don't think I can do that." He checked his watch, sighing impatiently. "You know.. I have work in the morning. Where is this mystery woman?"
  6. Once Sayomi was only a couple blocks away, she pulled over and put her shoes on. She checked herself and her make-up once more than continued on her way to the club. She pulled about, the blue glistening in the night lights. Noticing her friend, and the man that she was being set up with, she took a deep breath and pulled to a stop. Just the car alone attracted attention, so she was scared for when she got out.

    The car turned quiet as the ignition as shut off. Taking a deep breath, Sayomi tried to calm her nerves, but knew she wouldn't be able to make it happen.

    Deep breaths.. It's alright. If he doesn't think you look decent enough, someone else will.

    Slowly she opened the door to her car and stepped out, looking between the two. She typically stood about 5'5" but with her booties on she was able to stand at 5'11". She was curvy, yet fit, in an odd paradox. the dress she wore came down to about 6 inches above her knees, and showed every curve to her body yet left many things to the imagination.

    She could feel gazes from patrons that were walking through the parking lot to the club. Sayomi felt self consious, like they were all judging her. The burgundy dress against her pale skin was a beautiful complement, both the contrast of the dress and the reddish brown hair that surrounded her face caused her emerald green eyes to appear more vibrant, the pink tint to her full lips the prefect color to her complexion.

    "I'm so sorry that I'm late, Elise. But I did warn you." She hugged the women softly, letting the anxiety cross her face for a split second before turning to Sebastian. "You must be the curious Sebastian. I apologize to you too. I doubt that Elise mentioned it, but I worked a 14 hour shift at work." She offered out her hand to Sebastian letting her eyes meet his for a moment before they flicked away.

    He was gorgeous, and couldn't figure out why Elise hadn't tried to get him. Sayomi fought to control her thoughts, not allowing then to wonder to the dark places that existed in situations like this.
  7. Sebastian was taken aback by the beauty of Sayomi. He stammered for a moment, looking away before raising her hand to his lips. "Pleasure to meet you. It seems Elise is very good at luring us away from work."

    Elise rolled her eyes, wrapping an arm around Sayomi and guiding her towards the door. "No more chatting about work! We're here to have fun! Let's party!" Sebastian chuckled, ushering the women inside and looking at Sayomi through the corner of his eye. She was quite stunning; The dress she had on accentuated all the right curves. He noticed Elise whispering to Sayomi. One particular line caught his attention, causing his face to turn red from embarrassment, though he quickly hid it.

    "See, Sayomi? I told you he was hot! Plus he's got a great job and has a smoking body." Sebastian pretended he did not hear her. The beat of the music was loud and droning; Bodies on the dance floor were thrashing around in a rhythmic movement. Sebastian watched as a man pulled Elise to her feet, leaving Sebastian and Sayomi alone. His eyes followed Elise as she was carried to the dance floor.

    Sebastian leaned across the table, looking over at Sayomi with a delicious smile. He felt a certain spark when they had first met that he hadn't felt since he was with his ex. "Would you like a drink?" He waved the waitress over, looking up at her with a small smile. "I'd like a bourbon on the rocks. And you, Sayomi?"
  8. There was more people in the club than Sayomi had originally thought there would be. She tried not to let it effect how she acted or let it show through. She had become very good at controlling her anxiety around new people. She wasn't going to let it ruin the night.

    Sayomi ordered a whiskey and rootbeer, an odd combination that she loved. She didn't typically like rootbeer usually, but something in the whiskey made it taste amazing.

    She let her eyes return from the waitress to Sebastian, her eyes sparkling as the lights danced off them. As soon as they landed on his smile Sayomi bit her bottom lip an almost devious smile escaping as her eyes met his. She had yet to be able to take him in as a whole, having to break him up into sections as she looked. If she tried to take it in all at once, anxiety attempted to take over.

    "So, I guess the easiest question to ask right now is, how do you know Elise? And why hasn't she tried to get with you?" She said with a laugh as their drinks arrived. She was extremely curious about Sebastian, but didn't want to ask anything personal all at once, or ask a really awkward questions too soon.

    Sayomi held her composure very well even as people brushed against her, or sudden noises that usually would have triggered her adrenaline after working in a hospital. She was Unsure if it was just her attempting to control them or if it was that she was so concentrated on Sebastian.
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  9. Sebastian grinned, thanking the waitress as she returned with their drinks. He slowly sipped on his bourbon, enjoying the feel of the burn down his throat. "Well, we met years ago when my company partnered with the local hospital to provide more machines that could save lives. My ex was working there at the time and Elise was friends with her." He chuckled, shaking his head as he sat his glass down. "She's quite something, but we both agreed we think of each other as siblings."

    He let a breath out, realizing how nervous he had been to meet Sayomi. He sat up more, letting his body stretch. His tight muscles on his chest and stomach rippled, accentuating his love for being fit. "Elise already told me about you.. She said you both work together. I've seen you in the paper and news multiple times.. How does it feel to be so accomplished at a young age?" He smiled, admiring her facial features. Something told him that she wasn't expressing herself more than she should have. He shrugged the thought away, swirling a finger in his bourbon and slowly sucking on his finger. He wished he could find somewhere more secluded and quiet to get to know her. "I'm sorry it's so loud in here.. Elise didn't mention this when I was on the phone with her. If I were to pick any place to have a blind date, it'd be in a quiet restaurant. Or at a park. Somewhere that we could focus on getting to know each other."
  10. Once Sebastian told his story about how him and Elise met, she felt bad. Sayomi knew that usually bringing up exs wasn't the best thing to do for an attitude. As she looked over him, and let out a soft smile when she noted that he still seemed on edge, but no more when they first arrived. When he stood and streched Sayomi couldn't help but stare over his body, Her green eyes couldn't help but linger. She tried to speak for a moment but decided to wait to know that she really could.

    She took a long drink through the straw in her drink, averting her eyes finally. she let her finger brush around the rim of the drink as she gazed back to him. Sayomi laughed when he commented about her sucess.

    "You want to talk sucess? Look at all you've accomplished at such a young age. I was only able to go through school faster. I'm this awkwardly smart in only certain subjects. Like math. And science. So that made it easier." She laughed gently as she took another drink, eyeing him softly Over her glass. "I ended up so far in debt I didn't think I could ever climb out. I spent a year and a half of my life working just to pay off loans. In this world, you need more than book smarts to get things completely free."

    She gave him an almost flirtatious smile "But that's what you have a lot of isn't it, Mr. Black? World smarts? You're story has got to be more interesting than a doctor's." Sayomi said with a laugh As she finished off her drink.

    Sayomi leaned forward across the table, her chest pushing against it, and looked at Sebastian as if she was telling him a secret. "I think Elise just didn't want to come out alone, and knew this would be a good way to make it so we both would come and not stand her up." She gave a small innocent giggle to match her seemingly innocent face. "I have let her at places like this a couple times. Once she finds someone of interest and has had too much alcohol, she looses track of time."
  11. Sebastian laughed loudly, leaning in closer to Sayomi. "I suppose world smarts is something I have a lot of.. But that is only with business. There is so much more I have to experience. That I need to experience. Luckily we both are great at our studies, aren't we?" He took another drink of his bourbon, cringing slightly at the cheap taste. He sat the glass down, nodding. "Elise is very independent in certain areas, though. I suspect she has a problem with knowing something awful could happen if she was alone. We are ultimately here to bail her out." He grinned, sighing as he relaxed into the atmosphere with Sayomi. "I love medical work, though. I'm in the process of building another corporation that specializes in building machines and medical equipment for hospitals. I am also in the process of building a new hospital in the area." He took another sip of his beverage, looking down at his hands. "Maybe you would consider working for the new hospital?"

    He looked down at her, studying her eyes and smiling. "There's so much to a person than many people realize.. People think I am a rich snob with no passion. In the inside I have so much more to offer people. Better hours. Better jobs. Better lives. I have a masters in law, business administration, economics, accounting, and business management. I took triple the classes when I was younger. I spent my whole trust fund from my father to get to the top. All to help people."

    He became quiet, noticing Elise dancing near them. She seemed drunk and very dazed. Her body was moving quickly to the beat of the music. He glanced to Sayomi, shaking his head. "What do you plan to do with the rest of your life?"
  12. Sayomi's eye brow raised as she looked to Sebastian. She was impressed by him already. Not from his money, or what he was doing to improve the wealth. It was that he wanted to help people, and had a thirst for knowledge. She was slightly surprised by that half because he caught Elise's attention and half because in this day and age, you didn't need to be smart or anything to be rich if you knew people.

    She was brought out of her thoughts when he mentioned maybe her working at his hospital. She stared in a shocked confusion Unsure of what to say "I go where ever I'm needed. And a rising hospital is definitely it. Other than being younger, I'm not any more special than any other doctor."

    Sayomi's features fell softer as he spoke more of himself. He was such an interesting creature. She couldn't figure him out right away, or even guess some of the things he was saying. She loved the way he puzzled her just by breaking the norms of society.

    When Sebastian asked her what she wanted to do with the rest of her life, Sayomi clamed up for a moment as she thought. "To be honest. I'm not sure. I have every degree I can hope for. Pediatrics, endocrinology, psychology, along with minors in sociology and marketing." at one point in her college life she had needed to fill gaps since she was able to complete or even skip over certain classes faster than normal people.

    "At some point I want to travel the world. Not just to travel and explore, but much like yourself, to help people. There is so much a doctor can do, my specialties aside. There is much help that can be done. People are sick and hurt all over the world. But only a realitively small portion get help. People have infected wounds, broken bones, and treatable and preventable illnesses and diseases." she sighed as she looked around. Wishing for when she could go and help. See the world from another point of view. Sayomi knew a lot people thought she was crazy for what she wanted to do, and she hoped that her will to help people wouldn't be too much for Sebastian. She drank the rest of her drink and looked to Sebastian.

    "I guess I can't just sit idly by loving life, while someone else us wishing they could just pass on already, or that they could patched up. Something." She tried not to let on how much emotion she had into the subject once more as she stirred the drink with her straw.

    "It's an odd aspersions, but it's mine." She laughed as she looked to him as She began to notice more and more drunken patrons of the club. Slowly her eyes scanned the club as she watched people dance and interact. There was a large variety of emotions that she saw among them. Sayomi zoned out for a moment, until her focus returned back to Sebastian as she looked at him, a softly smile spreading across her pink lips. "What greater goals does the builder of hospitals have for after he gets his hospital running?" Everything about Sebastian caught her attention and she couldn't believe it. There was just a pull to get to talk to him more that she didn't understand. She chalked it up to being a lightweight and the alcohol was just starting to get to her head a little.
  13. Sebastian consumed the words Sayomi spoke almost He grinned as she asked about is aspirations, chuckling slightly before running a hand through his soft black hair. "Well.. This may sound like a stupid thing to do, but I must. In this town, I'm a respected owner of five major companies. I plan to expand. As a trusted and respected man, people rely on me to make sure things are safe and efficient. My next company will focus on parents. As a man who wants children, I find myself seeing so many parents starving so that they may feed their children. It's horrible what happens when families fall through the cracks. That is why I have a program that makes me money and makes families money. A parent will be offered a job through my company. They will work in one of my many warehouses, offices, or factories. They will make more than enough for themselves, and the turn over rate makes me money. It's a win from all angles. The more that I am able to make, the more I can donate to places of my choice."

    He drained the rest of his beverage, wondering if Sayomi was already intoxicated or beginning to get there. He ordered a fuzzy navel for himself, looking to Sayomi as the waitress waited. "Would you like the same drink, or something to mix it up with?" He looked to the waitress, smiling softly as he looked through the jumbled menu. "I'd like two of your nacho supreme's with chicken and a greek salad. Thank you."
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  14. Sayomi odered a pineapple Mai tai as she looked at him. "I'm very impressed, Mr. Black. Many people in a position like yourself do not care for ones that are under them. So... everyone. Unless of course somehow they can offer them something." She shone a smile at him, becoming even more curious about the man across from her.

    He was extremely good looking, seemed caring and polite. He had money and a career, and yet, he was still avalible. She started to wonder why that could have been. Someone like that shouldn't be single. "What type of company will this be?" She asked trying not to let her thoughts drift too far. She heard what sounded like yelling and turned to see Elise yelling at a man.

    "I'll be right back." She excused herself quickly and went over to her friend, shoving herself between Elise and the man.

    "Come on, doll. It's time to come over with the adults." She pushed Elise in the way of Sebastian and tried to follow behind her, only to be stopped by the man grabbing her arm. Sayomi pulled her arm harshly away from the man, and glared at him. "You should really mind yourself. You never who you are going to piss off." She was only grabbed again before she could walk off.

    "Hey now, gorgeous. No need to get jealous. There is enough of me to go around." He said with a laugh as he looked over her. "Aren't you scrumptious. Let's ditch your friend over there.." He winked at Sayomi before she with drew his arm from her grip and she walked back to Sebastian.

    "I think she may need to be taken home..." She said trying not to let anger over come her. She didn't perticularly like being touched by people she didn't know. Especially in the manner that she was grabbed.
  15. Sebastian watched the situation, standing and grabbing the coats. He held out Elise's, looking to Sayomi and smiling. He pulled out a business card, writing his cell phone number on the back. He handed it to Sayomi, holding Elise close as he talked. "I'll take her home. It'll be great to catch up with her. This is my number.. Feel free to call me or text any time." He grinned, grabbing her hand and kissing it gently. Elise smiled up at him, shaking her head. "It's okay. I'll give Sayomi's number to you in the car." She hugged Sayomi, whispering in her ear about Sebastian being a great catch. Sebastian became nervous, chuckling before leading the women out the door. Once in the parking lot, Sebastian opened the car door to the passengers side, allowing Elise in and looking to Sayomi. "Give me a call sometime.. If you'd like." He winked at her, getting in the car and starting it up. Once he buckled his seat belt he drove off, looking back at the club sadly. Elise was pouting beside him, her amethyst eyes darting back and forth. Sebastian was the first to talk, trying desperately to start up conversation.

    "You know you shouldn't jump right into dancing with someone you don't know." Elise sighed, looking away before returning her gaze to Sebastian. "I had control. Sayomi just worries about me. I was fine." Sebastian rolled his eyes, flipping his turn signal on and checking for any oncoming traffic. It was one o' clock in the morning; Sebastian hadn't been out this late in quite a while. "Well, thanks for having me meet Sayomi. She was nice.. But I don't know if we have anything in common." Elise snorted, grabbing a bottle of water from Sebastian's console and chugging it. "Yeah, right. You guys were talking the whole time. She seemed really interested in you." Sebastian shrugged, looking away. "It's been so hard since Jessica left me.. I wasn't sure I'd be ready to go out again."

    Elise put her hand on Sebastian's, nodding as she sighed. "I know it's been hard, Seb. But there are tons of amazing qualities about you that people love. You're sexy, intellectual, and dignified. You're stubborn and hot headed as well as compassionate and caring. On top of all that, you're rich. What isn't to love about you? If I hadn't seen you in a brotherly way I would've dated you myself!"

    Sebastian smiled slightly, quickly kissing Elise's cheek. "You're a suck up. But it worked. I presume you'll work at the new hospital?" Elise nodded, taking another drink of her water before replying. "Actually.. Yes. I decided this morning that I'm going no matter what happens. I need more hours, and I just can't handle this guy that works at the old hospital. He's creepy. Always flirts with Sayomi and the others. As a hospital manager, I cannot have that happening on my shift. Which is why I want a new start." Sebastian raised an eyebrow, looking over at Elise as he drove. "Always flirting with Sayomi, eh? What about?"

    "Oh, you know.. The usual stuff. Don't worry, though. She wouldn't pick a man like him over you." Sebastian pulled up to her small home, shaking his head. "I told you to call me about a new house and it'd be taken care of. I hate you living here." Elise grinned, nodding. "I know what you said.. I just chose to ignore it. I love my little home. See ya, bud! Let's get together again sometime!" Sebastian waved, waiting for her to enter her home. Once done he began to drive home, arriving a short time later. He grinned as he though of Sayomi. Did she like him? Would she text or call? He got out of the car, unlocking and locking the door once inside. He sat down in his office, calling for Alfred. Alfred arrived shortly after, smiling slightly. "How was the date?" Sebastian frowned, looking down at his hands. "It was cut short by Elise, sadly.. But it was wonderful. She's a great, intelligent person." He reached into his coat, surprised by a note inside.

    Sayomi's number is saved into your phone. Don't call her until she calls you. Good luck!

    He checked his phone, noticing that her name and number was indeed saved into his phone. He chuckled, looking up at Alfred. "Elise is so sneaky.. I wonder how she managed to do this?"
  16. Sayomi watched as the two left. She ignored the stares as she walked to her car, having to wait for a huddle of guys that had been admiring the beauty if it. She shrugged as she got in it and they stared at her in awe. Once she was out of the parking lot and on the free way she rolled down the window and just let the drive take her away, taking the long way home.

    When she arrived she was greeted by the great ball of fur that was her companion. "Come on, Nato. Let's get inside." She said with a smile as she walked inside. Sayomi went to the room in the far back of the house, and checked on her father. He was asleep, and seemed to be pain free at the moment. Carefully she shut the door and walked back to the kitchen and prepared her father's breakfast. It was a simple breakfast, but she never knew when he would wake so she always tried to make sure it was ready for him when he woke.

    Once she finished, Sayomi pulled out her phone and looked at the screen for a moment. She pulled out the business card with Sebastian's number. Bending the card a little in her hands, she wondered if he even actually found her interesting. Sayomi was odd, she liked weird things and believed in different things than most, often referred to as a rainbow child. After what seemed like forever she punched the number in and let it ring. It only rang twice before she hung up. Maybe it was the alcohol, just the social anxiety, but she couldn't go through with the call no matter how much she wanted to. Letting out a heavy sigh, she proceeded up the spiral stair case.

    She entered into a room to the right. It was filled with nothing but musical instruments. Some she had yet to learn but wished to, others she was very proficient. Sayomi was in the symphony, and also taught a few children how to play the viola and piano. She found any way she could to never have long periods of down time.

    She closed the door behind her, to keep as much of the noise in as possible. She sat down at the piano, and began playing a piece by Mozart. She was trying to think of how to talk to Sebastian on her own without the anxiety taking over.
  17. Sebastian sat at the breakfast nook, his laptop open as he ate a plate of nacho supreme. Alfred sat next to him, watching him type on the computer. "You seem to be distracted, Seb. What's going on?" Sebastian sighed, pushing his plate of food away. "This Sayomi woman.. I swore that I wasn't ready after Jessica left. And now.. Now I find myself thinking about Sayomi." Alfred tapped his finger on the table, looking at Sebastian with a serious expression. "And? She sounds like a lovely woman, Sebastian. Go on! Call her!" Sebastian ran a hand through his hair, shaking his head. "I can't, remember? Elise specifically said to wait for Sayomi to call first." Alfred shook his head, taking a sip of his coffee. "Women.. They are too complicated!" Sebastian laughed loudly, finishing his report on his laptop and closing it. "Very. See, that's what was different about Jessica. She made things simple for me. When I got home, she was there waiting for me. She didn't need much. Maybe a pair of shoes here and there.." Alfred scowled, shaking his head. "And a new car, a new house, and all of that without you! She used you for anything she could and then when she realized she needed to make a decision.. She left. I know it'll be hard. But if you don't try, then you will never meet the ultimate goals that you hope to achieve." Sebastian nodded, standing and stretching. "You're right. I'll go get some sleep. I took the day off tomorrow. I'm going to build that terrace that I've wanted to build. Thanks for the advice, Alfred." Alfred nodded, gathering up the dishes. "Always a pleasure. Goodnight."

    Sebastian smiled, walking to his room and undressing. He fell onto bed in his boxers, sighing in relief as the feeling of cold sheets hit him. He rolled under the covers, thinking of Sayomi as his eyes slowly closed.
  18. After awhile, Sayomi heard scratching at the door. That was her sign that she needed to go to sleep. Luckily she had tomorrow off. Days off were weird for her, she never knew what to do. She was thinking of possibly going hiking for the day. Nato needed out of the house and yard for awhile any ways.

    She left her music for another time and went to her room, changing into sweats. As she laid on her stomach she sighed happily as sleep surrounded her yet again.

    Sayomi had slept peacefully until there was a soft knock on her door, jolting her away. "Sayomi, hunny? Are you awake?" Her father's voice asked softly through the door. "Yeah daddy. I'm awake. Come on in." Her father had been home for only a handfull of years, and it was sometimes still weird for her to wake up to him in the house. She had gone so long alone in the house, that it had been drilled into her mind that she would always wake up alone. Besides Nato, and at one point another dog.

    Her father entered the room, a cane supporting him. "How was last night?" He asked, Sayomi giving a heavy sigh in response. "It was great. It was cut short by Elise. He is smart, and actually has goals that will help society.." Her father looked at her. "But...?"

    "I'm not brave enough to call him. And he hasn't called me. Isn't the rule that the man is supposed to call?" Her father walked over and kissed her head "Child, you were never raised to follow standards. If you want to talk to him, then text him." he began to walk out of the room "you have an omelet downstairs hun." He slowly left the room and started back downstairs. Sayomi thought for a moment and then picked up her phone, hoping it wasn't too early. She typed in Sebastian's number and sent a text.

    Hey, it's Sayomi. I tried to call last night, but my anxiety wouldn't allow it. Im not ignoring you, I swear. If you want to, you are more than willing to call.

    She wasn't sure how he would take it, but at least she tried. Tossing the blankets to the side, Sayomi stood up. She quickly changed into a sports bra and shorts. The spandex shorts would have originally came down to mid thighs on any other women, but on Sayomi they were booty shorts. She had learned months before though that anything looser on her waist ended bad, and anything that was long enough to look normalish was too uncomfortable. Quickly she grabbed her phone and headphones, strapping her phone band around her arm and heading down the stairs.

    She stopped in the kitchen and ate the omelet quickly and started out for her run.
  19. Sebastian wiped an arm across his forehead, clearing away the sweat off his face as he worked on the terrace. His large biceps moved rapidly as he pounded a nail into a large plank with a hammer. As soon as he had woke up he had begun working on the terrace. He sat down on at the patio table, sighing as he opened his phone. He was surprised and a bit shocked to find that it was Sayomi who had sent him a text message. He chuckled at her message, looking around as he tried to find the words to reply.

    It's okay. Elise told me not to call or text you until you did so first. I apologize that I didn't call or text; I was worried that it was too soon. How are you feeling?

    Alfred brought out a pitcher of lemonade, slowly pouring a glass full and handing it to Sebastian. "How is the terrace coming along out here?" Sebastian smiled, sitting his phone down and sighing. "Just a little more to go. I called the construction company to expand the mansion and build a huge patio out back." Alfred clapped his hands in excitement. "This mansion is big enough already, but a patio would be wonderful." Sebastian grinned, writing down notes on a pad of paper. "I want to add more law books to my office.. But I'm not sure what types of law books." Alfred looked at Sebastian's phone, smiling slyly. "Did Sayomi ever contact you?" Sebastian laughed loudly, draining the glass of lemonade. "As a matter of fact, she did."
  20. Sayomi fell to her knees, sweat dripping from everywhere on her body to the ground. Her chest heaved and dropped with each breath as she tried to regain herself. She drank from the water bag strapped her, then pulled it off. It was weighted, adding an extra forty pounds to her weight. She pulled her phone from its holster on her arm and noticed that Sebastian had texted her back. Sayomi laughed loudly, looking around. Slowly she rose the phone up, capturing a photo. She attached the picture to a message to Sebastian. The area she was at was about an 11 mile round trip journey, taking her out of the neighborhoods and into hills and trees that surrounded the area. It was a perfect spot to over look a great majority of the city.

    You can say that I'm doing pretty good. Are you doing well? I do apologize for the late reply. I'm about half way through my hike.

    Sayomi took a deep breath as she placed her phone back in it's holster. Being out late the day before had worn her down a lot. She had come this far, but was having issues with getting her motivation back to return home. She contemplated walking the mile and a half before she could have someone pick her up at the road. Slowly she stood up, wiping the sweat from her brow. She wasn't going to let life break her down, not today, not ever again.

    Sayomi started back down the train having to keep her speed slow so that she didn't catch too much momentum and fall forward. Once she reached the less graded area, she began to pick up speed.
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