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  1. As an experienced role player, I would really prefer that any role play sought would at least be discussed before-hand. Though I can "wing-it", I don't really do anything random as I really love putting effort into my stories and love having a co-operative relationship with my writing companions. When in staying pro-active in any story, I find that they flow much better as it would create depth on constant interest which is definitely beneficial to any story. ​

    :bananaman:Due to the years I have tucked away, here is what you can expect from me...:bananaman:
    • Good Length - Multi-Para [three or more paragraphs] in length to Novella [which can reach a good twenty paragraphs on really good days] - my average is approximately nine paragraphs to date.
    • Complete literacy. I really don't do that text talk as it irks the hell out of me. I don't mind it OOCly but when it comes to being in character, I see no reason for it.
    • Pro-Active Enthusiasm. Yes, I really make an effort for my stories and the relationships I hold with my writing companions.
    • Originality and creativity.
    • Patience and understanding.
    • [Hopefully] great stories.
    • Malleability and an open mind.
    :bananaman:When it comes to a partner, I would [in turn] expect...:bananaman:
    • Nothing less than three paragraphs, or two, in response; each paragraph 5-6 sentences.
    • Literacy to the best of their educated ability.
    • Active involvement in the story.
    • The remembrance of me and the fact that there are times where RL will get REALLY demanding so I won't always be able to be on.
    • Creativity
    • Originality
    • An age of 20 or above - why? It makes me uncomfortable to write with anyone younger as I myself am 21 years of age. I also don't mind 18 or 19 years.
    So, with my meticulous-ass self having lain down expectations and such, let me say that I am open to most anything EXCEPT child's play [writing with a character/writer under the age of 18] and eroticism. Those are intense NO-NOs for me so I hope you understand.

    Otherwise, I really hope you [the reader] are interested!

    :music:If you want to know more about me, check out my profile and look at my Roleplay Resume or Information and feel free to comment/message me if you have any questions.
  2. Bonjour!

    I have taken an interest if you are still looking, I agree with most of your criteria and uphold similar opinions. The only catch is, I turn 19 in five days. BUT I can I am a very experienced role player and have been in role plays for around five or six years now.
    So, if my age is not a problem, I would like to discuss RP ideas with you, like what types are you mainly into?
  3. Hey, I'd be interested rp'ing with you. I can bust out lengthy posts, but it honestly depends on what my partner gives me. If my partner is only going to give me two paragraphs with three lines, that's not too much to go off of, ya know? So I can only respond with the same post length as them. I can try my best to add "fluff" here and there to make mine at least lengthier, but if you give me five paragraphs, I can usually produce at LEAST 3-4, if not 5.

    I am 20 right now, turning 21 in March, so age shouldn't be an issue either. Though I'm new to here, I too am an experienced roleplayer.

    Look forward to hearing from you!
  4. -labels self candidate-

    I'm 19 so I think I'm close enough to qualification, right? Right.

    Also, I give just as much as you do in terms of writing, essentially working with what I'm given. I'd love to RP with you :D
  5. I suddenly feel so loved XD I will send reply to replies here on your page! So I have noted everyone thus far! <3 <3 <3
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