And... Now that I realize that this is somewhat true...

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  1. I read that, and I've read a lot of these books.
    I totally agree on the Rainbow fish, but I never thought of Love You Forever as creepy. Kids don't think about that kind of thing.
    And it's reassuring to think that mommy will love you, no matter what you do or how old you get. Sure, the ritual can be seen as a bit creepy, but I think it was more of an unsettling-to-adults allegory on how a parent's love for their child is always there. That's what I saw, speaking as a child whose parent read them this book.
  2. I think I read the Rainbow Fish one once...

    I was all about the Pokey Little Puppy, Spot the puppy, Luna the bat thing, and that fat caterpillar.
  3. I love that caterpillar ^^

    That's true, children don't think the same ways as adults. Heh, so there's nothing really to wory about huh. Lol!
  4. Oooo How interesting!
  5. Honestly...I kind of felt that these are pretty weak.

    I find the book that encourages little girls to get plastic surgery like "mommy" more offensive then these.
  6. Bah! It's Cracked! Those articles are jokes and satire! XD

    ....however that Rainbow Fish story actually did look like a bad message. O_____O
  7. True... I really liked that story too... now I wonder...