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    Just call me SKF, Sofa, Fancy, or whatever you find to be the easiest. I am of a gender and an age that is not important to whether or not you RP with me. What you should know is that I have been RPing for 15 years on and off, and I have seen some shit. Seriously. From the horrifying reaches of CompuServe Chat to the disgusting depths of Yahoo! IMs. I more-or-less have been RPing since the internet form of it was born. I've also done some table-top dice games, but not as frequently. So, I'm not easy to scare off, but I have grown tired of the same-ole-same-ole. And I'm looking for something new and exciting!

    So, I've found myself with a bit of free time (not too much, mind you), and I want to make some friends on IWakuRP. I find the first step to conquering the internet getting acclimated to a new site, is to post a 1x1 search thread. That being said, I am going to be picky. This is not me being an elitist arse-face. I just don't have all the time in the world to have 12-something 1x1 RPs. I'll take a few and go from there. So, if I turn you down. It isn't me laughing maniacally at you. It is because I'm either filled (haha like that is going to happen), or we are just not meshing. Don't take it personally. It is me, not you. And now we are breaking up for some reason.

    I also think I'm funny.
    Just go with it.

    And without further ado, here is my RP stuff. Please excuse the hoighty-toighty-ness. I have a tendency to come off as a fancy sir that is sipping tea and listening to classical music. I'm not... so... not.

      1. I write in past tense, third person. That being said, I might be interested in doing first person but only if it works with the plot. I can’t do present tense. Sorry, I suck.
      2. I enjoy detail in my RPs. That being said, there is a fine line between detailed writing and overwriting. When writing with me keep the mini-skirt rule in mind: long enough to cover what needs to be covered, but short enough to keep it interesting.
      3. I want older partners, because I am older. So please be above the age of 18.
      4. Please plot with me. Don’t pick out what you want to do and say ‘go.’ We need to create a plot, a world, rules for said world, and the denizens of that world. I know that sounds like a long process, but hopefully it’ll be worth it.
      5. Once in the RP is in full swing, please stay in contact with me. We can chat via conversations or skype. I am fine with either. I don’t mind plot twists within the RP but please don’t turn it on its back without consulting me first. We built this baby together.
      6. The frequency of posting is entirely up to us. Lets decide this together. I warn you that I probably won’t be able to post multiple times a day. Maybe once a day. But more realistically: once every couple of days. I will wait up to two weeks for a post before I call the RP dead. Let me know if something happens, and posting is going to be delayed. I will give up, entirely, on an idea in a month’s time.
      7. I can do M/M, M/F, F/F, platonic, or any other gender binary you want to fiddle with. I usually play male characters in M/M relationships, but I can do anything. Truth be told, romance isn’t so much a clincher for me as the realism of our genders and our character’s relationship within the RP.
      8. Don’t be afraid to suggest what you want to play to me! I am very open to things, and I’ll hear your idea out. Whatever that may be.
      9. I will participate in Libertine RPs if you are of the correct age to do so (and like I said earlier, I only RP with 18+ RPers due just needing mature partners--imma be looking for those pink stars). Just let me know you want to go that direction so we can plot in that direction. *eyebrow waggle*
      10. Addendum: I will RP via forum or email. I forgot to add that earlier because I lifted this 1x1 search thread from another site that didn't allow offsite RPing. I will not RP, though, on another site entirely. Either email or iwakuRP.

    • Fantasy:
      High- not really my favorite, because of the whole idea that magic is awesome and has no rules. Also, elemental magic *chokes on a rant-like hairball*. That being said: give me a good enough idea and I’ll bite.
      Dark and Low- I love these because they take a lot more thought. There are usually more rules, and a deeper story line. Also the lack of including ‘can do everything’ magic is always my favorite.
      Modern- you do this just right, and I will love it. And maybe I’m a weirdo that thinks that mythological creatures in suits are adorable.

      Hard- Eh, probably not. While I do love world (in this case universe) building. There is a certain distance one puts from their characters and their emotions that I really don’t care for.
      Military- If it leans more towards space opera than hard scifi, yes. If it only makes hard scifi more technical, no.
      Space Opera- Everyday, all day. I grew up on space operas, and I will always love them.
      Space Fantasy- I've been reading a lot of Saga. So. Yes. Please.

      Supernatural- If you promise to make it the darker side of supernatural (I’m thinking World of Darkness-like. Not Vampire Diaries, True Blood, Twilight, etc.)
      Horror/Survival- Hm. Just matters what the plot is like. I enjoy more fantastical elements in this than straight realism.
      Realistic- Nope. Sorry. I cannot do realistic slice-of-life.

      Cyberpunk- I love this genre. Especially when it is set with an 80s style theme and background.
      Steampunk- Pair this with scifi, fantasy, alternate history, or modern—I will RP it.
      Alternate History- The big clincher with this is that it needs to involve some sort of fantastical element. Either fantasy, scifi, supernatural, steampunk, etc. That being said, if it is an interesting enough time period and idea. I’ll be down.
      Post-Apocalyptic- Of course! Though if we do zombies, can we spice them up a bit? Radiated mutants, cannibals, and raiders are always a plus.

    • When it comes to fandoms I will only RP in the world with OCs. I will not use canon characters, nor do I want you to use canon characters. And truth be told, fandoms are not even my favorite style of RP. So you really need a good idea for a plot for me to be interested.

      • Dragon Age
      • Mass Effect
      • Skyrim
      • Dishonored
      • Shadowrun
      • Zelda
      • Parasol Protectorate Series
      • Psycho Pass
      • Saga (the comic)
      • Star Wars
      • Star Trek
      • Guardians of the Galaxy
      • LOTR (though…. not so much)
      • Twelve Kingdoms
      • Fallen London

      • A Not So Civil War
        alternate history—supernatural—dark magic
        In the midst of the Civil War where brothers fought brothers, there were those that fought neither. While everyone witnessed a country torn apart by soldiers, politicians, and beliefs—they didn’t know what was truly feasting upon their land. Darkness had crept into the hearts of man. Powerful seeds of hate buried themselves within people of power, and their rising importance created destruction where it may not have resided previously. A small company of assassins were sent to tend to these threats. They entered this curious theater of war unknowing, which led to their untimely end. Only two remain, both scarred by the happenings that sent their comrades to their death. Now no longer upon the plane of humans, but not quite monsters, they have to decide where to go from here—and what side to take. It is no longer a war between the North and the South but between chaos and order.
        My Notes: A lot of this is up in the air. We really need to finalize details.

        Engine of Our Undoing
        The city of Neo Rome is being devastated by a virus called Pandora’s Box. It is capable of warping both the mind and the metal implants of those infected, and forcing them to wreak havoc upon the city. Someone has managed to tamper with the Maxwell Engine, a powerful device created by Gordon Maxwell that allows cybernetic parts to be integrated with human flesh. So it is only right that he hire someone to help him locate and take down the creators of the Pandora Box. He has found two agents within Neo Rome capable of finding and taking down those that would threaten the sanctity of his device—and the lives of this city.
        My Notes: This scenario is DARK and GRITTY. I'm going to need some convincing because I'm usually a happy-go-lucky sort.

        As Dimensions Unfold
        modern (50s/20s/Edwardian) fantasy—mystery—detective
        The modern world is not like we remember it. Dimensions coil around our own as if it is the sun. As such the various peculiarities of different dimensions sometimes leak into our world. And sometimes our world leaks into theirs. It is up to the DPA, Dimension Protection Agency, to make sure that neither of these happen in common frequency. Unfortunately things have picked up, and DPA members have started disappearing. Now that there are less than ten members left, workloads have increased and tensions are high.
        My Notes: This one is more whimsical, but can get dark as we go along. Or start dark. Depends on how we want the other dimensions to be realized.

        The Gray Coats
        The world is pretty much gone. The only thing that stands between extinction and survival are they Gray Coats. Of course human armies still fight, but as the war rages on they are being turned into cannon fodder. Now all that is left is North American, Western Europe, Great Britain, and Australia. The only true wars are fought between the Gray Coats and the monsters. But our story begins with one Gray Coat coming home to find that their meager duplex has a new tenant. They become fast friends, but an accident leads the Gray Coat to be deployed once again to the front lines—and their neighbor along with them.
        My Note: The monsters, the accident, and the entire idea about the Gray Coats are up in the air. I have no set ideas, just this notion of a plot.

        Bedfellows with the Stars
        space opera—space dragons—piracy
        It happened so long ago, no one remembered why it started. All they know is that dragons descended down upon the planet of Arken with a powerful ferocity. At that time Arken was protected under the Federation. Which meant the Federation arrived to protect its world. The dragons were too much for them, and their envoys (those that could take on human form) convinced the Federation that they were not the enemies. Arken was abandoned to their demise by the dragons’ hand. Many years have passed since that incident, but the denizens of the Federation remember and loathe the dragons. So maybe a ‘Federation’ member ‘conscripted’ some pirates to ‘procure’ a certain dragon envoy. You know, just for safe keeping. And maybe this mission is taken on by an ex-Arken. Only time will tell what the consequences for these actions will be.

        My Note: I absolutely HATE captive stories. So don’t expect this to be like some weird master/slave thing. I figure that they’ll get into trouble shortly thereafter and work together fairly quickly in the RP. Please and thank you.

        • As I said before: I am open all gender binaries and orientations. I am also just fine with a platonic RP (which might work really well with less humanoid characters).
        • I like adult characters. Please treat me with adult characters. I don’t mind if side characters are younger. I just want to move away from having younger characters in a lot of RPs.
        • Multiple characters are dandy. I am not saying ‘pairing,’ because not everything has to get into a relationship. But there are more people in this world beyond our characters.
        • I would love some diversity. Ethnicity, age, appearance, body type, temperament, physical handicaps, etc. While none of the characters HAVE to have this, and by all means they shouldn’t have ALL of this. Just don’t feel like I will restrict you to the norm in RPs.

        And now, I am going to throw some interests at you in alphabetical order. Yes, so of them are out there. Did I mention that I have out-of-the-box interests? I have out of the box interests. I’ve RP’d too long. I’ve gotten weird. *hangs head* So click the spoiler tag for more.
        Show Spoiler
        age gaps*, aliens, beards (shh), badass chicks, centaurs, chub, dark premises, demons, dwarves, fables, fat characters, generational RPs, horror, humor, japanese mythology, marriage**, muscular guys (bara), mutants, multiple love interests, mystery, mythology, naga, pirates, pulp fiction***, satyrs, shifters, super heroes/villains, twisted fairy tales, werewolves

        *I’m talking May-December, between two adults. Not between teenagers and adults. Nooooooooooo.
        ** What about starting with a married couple? Those do exist in the world. I know. Surprising.
        *** Not the movie, just fiction that is pulpy.

    Now, that is that. Shoot me a message or post on here if interested. Be sure to include what you interested in, whatever ideas you have, and a link or a spoiler tag with samples. I promise I am not going to be too judgmental when it comes to the samples. I just want to make sure we will jive writing-style-wise.

    Thanks for reading!
    No. Seriously. This was a lot of shit.
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  2. I am still interested in RPing!
    I've only gotten a couple of nibbles thus far.
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  3. Dark&Low fantasy? :3 :3 :3 *waves hand* PICK MOI. Or, heck, some Modern fantasy!
    Most of my fantasy roleplays end up being very much influenced by the World of Darkness (I saw you using this as a descriptor and squealed <3).
  4. Dark/low fantasy or steampunk/historical would be great! I'm also craving a certain historical fiction plot if you'd like to hear that one. Let me know!
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