And Just When We Thought It Couldn't Get Worse...

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  1. Memory's characters:

    Fallen Nameless

    Age: 16
    Ability: To create force fields, one that's constantly around her mind, so it can't be read, unless she's distracted. And the power of healing.
    Personality: Fallen is quite shy when you first meet her, but once she has a good feeling about you she can become very outgoing, and is not afraid to voice her opinion. One of her favorite activities is getting out of her brother's sight and into trouble, she's some what a rebel and tends to pull people into bad situations.
    Bio: Fallen's older brother is headmaster Sin, he became headmaster after their father past away. She doesn't remember her mother, because she died shortly after her birth, Fallen was raised by her brother for the most part because her father was busy taking care of the school.
    Strengths: Unreadable mind, keeping enemies out using force fields.
    Weaknesses: When she becomes distracted, her mind is readable, normally when her emotions get the best of her (when she's angry, or really happy). And she loses energy when she heals others.

    Names: Ray Dijiro
    Age: 18
    Race: Vampire
    Abilities or powers: Normal vampire powers (Super speed, strength, etc.) Ray can use telepathy and teleportation.
    Personality: Ray is your average bad boy, he's a complete rebel and the only class you can count on him showing up to is music class, though he'll probably be loud and disruptive (he plays drums). He can also be a flirt even if he doesn't mean it, Ray can be rude, but if you can get passed all that he's very kind hearted and caring.
    Bio: Unknown
    Strengths: Darkness, blood, storms
    Weaknesses:, people threatening people he cares for.
    Picture: (Gray hair)

    Name: Bow
    Age: 15
    Ability: Able to control water.
    Personality: Bow is very hyper and bubbly, and is never seen in a sad mood, although she can become very feisty and gutsy if she or her brother is threatened. She's not much of a fighter.
    Strengths: Nighttime, full moon (Get's more powerful under moon)
    Weaknesses: Daytime. (Can still use powers but is weaker) and being scared


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    Misfit's characters:

    Name: Raylin Zero
    Age: 16
    Race: Vampire
    Abilities or powers: Telepathy and healing
    Personality: Shy but can be a bitch at times.
    Bio: Her life wasn't exactly a very hard one. She [strike]has[/strike] had rich parents who gave her everything and pampered her and protected her. But she killed them out of resentment. Raylin never really liked them anyway. Just once she wanted someone to tell her no, but that never happened. With their blood on her hands, she fled the scene, eventually finding herself at this academy.
    Strengths: Telepathy
    Weaknesses: large crowds
    Picture: [​IMG]

    Name: Dante Jaser
    Age: 16
    Race: Blood God
    Abilities or powers: Dante, for the most part, manipulates blood whether inside or outside the body. This ability ranges from causing on to start or stop bleeding to having blood rain from crimson clouds. Blood Gods cannot, how ever, use someone's blood to control them without permission.
    Personality: Dante is very protective over his sister. The two are rarely separated and he prefers it that way. Dante is sarcastic, easily amused, and easy going.
    Bio: Dante's past was nothing special. He grew up with his little sister and his clan. When a devastating event occurred and the Blood Gods were wiped out, he and his sister were the only two left. Dante took Asura to this school with him for the sake of not leaving her alone amongst the nothingness of their old home.
    Strengths: Blood, sarcasm
    Weaknesses: his younger sister


    Name: Asura Jaser (Dead)
    Age: 12
    Race: Blood God
    Abilities or powers: Asura, for the most part, manipulates blood whether inside or outside the body. This ability ranges from causing on to start or stop bleeding to having blood rain from crimson clouds. Blood Gods cannot, how ever, use someone's blood to control them without permission.
    Personality: Much like her brother, Asura is sarcastic and fairly easy going. She can have a temper sometimes but hardly ever unless you really piss her off.
    Bio: What Dante refers to as "A devastating event", Asura refers to her lack of self control. A few months prior to arriving at the academy, She had wiped out all of her people but managed to spare her older brother. She hasn't left Dante's side since this time.
    Strengths: Blood, Her brother
    Weaknesses: Her temper.


    Name: Sekran
    Age: 18
    Race: Puppet master
    Abilities or powers: He's able to create puppets out of dead bodies. Sekran is also able to control a resting body though it takes a considerable amount of energy.
    Personality: He's dark and twisted. He finds amusement out of the oddest things and is often described to act snake-like.
    Strengths: Puppetry, fast reflexes
    Weaknesses: unknown

    Puppets: Jaimee (left) and Aiden (right)

    Name: Isaac/ Crius/ Tempest
    Age: 15
    Race: Demon
    Abilities or powers: Crius is a fire user. He can also teleport and use a technique called mimicry. Isaac on the other hand is a telepathic. Isaac is also able to use mimicry just like Crius. Tempest has control over the elements. Mimicry is also available for Tempest to use.
    Personality: Don't let this cute face fool you. This boy's tiny body harbors three separate personalities. His first, and primary personality, is known as Isaac. This is his sweeter, more loving side. The second personality is Crius. This is the far more hateful, curse the world personality. It's rare that Crius will get along with other people and those relationships he manages to establish are horrible. Finally, there's Tempest. For the most part, Tempest is the dormant personality. He only reveals himself when their mask forcibly is removed. Tempest goes on a rampage, destroying everything in his path. He won't stop until everything is in flames.
    Picture: [​IMG]

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  2. Setting:

    It's been many years since everyone has been able to coexist peacefully on the surface world. Over twenty years have passed since the humans revolted against those who were deemed "different" then them. Many races have died off since then and those that have managed to stay strong in the surface world are slowly nearing extinction.

    Fifteen years ago, a man who simply goes by "The Immortal Savior" burrowed deep into the earth. No human was sure of what his goal was and no one dared to find out. Those who were aware of this purpose were those who had been deemed "different" by the humans.

    "The Immortal Savior" had spent the next five years creating a place where children of the many "different" races could escape to and be safe from harm inflicted by the humans. It wasn't long before Immortal Academy was opened. However, this school is only open to those in the age range of 12-20. Anyone older or younger are expected to be able to survive on the surface world; blending in with the humans and fighting to stay alive. Now, the only way to get down to this place, is by taking the stairs. Literally. Once located, there is a staircase used to gain access to the school. Because it's steep, it'd be harder for the humans to gain entrance.

    A new flood of new students are about to arrive at Immortal Academy. Yet at the same time, humans are planning another revolt against those who are "different". And just when we thought it couldn't get any worse, the new semester begins.
  3. The breeze gently blew Fallen's crystal white hair in her face, briskly she pulled the loose strands behind her ear. Eyes darting to the ground she took note to tie her pink converse together later; she then tugged lightly at the end of her jean shorts as if she could make them longer. Glancing back up at the building before her, stopping in her tracks, Fallen "fixed" her white tank top even the her fingers numbly just fumbled with the soft fabric. "Guess this is it..." she whispered to herself letting her breath out in a huff. Briskly walking up the front steps and into the what seems like empty dorm; Fallen cautiously took a few steps forward to an open door, peering in she found what appeared to be a sitting room. Silently she crept in placing her satchel on one of the chairs, she ran her hand along the back of the couch and smiled to herself. Making her way back around she sat on the couch, her palm feeling the soft lining of each cushion, she eased herself to laying down. "I'll only close my eyes...I won't sleep..." she instructed herself but soon her breaths became rhythmic as she fell into a deep sleep.

    Ray trudged through the too bright for his liking sunshine, up to the edge of the building leaning up against the cool bricks for some much needed shade. He sighed and kicked at the loose dirt with his combat boots, the wind caught some of the sand and blew it back onto his dark green pants, he huffed with annoyance. Glaring toward the front doors, his expression lighten slightly with interest but he quickly made it vanish with a fear someone may have seen him. Groaning with impatience Ray couldn't decide whether to go inside or not, looking straight up to the delicately carved ledge of the rooftop, he smirked to himself. "Little first day here fun won't hurt anybody..." Ray chuckled to himself, within seconds he disappeared in thin air and reappeared on the roofs ledge, throwing his back pack to the side and stepping up onto the edge. Shrugging he reached for his bag pulling out drum sticks, and sitting down on the ledge he drummed quickly along the concrete and brick top of the building his mind lost in thought.
  4. Stairs. That's all that can be seen for miles ahead and behind Asura. Her long silver pigtails continuously rise and fall back onto her shoulders with every drop from stair to stair. "What idiot came up with these stairs? I don't like them. There're too many and It's too hard to take all of them. Brother, my tiny body can't handle all of these damn stairs!" She complains, stopping in her tracks. Though this is only the second time she's needed to take a brake, Asura feels as if this journey is endless. Blood Gods specialize in taking control of others and wielding the thick crimson liquid within their own bodies. Not climbing all of these dreadful stairs. Everything around her is black. The only light is that of the candle in her older brother's hand. Even so, they've only got a few more hours until this light source will go out. And as far as she can tell, there's still about a trillion stairs left. Asura lets out a heavy sigh and takes a seat on the cold cement stair behind her. "If only we could fly. Then we wouldn't have to worry about this retched staircase."

    Stopping on the stair just below his sister's, Dante peers back at the small girl. "Just deal with it, sister. We've got to be almost there. You know full well that this takes a days worth of traveling for those who are like us and must take the staircase." Without another word, He places the flickering candle at Asura's feet and grabs her hand. Giving her a light tug, Dante positions her on his back before retrieving the candle once more. The silence around them is nearly unbearable yet comforting at the same time. Fortunately, it doesn't last. Apparent sunlight becomes faintly visible, proving that the end of their journey has nearly arrived. It's not long before Dante stumbles into this light, Asura tightly clinging to his back and their candle nearly gone. He relinquishes the flame with a soft blow or cooled air. "Her we are, sister. We've finally arrived just as I promised you."

    Boredom. That's the only word that could possible describe how Raylin feels at this moment. Wondering around the academy campus isn't exactly what most people would consider as 'fun' but to her, it's merely a method used to pass time. With a parasol in hand, it's easier for the young vampire to be out in the too-bright sun. Coming to the base of a rather large building, Raylin lets out a soft sigh. "Nothing to do but stare up at the artificial sky... Might as well get the best view possible I suppose." She murmurs softly and heads in side. After locating a set of stairs, Raylin easily finds her way to the roof top and it's not long before she steps out into the sun once more. Of course, in her plans to stare at the sky, she'd never imagined that someone would actually be someone else atop the building of her choice. "Oh! I never though someone else would be up here. Do you mind if I join you?" Raylin asks the boy telepathically, her mental voice as she as she felt.
  5. Ray's drumming ceased immediately without turning his head to look at the girl "Join me if you wish, but I'll tell you here and now there's only a 7% chance you're going to enjoy it." he tells her sarcastically. Feeling like kinda an asshole he turns his position to give the girl a glance, the muscles in his face relaxed, but he caught himself before his lips could form a full smile. "Actually you're really pretty, so I'm gonna try and give you more of a 15% chance." Ray let the flirty words flow off his lips as if he'd said them a thousand times and patted the concrete edge next him. Then began lightly drumming another tune.
  6. Raylin blushes and looks away for a moment. "Why thank you. I suppose going from a 7% chance to a 15% chance just because of my looks is somewhat of an accomplishment." Her telepathic mind transmits to his. Meeting new people has never been her strong point and her shyness doesn't exactly help her at times like these. Giving the boy a quick once over, Raylin smirks while taking a seat beside him. Though she continues to hold her parasol over her head, Raylin draws her hood up over her long blonde hair and her icy blues eyes peer down at the ground below. For a moment, her eyes drift down to her dress. Her waterfall of blonde curls spilling over her petite shoulders just barely covers the low neckline that falls just past her chest. With a stifled sigh, Raylin removes her eyes from her semi-exposed chest to the boy beside her. He seems nice. Definitely cute in a boyish way. But is he worthy of being her friend?
  7. "So I suppose you can't speak with your lips? Or maybe you have no tongue? Or have an embarrassing lack for dental hygiene?" Ray's words move with the beat of his drumsticks pausing every few seconds in mid-sentence as if he was reciting a song. He let's his eyes trace down the girl from head to toe taking in each defined curve on her face down to each tiny lace on the bottom of her dress. Smirking once more he looked out toward the skyline, with the agile eyesight of a vampire he could just make out two faint figures walking toward the building. "Well looky there..." Ray mumbled not particularly to the girl.
  8. Raylin snickers softly. "I can speak just fine. I'm just..... A little shy, I guess." She replies in a small voice. Following the boy's eyes, she too notices the two small figures. "Those two must be new." Her voice no louder than a whisper, Raylin peers down at the two people for a few more seconds before glancing back up at the boy. "My name is Raylin by the way."

    Dante drops the candle in his hand onto the grass below his feet and allows Asura to climb off his back. Taking her hand, the two begin to wander onto the campus. No one seems to be around them and in the back of Dante's mind, he's happy. He and his younger sister have never really been around people other than those that are in their clan. And meeting new people has never been a hobby of theirs.
  9. Fallen tossed and turned in her sleep, a nightmare replaying over and over in her mind; her parents, the strangers, the battle, the blood. She couldn't shake herself conscious but she was trapped within the dark dreams. Sweat beaded down her forehead though she felt her ribcage rattle as if it were snowing within her. Goosebumps lined her arms as she began to shiver, Fallen could feel her heart beat in her stomach, letting out a moan-like cry she tossed once more trying to wake herself, but failed. A purple force field flashed every few moments as if she was trying to protect herself from the dream.

    "Wow...That's either really creepy, or really funny." Ray's drumming ceased as he laughed, letting his eyes lock with Raylin's he let his snow white teeth flash in a devilishly handsome grin. "My name's Ray." Letting out another chuckle he tucked away his drumsticks in his torn up bag, pulling one knee up to his chest, he looked out to the school grounds. "So what's there to do for fun around here?" he asked casually again letting his eyes fall on Raylin.
  10. Raylin shrugs. "Something fun to do? I'll let you know when I find it... Though for all the years I've been here so far, the only 'fun' thing to do is go on blood-tasting frenzies. One year I managed to get a taste from nearly everyone on this campus.... Even a few teachers." Her own maniacal grimace appears, revealing her sharpened fangs ever-so-slightly. As her arm begins to grow tired, Raylin closes her parasol, checks for bystanders near the base of the building, and plunges it toward the ground. It burrows deep into the ground, the handle sticking up in the air for all to see. Raylin's grin then widens into a full smile for a moment before she retracts it and her expression returns to it's normal solemn appearance.
  11. Ray sighed and closed his eyes and inhaled deeply through his nose; the scent of Summer trees, the newcomers as the got closer, who faintly or more overwhelming smelled of blood, and then he got it, the scent he'd caught earlier while walking to the school. "Water." he said simply looking to Raylin. "There's a lake or something nearby...Do you swim?" he asked standing up and rotating his body toward the direction the scent came from.
  12. Raylin nods slowly. "Well yeah." She replies, slightly perplexed. Sniffing the air, she notices the scent of blood instantly and her mouth begins to water. Ignoring the scent, she then locates the lake Ray spoke of. "I've never noticed that lake there before.." Raylin murmurs mostly to herself and stands, brushing off her dress. Peering through the tops of some trees, the lake is visible though it's pretty far away. "It's going to take a considerable amount of time to walk there..."
  13. Ray beams not even caring that he's opening up a tiny bit in front of Raylin, he eases his shirt over his head and throwing it on to his bag. Twisting himself side to side he cracked his back; his pale toned chest and abs soaked up some of the Sun though he couldn't feel its warmth he liked to imagine he could sometimes. Turning his head toward Raylin he held his hand out "Who said anything about walking?" Ray smirked enthusiastically.
  14. Raylin peers up at Ray, just now realizing that he's a little bit taller than her. Her hood falls back as she takes a step toward him and gingerly takes his extended hand in hers. Paying no mind to Ray's bared chest or the small voice in the back of her mind telling her walk away, she steps closer to him, her shoulder brushing up against his. "What are we going to fly? Teleport?" Raylin asks softly. She's never flew or teleported before. Of course, both are better than walking in her opinion. Much much faster too.
  15. "Teleport." he answered her question briefly before suddenly they both disappeared and then reappeared not three feet from the lakes lapping waves. Ray made a grunt of approval by his making it there with Raylin, he glanced at the girl keeping his hand locked around hers. "Never believe in what people say about the dizziness or nausea that comes with teleporting because it doesn't exist." he explained to her, kicking his boots off to the side and squishing his bare toes into the moist ground beside the lake.
  16. Blinking a few times, Raylin shakes her head from side to side. "Good to know." She replies, her attention captivated by the water. Her already bare feet carry her forward to the edge of the water. The cold water gentle caresses her ankles, soaking the bottom of her dress as well. With a sigh, Raylin gazes up at the sky and at the warm sun above. A light breeze blows her long hair out behind her and seconds later allows the blonde curls to settle once more.
  17. Taking in the moment for a second Ray curiously watches the girl, before walking into the water behind her. Keeping his temptations under control the boy let his hand fall from hers. Wading a little further out before diving down into the clear blue water, he fluttered his eyes open to adjust to the wet scenery. From the corner of his eye something sparkled, turning his head toward the shininess he swam deeper down to the lakes bottom. Ray's fingers snaked around the chain to what seemed like a piece of jewelery pulling it from the sand, he examined his treasure. A small golden oyster charm dangled from a necklace chain; smirking to himself he rocketed to the surface holding the gift in his palm, wading back to Raylin he held it out to her. "I'm not big on accessories." Ray told her laughing lightly.
  18. Cocking an eyebrow, Raylin smiles and takes the necklace, automatically placing it around her neck. "Thank you." She says, her head tilted to the side slightly and her smile glistening beneath the sun's rays. Wading further into the water, Raylin ventures in to about her knees, her dress flowing around her atop the water. She snickers softly and delicately fingers the necklace dangling from her neck.

    Approaching a rather tall building, Dante peers down at Asura for a moment. Noticing his sister's exhaustion, he leans down and picks her up, cradling her in his muscular arms. Opening the door to the building, Dante strides inside. "So this is what the dorms look like inside..." He murmurs softly though looking around isn't exactly on his agenda. Instead, he ventures to the closest room and opens the door. Peering around briefly, it registers in Dante's mind that no one seems to have claimed it thus far. Striding over to the single bed, he lays Asura down and slips the covers over her tiny body. He then leaves the room, closing the door behind him. The room beside that one was also empty, so he dropped his backpack inside and closed the door. "Hello? Is there anyone else in here?‚Äč" Dante calls, hoping someone would reveal themselves to him and keep him company for a while.
  19. A voice drifts into Fallen's ears almost pulling her from the nightmare, but instead it brings back yet another memory, pain stabs into her spine as if she'd been jabbed in the back with a sword, her scream shutters through the air and her purple force field surrounds her. The sweating has ceased and has been replaced by shivering uncontrollably, this was one of her worst episodes yet she strained to open her eyes but couldn't pull herself to do so in fear of waking up to the harsh reality of her dreams.

    "No problem." Ray raised an eyebrow at the girl who was soaking her dress, he partially smile and looked down at his feet through the clear water. Running a hand through his wet hair Ray looks up to the Sun, "It'd be nicer out if it were cloudy." he commented on the weather while cracking his neck.
  20. Hearing a scream, Dante immediatly follows his instincts and finds the source. He's drawn to a girl's room. Without giving it a second thought, he enters and rushes over to her side. Swiftly, he pulls the girl into his lap and gently rocks her from side to side. "It's alright. I'll protect you, sweetheart. You're merely dreaming. Open your beautiful eyes and it'll all go away." Dante coos to her, hoping the words he says to his sister will calm this girl as well.

    "Yes, clouds would be most preferable." Raylin agrees while turning to face Ray. "But sometimes it's better to swim in the cold water when the sun is beating down on you. The sun's caress warms you while the water cools you." She explains, her tone soft and sweet. Taking a few steps back toward Ray, she comes to stand in front of him, an innocent smile upon her lips. Without thinking, she reaches around him and pulls him into a gentle embrace. "It's as if I were the sun and you were the water. I warm you, you cool me." Raylin rests her head on his chest for a moment, listening to his heart beat. After a moment, she pulls away and glances down to the water, her soft cheeks turning pink.