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  1. I'm looking for a partner to do a mature role play with or several. I'd like to have a partner who is detailed and descriptive, can post at least a paragraph, and can collaborate with me during the role play. I'm interested in lots of genres and ideas. Some things I've done in the past are master and slave and several types of forbidden loves. I'm open to almost anything with the exception of bxb and furries. I prefer to play a female. I'd like to have a plot as well as sexy time. Check out my resumes and if you'd be interested message me or respond here. Hope to hear from someone soon.
  2. Got any particular plot in mind?
  3. Do you do Harry Potter rps?
  4. @ raya: Did you have any genres in mind? I don't have a plot in mind for specifically mature role plays however I have several ideas spinning in my head. Perhaps we could come up with something amazing together.

    @ Ginerva Riddle: Yes, I like role playing Harry Potter. I prefer to play Hermione or an OC however I've dabbled with several other characters in their world. Did you have something specific in mind?

    Thank you both for replying to my thread. I'm excited to see where this goes.
  5. Fan based RPs always die out for me, so I tend not to do them. I'm into mature and fantasy since I like to combine them and along with other genres. For me it all depends all on the plot. I so want to hear your ideas.
  6. As far as fantasy is concerned I've done fairies, vampires, elvish, powers from within, elemental magic, distant worlds ect. I've got a few plots for these spinning around except for the fairies and elvish role plays. I like them but I've got no ideas at the moment. If any of the others jump out at you I'll toss some ideas out there.
  7. Alright, well spill the ideas.
  8. Vampire x Werewolf

    1. Hunting each other and become more than just hunter and prey
    2. Ancient prophecy coming true and one chosen from each race must hut to find their salvation in a artifact
    3. Grew up apart from others of their kind and are suddenly thrust into a world of their peoples trying to tear them apart
    4. Drawn together by a pull. Neither being able to resists. One night out of every month they are stuck side by side until the sun rises. I was thinking there’s one day that both sides stick to their homes, not leaving because ‘something bad will happen’ Our characters happen to not believe this and go out anyway and that’s when the pull starts to happen that neither one can resist. Since the pull would only happen once a month there’d be posts where it’d just be one-sided (what’s happing in your own characters lives) until the pull would start. I’m thinking that perhaps the week before the second one they’d start to feel it but both try to fight against it causing pain until they couldn’t resist any longer.

    Vampire x Human

    1. Vampire chooses to protect human from a ruthless attack and become addicted to their presence
    2. Human is chosen to be sacrifice for the clan leader and vampire has to track, capture and deliver them

    Vampire x Vampire

    1. Two clans fighting for centuries on end neither remembering the reasoning any more
    a) One of our characters goes to make a peace with the other side
    b) Meet randomly not realizing that they’re from opposite sides
    c) Outcast vampire who will not take a side saves the other's life and helps them end or win the war

    2. Vamps just trying to live in modern times perhaps one struggling with the past and uncertain about the future and the other the opposite

    Powers from Within

    I had an idea concerning good/bad. Whenever someone committed a crime around them or near them the character would stop them with their power leaving them for the police to pick up. Along the way they run into another however this one is opposite. Instead of trying to help the people of the city they are helping the criminals for whatever criminals. This idea is a work in progress.

    Elemental magic:

    The balance of the world is always teetering on the edge. That is the way it should be. Shadows vs. light. Good vs. Evil. Both sides needing the other to survive. However there are those who do not see it like this and succeed in tipping the scales in Evil’s favor. The light is dying out, becoming suffocated by the overbearing shadows that grow more powerful by the day. Can any return the balance that has been lost? Or will their world be doomed for pure evil will never nurture a lasting world.

    In a distant realm elementals are held above all, they are worshiped for the power they can wield to make the world a better place. After an accident where an elemental looses control the people of this world revolt and cast all elementals out of the realm. Many decades past and on earth the descendants of the once great elementals live happily unaware of the past. However in the original realm all is not well. Things are terribly wrong, switched and turned upside down constantly changing. The people have only one hope and that is to bring the elementals back so they can restore and right everything once more. However, the original elementals have long since passed and their great great grandchildren are unaware of the powers they posses.

    Here are a few basic ideas I have at the moment though if you don't like any of those we could work together to create a plot that can work for both of us.
  9. Very cool ideas, I can't decide at the moment, maybe we can create a group rp as well.
  10. I haven't had very good experiences with group role plays in the past so I tend to stay away from them mostly. Let me know if you decide which idea you'd like to work out with me.
  11. I'm interested in vampire x vampire 1 part a and 2, vampire x human 1
  12. I'm glad you like a few of the vampire plots. Would you like me to decide between the three you like? Or if you have one you're wanting to do more than the others that's fine as well. I like all three ideas.
  13. I want you to choose, if that's alright.
  14. Yes it is :) hmmmm lets go with vampire x vampire 1a since that one was listed first lol. Do you want it to be modern or set in the past?
  15. I was thinking past
  16. Works for me. Where you wanting to be the one to go try to make peace or the clan who receives the peace makers?
  17. I was thinking I could be the one to make the peace, who were you wanting to play?
  18. That's fine with me. Would you like to have it where there are battles fought between the two clans or more of the political war going on?
  19. Perhaps both?
  20. Okay. Any more things needed to discuss?
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