And I return, wait! It's more like a re-up.

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  1. And he followed the plethora of links to this place right here...where he would hopefully be more active. Hello, I came here once, disappeared for a long time due to college, I'm back again, just seeing what everyone is up to and HOPEFULLY to get into some good RP's or start one of my own.
  2. Welcome back whoever you are :3 School is a horrible place, it keeps us away from roleplaying xD
  3. Welcome back!

    I hope to see some of your RPs around!
  4. School, and work. Oh my, if one could just live doing nothing but roleplaying...

    Welcome, Zeonis, welcome back to Iwaku!

    Have a cookie please!
    (hopefully that'll make you stay for longer)
    See you!