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So, embarassingly, in the shuffle of switching and consolidating my email accounts to this one, I somehow LOST my iwaku password.

Seriously, you should have seen me that day. I won't go into detail but there was no shortage of screaming, and sobbing, and medication. Followed by a couple months of heavy drinking and-

Oh! on the upside I discovered a darling little mmorpg called Dofus which has been picking my pockets for a good ( long has it been since I realized I couldn't get on here?)

...subtract about a month since you last saw me. That long.

But then, today, just now, I see this wonderful little notice telling me yall got together with plans to sacrifice some minions to get me back- and well, you know how I just love a good minion sacrifice! But better yet! It linked me to a password reset!

So here I am! <3

Now, I'm not sure how much role-playing I'm going to be doing just yet, I have a camping trip coming up and finally got in touch with an old best friend- but between that and working on my book you can bet Dofus is gtfo of my schedule to make room for you.

Iwaku, hug your lurkers. Your existence makes our lives bearable even when you don't see us for months.
How much did ya bet? Because that how much you owe me.
Aww right! >:D Time to round up some minions for a sacrifice!

Who do you wanna throw on the fire first?
*cuddles Fluffy, tosses woefully light wallet to Vay, but speaking to Diana*

I don't know! It's hard to think of someone I wouldn't miss!

Maybe someone indestructible. Sorta the 'have your cake and eat it too' thing...

Is Asmo indestructable?
Welcome back, AI. :3
I remember you a bit, but not by much. ^^;