Ancient Order of Angels: Volume One

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    Introduction (open)
    Deep in the Grand Library of Vista Aerea Del Monasterio de El Escorial, The Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Kunchen was beginning his average daily duties as a monk. He was the head librarian in this place of vast knowledge, Kunchen knew every title of every book in the library. He has had the same duties and responsibilities since he became a monk well over sixty years ago. As he walked in between the shelves, he discovered a book he had never seen. The title reads "Book of Knowledge". This was of course odd because he didn't order any new books and no new book had been delivered in the last year. The book was covered in dust and spider webs. As he picked of the book with interest he began to cough. As he opened the book breaking the spider webs apart a cloud of dust flew into his face causing him to cough even more.

    Once the cloud cleared he blew the rest of the dust from the page and began to read. "Long ago after the age of Pangaea, a council was created right after the great split of the continents. This council was called the Ancient Order of the Angels and consisted of seven Seraphim. These Seraphim were sent to Earth with a mission. This mission was to not only protect the humans from the entities that linger in the dark, but to also make them completely unaware of things that may harm them. After the Seraphim Council had completely exorcised the entities that walked upon the earth, some however have experienced these entities, which is why humans have the idea of such things. To keep the bloodline intact, the Seraphim mated with humans in secret. This resulted in the falling of some angels. Over time, the gift of being the next heir of the order began to skip a generation now turning to every other generation to guard the Earth and its inhabitants from evil. A new threat begins to rise and it is time for the next generation to step up to their destiny." Kunchen lifted his head from the book. Time for the next generation to step up to their destiny?

    At that point the book turned to dust and the ground began to shake. A roar of terror filled the monastery. The monastery began to fall apart. After the commotion had subsided, the monastery had almost completely fallen into a fault in the ground.

    The time is now to stand up against this evil. The order is looking for chosen ones to defend the world with their very lives. Which side will you choose? The decision is left up to you.

    Plot (open)
    After centuries of serenity in Hominibus, the demons from Infernus are appearing again. It is up to the new generation of the Order of Angels to protect the humans from this evil. There is thought that they may be in search of the "Sceptre of Alexis Mikhailovich". This Scepter was once held by one of the first Archangels of the order, Sir Mikhail. This artifact was hidden by the Order from even the humans. It is told that it was used to seal Infernum from being able to access Hominibus freely without the use of portals. If in the wrong hands it may be able to combine Hominibus and Infernus together permanently. Will the angels find the scepter in time? Will the scepter end up in the wrong hands? Or will the angels end up dying and the story end? Only time will tell! Destiny awaits you!

    Now that your calling has been made, we have multiple positions open! Archangels are encouraged to work with each other to further their personal and group story lines. Superior demons, or Pencuri, are encouraged to work closely with the centurione of the same classification. Full command and character lists can be seen in the sign up thread linked with my signature ^-^

    Positions Open*:
    Archangel of Mars [Angel]
    Pencuri - Anger [Demon]
    Pencuri - Greed [Demon]
    Centurione - Wasp [Greed][Demon]
    Centurione - Lizard [Attachment][Demon]

    *Positions available are subject to change :3

    Playing Angels or Demons not your thing? Hey, that's cool too! Mortals are also needed to provide depth to our story. Form alliances, make an enemy or two, or get caught in the crossfire, it's entirely up to you! Show us how clever you can be ^-^

    Posting Requirements: 3 - 4 days of the week minimum.

    Come help us battle each other! Any questions, please contact a member of the RP staff listed below the banner.

    -dons top hat and monacle- Allons-y :3


    RP Staff (open)
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