Ancient Order of Angels: Volume One The Artifacts

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    Welcome to our Rp.
    Please sit back and relax as we immerse you into a compelling story of a lifetime.
    This is The Ancient Order of Angels Volume One: The Artifacts
    Rp Staff
    Rp Intro

    "Time for the next generation to step up to their destiny"

    Current Positions Available (open)

    Archangel of Venus [Angel] [The Healer]
    Archangel of Mars [Angel]
    Pencuri - Anger [Demon]
    Pencuri - Greed [Demon]
    Centurione- Scorpion [Anger] [Demon]
    Centurione - Wasp [Greed][Demon]
    Centurione - Lizard [Attachment][Demon]

    • Deep in the Grand Library of Vista Aerea Del Monasterio de El Escorial, The Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Kunchen was beginning his average daily duties as a monk. He was the head librarian in this place of vast knowledge, Kunchen knew every title of every book in the library. He has had the same duties and responsibilities since he became a monk well over sixty years ago. As he walked in between the shelves, he discovered a book he had never seen. The title reads "Book of Knowledge". This was of course odd because he didn't order any new books and no new book had been delivered in the last year. The book was covered in dust and spider webs. As he picked of the book with interest he began to cough. As he opened the book breaking the spider webs apart a cloud of dust flew into his face causing him to cough even more.

      Once the cloud cleared he blew the rest of the dust from the page and began to read. "Long ago after the age of Pangaea, a council was created right after the great split of the continents. This council was called the Ancient Order of the Angels and consisted of seven Seraphim. These Seraphim were sent to Earth with a mission. This mission was to not only protect the humans from the entities that linger in the dark, but to also make them completely unaware of things that may harm them. After the Seraphim Council had completely exorcised the entities that walked upon the earth, some however have experienced these entities, which is why humans have the idea of such things. To keep the bloodline intact, the Seraphim mated with humans in secret. This resulted in the falling of some angels. Over time, the gift of being the next heir of the order began to skip a generation now turning to every other generation to guard the Earth and its inhabitants from evil. A new threat begins to rise and it is time for the next generation to step up to their destiny." Kunchen lifted his head from the book. Time for the next generation to step up to their destiny?

      At that point the book turned to dust and the ground began to shake. A roar of terror filled the monastery. The monastery began to fall apart. After the commotion had subsided, the monastery had almost completely fallen into a fault in the ground.

      The time is now to stand up against this evil. The order is looking for chosen ones to defend the world with their very lives. Which side will you choose? The decision is left up to you.

    • After centuries of serenity in Hominibus, the demons from Infernus are appearing again. It is up to the new generation of the Order of Angels to protect the humans from this evil. There is thought that they may be in search of the "Sceptre of Alexis Mikhailovich". This Scepter was once held by one of the first Archangels of the order, Sir Mikhail. This artifact was hidden by the Order from even the humans. It is told that it was used to seal Infernum from being able to access Hominibus freely without the use of portals. If in the wrong hands it may be able to combine Hominibus and Infernus together permanently. Will the angels find the scepter in time? Will the scepter end up in the wrong hands? Or will the angels end up dying and the story end? Only time will tell! Destiny awaits you!

    1. Posting must be done 3-4 days a week, with a one post minimum per day. This of course is minimal, feel free to post as much as you want anytime you want. A week will be from Sunday to Saturday.
    2. Each post will need to be at least 2 paragraph, consisting of five well written sentences.
    3. Please use correct spelling and grammar. Although this may be hard try your best.
    4. Please try to use as much detail as possible.
    *If you think that you will not be able to uphold these standard atleast give it a try. Our wonder team of experts will assist you along the way. Hopefully by the end of the day you will be an expert Rper like we all hope to be. Happy Rping!*

  2. Hominibus (Human Dwelling)
    Barcelona, Spain





    Caelum (Angel Dimension)


    Infernus (Demon Dimension)

  3. Summary So Far
    Starting from just after the Monastery collapsed. . .
    Done by @Hope

    Hadley was a normal college student who was offered a trip abroad in her Art History class. She arrived just as the Monastery collapsed. In her hotel room she found a letter from her astranged grandmother. Within the package was also a strange necklace containing a blue glowing gem. The letter stated that she was the "key." However, it was very vague, and basically told her she needed to inspect the Monastery.

    Gil found himself looking out in to the crowd in front of the Monastery. A human girl with a strange energy caught his attention and thus he followed her. When a strange hooded figure fired an arrow at the girl known as Hadley it caused her to run into a side door of the Monastery to hide. Gil followed her in the shadows, and Heru joined soon after. Quickly, they evaded the hooded man who followed them in and found various rooms of strange artifacts and missing texts. Gil found himself faced with the spirits of his late parents. However sadly, Death came to claim them just after they spoke to him.

    Upon leaving the monastery the trio found themselves held at gunpoint by the police. Enraged, by the cop known as Tommin, Gil and Heru disarmed him just as he fired a shot. This bullet was redirected, and accidentally shot a seemingly normal human woman. As Hadley tried to resuscitate her, she arose. Instantly, the two men knew who she was. She was the Angel of peace, a higher angel who scolded them for thier behavior before leaving.

    Two more angels were drawn to this, Constance, and Crystal. Togetber as a group they headed for a safe house that Tommin knew of. Thus they walked ten miles to it. Excited, Hadley rushed in to find a strange man sitting at the dining table. He caused the men to argue with him and got them rriled up. Heru and Gil could sense he was like them and put out the flame. They are all now taking showers and changing into clean clothes while Heru and Gil cook breakfast.


    The demons are currently in a conference room supposedly discussing thier next action. Snake and Wasp were promoted to Pencuri, and the Pencuri of Anger was sent away and detained due to his poor attitude. They are now to report to the Gatekeeper of their next move. The Pencuri are to discover the lost texts on the angels while the Centuriones follow, watch, and attack the angels.

    Summary as of 11/10/2014
    The Angels:

    Upon reaching the safehouse, the group of travelers came to meet another member of thier alliance whom was awaiting them from inside the manor. This new member, known as Anatolios, was the Archangel of the Sun. He, Heru, and Gil did not hit it off right away, but soon directed thier attention to cleaning up and cooking some food for the gang.

    Hadley, though a human, was traveling with the said angels, and was watching the news when in the nearby parlor room when it was stated that she had been identified as the heir to the Kerrington family out of England.

    Shortly after, there was a knock on the door. Tommin's partner, Ichabod, was at the door and quite injured. Heru, Gil, Hadley, and Tommin rushed to his side and began healing him. Unfortunately, they were too late. He did not make it through the night. One by one they each had made thier way to thier beds to rest.

    Tommin, upon his rather aggressive awakening after a long subdued memory within a dream, took his leave of the safehouse and made his way to his superior within the police force.

    Meanwhile, in the realm of the angels, news had reached the higher angels of the recent attack on the ship by the demon, Thrax. The Angel of fortune studied the videos of both recent catastrophes and at long last came up with a plan. Within a conference room he and the two Sirens, Salina, and Ora, convinced Don Vincente of their plan which was unknown to the others.

    One group of angels, lead by Ami and his lesser, Roman, made their way to the site of the most recent demon attack. There they witnessed the demon, Thrax, make his last kill upon the sinking vessel. The other group consisting of Don Vincente, Imamu Chidebum, and the Sirens made thier way to the safehouse.

    The Demons:

    The demons spent quite some time in the conference room of the Infernum discussing thier plans to move forward. After the Gatekeeper took his leave, the Countess of Deception, Clara had entered the room. Quickly taking control of the situation she appointed tasks to each of the Pencuri. Keelie was to head to Beast Lake with her Centurione to try and gather Intel from the Baron, Analise was told to go to the Unio and request more information, Amelia was sent to gather history on a number of things, and Greed was dismissed as he was not mentally present for the majority of the discussion.

    Unfortunately, Keelie's Centurione was ravaged and engulfed by Beast Lake. As the Baron was not answering her call she made her swift exit before she would meet the same watery death of her lesser. To avoid being captured by the lowly guards that were sent by the Baron to capture her, she made a clean exit into the mortal realm. Without a Centurione she made her way to the announced demon attack at Trinidad. After enduring an intense memory of her first possession, she created an illusion of a sand beast to distract the angels so she could meet with her fellow demons.

    Analise, gathered her Centurione back from his previous mission, and took him with her to the Unio. Upon arriving at the hall where Courtney, Countess of Duplicity resided, she was met with a fiery anger. Courtney demanded she be locked away. However, not allowing this to happen, the Pencuri of Lust used her powers of manipulation to distract the guards and make an attack on the countess. After missing, she cut her losses, and made her escape to the mortal realm with her Centurione. Soon enough, they were at the site of the unauthorized demon attack.

    Amelia approached Courtney with the information she had acquired. After gathering praise from her diligence she made her journey to the Santa Maria Del Mar she was met with an abandoned memory of her past. After investigating the area she made her way back to the Infernum to be greeted with the promotion of Pencuri of Pride. With this new found power she made her way to the mortal world. Specifically, the scene of the demon attack in hopes of finding her Centurione.

    Thrax, Centurione to the Pencuri of Pride, made a grand entrance to the mortal world by manifesting himself as a giant sea monster. He attacked the ship and nearly killed all who were boarded. As he transformed to his human form he Finished off the last of the humans on the ship Just as the Angel Roman appeared. Gathering a familiar smell, and energy into himself, he departed from his lesser adversary and made his way to his Pencuri.

    The Humans:

    Hadley - See angels summary.

    Zacharias- For his history please refer to his posts for I can not do them justice. Presently, he is performing an exorcism on one of the guards within a jail and is afraid that it is a much bigger problem than he originally anticipated.

    What is going to become of the demon who attacked the human ship? Will Gil, Heru, and the gang be informed in time to try and end this demon? How will the two men react to seeing thier ancestors? Will the demons attack the angels? Stay tuned to find out!

    Created by @Hope

  4. Angels
    Archangels 7 celetial bodies

    Sun- @Zeus

    Moon- @Andy



    Venus- @Amanda Sea

    Jupiter- @VengefulPeanut




    Pencuri (Chief)

    Lima Pencuri Neraka (Five Theives of Infernum)

    Lust- @Muna



    Attachment- @Pretty Turtle

    Pride- @Amelia Ironheart

    Centurione (Centurion)

    Qinque Venena (Five Deadly Venoms)

    Spider(Lust)- @El Presidente




    Snake(Pride)- @Tenchi


  5. This is a list compiled of demons and type of demons they control

    Lust- Commander

    Subordinate: Spider

    Legion: Birds, archers of the group. Have keen eye sight and a surprisingly good hearing. Most use nothing but their longbows, or any bow for that matter, and their knives. Some however do get bloodlist and fight in the front in light armor, quickly darting in to hamstring an opponent before finishing it.

    Greed- Commander

    Subordinate: Wasp

    Legion: Lizards, as a whole, have a faster average refeneration rate, are faster, and usually more agile. Light to medium armor, usually use swords but bows and single axes are not unheard of, melee versions have shields. Used as scouts and shock troops.

    Anger- Commander

    Subordinate: Scorpion

    Legion: Wolves, the officers. They are strong, cunning, and ruthless. They demand absolute obedience from their soldiers and only take orders from the Pencuri. When they are pushed to the front, either by a mistake of theirs or as a part of their plan, they are extremely lethal. Using only a single hand and a half sword, they seemingly dance through the enemies ranks, leaving a path of dead and dying bodies, some of them still dropping. They will even sometimes rip out the throat of a particularly troublesome enemy, using the action to lower the enemy's moral. They are usually seen wearing scale mail.

    Attachment- Commander

    Subordinate: Lizard

    Legion: Tusks. The backbone of Hell's army. They are used as both a cavalry force and as shock troops. Due to their larger then average size and girth, they due just fine stampeding over the enemy with little to no hinderence in their speed. But they cannot turn as fast, both at a full sprint and standing still, as the other demons. Even Horns (which I have renamed the Rams to) jeer at the Tusk's pack of agility. Armor and weaponry vary widely.

    Pride- Commander

    Subordinate: Snake

    Legion: Horns, so they are like bulls. Basic heavy soldiers of Hell's army. Heavy plate armor with chain mail protecting the joints. Usually use two handed weapons such as mauls, giant maces, claymores, etc.

    Please check back for further updates as the Rp carries on.
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  • The earth shook from the sheer force of the explosion. People began to stop what they were doing as if they thought it were some kind of earthquake. Its 10:35am and people have begun there day. It's kind of breezy out and the sun is beaming down showing the rich color of the city
    Not to long after this, the city becomes under panic. Emergency vehicles began rushing to the scene, news crews started to gather around trying to catch that perfect shot, and pedestrians started to form a crowd on the outskirts of the monastery. "There you have it folks, the most unbelievable site I've seen in all my years of broadcasting." One reporter declared as he looks on in horror. "Oh my gosh, I cant believe it...." A bystander murmured in disbelief. "Turn on the Tv....the monastery has been hit!" Another bystander yells into his phone. Smoke and ash spewed from the direction of the monastery. The smoke had became so bad it began to cloud out the sun.[​IMG].
    No sign of life was being detected from the monastery and it would seem that the worse case scenario had in fact come true. Who could have done this? Why would someone do this? All those questions would be answered in due time. With the approaching auras rushing to the scene, some of those answers may come sooner than later so stay tuned.....
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  • Gil looked around the crowd for Heru. Where the hell are you, Heru! He thought in slight anger. Gil quickly whipped out his phone with his right hand. Distracting himself from the Sen of horror, he rapidly dialed Heru's number. "Heru where the hell are you? First Abuelo dies and now this. You need to get here like now. Something has got to be up." He yelled across the phone. "By the way there are other auras around here. They are similar to ours. And if you are at the Cafe grab me a Vanilla Bean Frappe with extra espresso. I need it." He added. "By the way hurry." He waited on Heru's response once again looking around the crowd trying to find the other auras.
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  • Heru sits at a table by himself waiting for his order number to be called. He looked around and saw most people acting strange as if something happened. "Number 163 your order is ready." The cashier proclaimed whilst sitting the the bag down. Heru then got up and started toward the front. He felt his phone vibrate as he neared the counter.

    He looked down and notice it was Gil so he picked it up. "Excuse me sir I'm getting my daily fix...." He answered rolling his eyes. Heru put the phone on his shoulder and mouthed the words "Thank you" to the cashier and headed for the door. He picked the phone back up and continued, "Yeah..yeah...yeah I got you frappe quit fussing." Heru then became side tracked by a conversation coming from two police officers discussing something that went on just a moment ago. "Yeah said the thing blew out of nowhere." One police officer said. "Hmm really just like that huh? Doesn't make sense." The other responded. What blew up? something blew up?

    As soon as he said that to himself he heard Gil tell him to hurry to where he was. "What's going on Gil? Is everything ok?" He responded. Heru started to pick up the pace toward the location of Gil. "Forget it I'm on my way." He stated hanging up his phone. He then dialed Soteria in hope she'd pick up the phone so he could see if she know. After a couple of rings it went to voice mail. "Hey Soteria call me back asap!" He remarked.

    Damn this couldn't get any worse. My abilities are only basic and thier going haywire. I've got to get my act together. "Taxi!" Heru yells holding out his arm. He hopes in and tells the driver, "Get me to the monastery quickly." "Well sir there is kind...." Heru cuts him off, "I know just get there please if you don't mind". The driver nodded his head and pulled off toward the direction of the monastery. Don't do nothing stupid Gil...hang on till I get there.
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  • Hadley stared out the window of the giant 747 in which she was a passenger. To think her first flight would take her overseas. She was in disbelief still of the odd events that led up to it. Feeling around blindly for the recline button she thought back to the beginning of the strange occurrences as she leaned back.

    One week ago she was adding the finishing touches to her research paper in her Art History class. Mr. Aggio stared at her from his desk in silence. Geez, this guy gives me the creeps! He stares at me like he's waiting for me to do something. She thought to herself. Mr. Aggio relieved her previous teacher, Mr. Green, just a week prior and had been paying close attention to her school work. As she was not the smartest person in the class, she was surprised to be receiving all A's all of a sudden. Just three days ago he kept her after class and informed her that she was chosen for a special opportunity to travel to Spain on a study abroad program, and she would need to leave immediately. Her initial thought was that there had to be a mistake, and there was no way her parents would let her go. Oddly enough they consented, but not without hesitation. however, no rebuttals were made.

    A sharp tone from the loud speaker quickly brought Hadley out of her reminiscence. "Attention passengers, please do not be alarmed, but as we neared our destination we received an alert that a historical monastery collapsed. Again, please do not panic. We will land at the next airport and you will need to take a shuttle bus to your desired location. Sorry for the inconvenience folks." The pilot's voice was shaky.

    What in the world is going on here? She thought to herself as they began their descent to the runway.
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  • "...Wasp.. so how's Infernus status?" Greed sat down at his throne chair, looking at his trusty "minions" "you know if you can keep up this work, one day my friend, you can surpass me but not today" Greed stood up with a sly smile and went towards Wasp " Sigh.. okay now playtimes over, shall we go to Barcelona to get some drink? my stomach rumbling. Oh remember to act as a human, we're not there to attack angels nor human unless we are caught right handed by the angels." Greed slowly walking towards the portal and grabbed Wasp's hand "What? can you have fun with me for a while?"
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  • Attachment was sitting on her white-stained L-shaped couch, watching tv. Bored of watching the violence of the infamous Kill Bill movies, she reached for the remote 0on the small glass table two feet away from her, just not reaching it. She sighed as she sat up, the bowl of popcorn that sat on her stomach. She picked it and quickly changed the channel after channel. "I wonder what's going on in the world." She whispered gently to herself. She clicked to the news and saw a female reported commenting on the breaking news. "The monetary downtown has just collapsed. We're taking it you Maria!"

    Another woman popped up on the screen as Attachment's eyes widened and shoved more popcorn off the couch in her mouth. "Yes, as many know by now the monetary gas collapsed as police are clearing, many try to find those in rubble while some run away. Police say that it fell because of mysterious happenings." "Wh-?" Attachment tried ask, but accidentally swallowed a popcorn whole, choking on it. She choughed and fell off the couch onto the wood flooring of the condo. "Sh*t!" She croaked. She took a deep breath and screamed out. "AZIMUTH!!!! GET IN HERE NOOOOW!!!!"
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  • Azimuth bit the inside of his cheek to stifle a groan when he heard his mistress call for him. The tone of her voice alluded to unavoidable punishment if he wasn't at her side in the next moment, so of course he hurried.

    "Yes, my..." His brow furrowed when he beheld Attachment sprawled across the floor rather unceremoniously, "...lady? What is it?"
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  • Attachment jumped up, rather energized. "We're going to the monastery!" She clapped her hands with a smile that seemed forced. "So lets get dressed before any sh*t happens over there." She commented, walking past him (more like skipping) and not looking him the eye. Attachment stopped in midstep and turned her head to him with her red eyes closed and smiling. "Any objections?" She asked in a menacing tone and had her hands balled up in a fist. "Non? Okay then!" She giggled to herself, as she spun to her room, the last door on the left. After all, they lived in a small apartment.
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  • Soteria Zefear|Archangel of Venus

    Teri was browsing through some books at a small bookstore nearby her apartment, she came her often since they were constantly getting new product and allowed her to exchange books for credit. Her multi-colored eyes were scanning through the titles in the romance section when the ground started to shake in waves reminding her of an earthquake but it felt more violent somehow. The bookshelf she had just been scanning through swayed unsteadily a number of books toppling out of the shelves. Reacting on instinct she grasps the end of the shelf using all her strength (or at least humanoid strength) to keep it in place. When the shaking stopped she sighed in relief looking over at the checkout desk to see the owner giving her a grateful look as she started picking up various things that had fallen.

    "Oh my, that was some earthquake, are you okay dear?" Smiling at the older lady she nods as she starts picking up the books strewn around her, stacking them on a table nearby since she didnt know what order they went in. "Ya I'm alright Miss Clara, I'm just glad nothing big decided to crash." Her voice is soft and airy like a warm summer breeze, her tone friendly and sincere. Clara smiles as she pats Teri's shoulder lightly "I owe you a big one, you kept that rickety shelf from causing me a nasty backache. I'll give you 10 credits, no buts." She had opened her mouth to argue but a stern finger kept her words away as she smiled once more. "Oh alright Clara, if you insist. But only if you let me-" Suddenly she heard the distinct chime of her phone signaling she had a voicemail. Odd she hadnt head it ring, tho in the ruckus she was a bit distracted.

    Frowning slightly she slips her phone out, seeing it was from Heru she looks back up at Clara who had gone back to picking up the debris. "On second thought, sorry but I gotta go. I'll see you later, stay safe." and just like that Soteria was out the door with a wave, Clara returning the wave. As soon as she was out the door she played the voicemail, hearing the urgency in Heru's voice as he told her to call back asap Teri got an unsettling feeling in the pit of her stomach. Dialing his number as she walked down the street she noticed a number of people acting strangely and a thin layer of dust in the air 'Did the earthquake collapse a building or something?' As soon as Heru picked up she asked with concern. "Heru? Whats going on?? Are you okay??" Despite only knowing the other angel for a little over a year she came to be pretty close with him and Gin.
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  • Azimuth stood there, stunned for a moment by his beloved-yet-unpredictable mistress' sudden change in demeanor. "Th-the monastery," he repeated to himself, a little frazzled. His gaze drifted towards the television screen and the image of the ruins of the monastery. The realization struck him at once; they were about to embark on an adventure that would likely involve an abundance of conflict and reckless endangerment. A groan left his lips. All he wanted to do was see a movie. "I'll go get my blade," he sighed, slinking towards his own room.
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  • From the plane landing to the baggage check seemed like a blur. Everyone was gathered around all the televisions in the airport trying to gather more information about the collapsed monastery. Hadley glanced at the screen for a brief moment as she passed by. Wow... such an historical monument... gone. How Sad. she thought to herself. Looking out the glass doors she noticed people boarding the shuttle bus that had her hotel's name on it. Quickly, she picked up her bag and boarded. As sleep was not luxury on the plane due to her nerves she felt her eyelids get heavy. Soon enough she was leaning against the window of the bus fast asleep.

    Hadley awoke with a jolt as they reached her hotel. As she had pre checked in she headed straight for her room on the tenth floor. "What a grand hotel!" she gaped, wide eyed. Upon entering her room she noticed a manilla envelope delicately placed on her bed. "Hmm? What's this?" She asked herself. Opening the envelope she pulled out a hand written letter along with a necklace that had the most gorgeous blue stone in the pendant that she'd ever seen. It seemed to be glowing in the palm of her hand. Quizzically, she read the letter.

    "My dearest Hadley,

    I am your Grandmother. I do not have a lot of time, so forgive me but I must get to the point. You were told that you are in Spain for a Study Abroad Program. This is not true. The Monastery of San Lorenzo De Escorial has collapsed, as I'm sure you know. This was not an earthquake, but something much more devastating is to occur. The Vatican wants you to investigate the Monastery. Do it, but trust no one. I wish I could tell you more, but I cant. This letter could be tracked. The necklace, keep it close to your heart. It will protect you and show you the way.

    I have always loved you. Be brave my darling.

    Your Grandmother"

    Hadley stared in disbelief at the seemingly important letter in her hands. She had never met her Grandmother. Why was she writing her? What did it mean? "I'm so confused! I'm not here because of my good grades?!" She knew how ridiculous that sounded as the words came out of her mouth. The clock next to her bed said 12:00pm. "I don't know if this is the right thing to do... But I just can't sit here waiting." she contemplated. She could see from her tenth story view that the monastery was only a few blocks away, so clasping the necklace around her neck she slid the pendant under her top so it would be hidden and headed out the door.

    Shortly, she had reached the ginormous crowd. "Excuse me, Pardon me," she said as she worked her way through the crowd, trying to get a closer look.
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  • Alphus looked down at his work proudly. He could still see the swirling of dust, hear the screams of fear, taste the souls of the dead. He licked his lips, pleased. The humans were buzzing around like bees as he floated amongst the clouds, his long ginger hair flaling sporadically around him. He knew anger would be somewhere close, along with his little servant. He still had no idea where the snake was. Punishment would be inevitable. But what irked the demon of Pride most was the angel trying to reach out and locate him. The place wreaked of divine energy. He knew it would only be a matter of time before that divine energy bumped into his aura and gave away his location and so he made one final smirk at his work before his body liquidated into blood and compressed into nothing.
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  • Gil felt a slight nudge in his back as a young woman pressed past him father into the crowd. He felt a goodness about her but no specific aura. This intrigued him. He decided to follow the girl from a distance. So he would lose track of her, after she passed, he connected their shadows creating a loose tether between them. He successfully did so by staying streatching his own shadow until the head of it touched the head on hers. He nudged past people, completely ignoring their presence. What is it about her. She is significant to something. What could that possibly be? Gil thought to himself as he followed. Where is Teri? He asked himself, still not taking his eyes from his female target.
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  • Drake hid in the window, holding a crossbow, He was known as The Valley Savior, He has done 33 assassinations in the last year, But this was his big chance, He was ready to shoot, but he wasn't ready to see what he just saw, The women who he needed to assassinate, turned he head,she looked just like him same eyes,nose,mouth, 'a clone?' he thought, but that's impossible, He took a paper and pencil and wrote it something on the letter, he stuck it on the arrow and shot the cross bow the arrow hitting the seat next to her saying

    Who are you?
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  • Gil noticed the arrow smack into the ground next to the girl. His eyes shot to the direction the arrow flew from. A curious look appeared upon his face. What the hell. Who is up there? And why would they want to kill this young lady? He thought to himself. Darkness began to fill Gil's eyes until they became completely black. This allowed Gil to see farther than the normal human. He found someone wearing a hood and cloak that completely hid the entity disguising its persona. Well that was a hell of a lot helpful, now wasn't it? Gil angrily thought as he quickly peered back over to the girl. This time he was keeping eye for any impending danger. Obviously we are going to have to protect her. Of course when ever Heru and Teri decide to show up. He thought still letting himself get distracted and his eyes quickly changed back to normal, or as normal as they could be this amethyst irises.
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  • The office building was empty. A few computer monitors still flickered as screensavers periodically refreshed, their operators forgetting about them in the rushed evacuation that followed the monastery attack. A gentle breeze came from nowhere, sending documents scattering across the room from the desks they had been sitting on.

    A man materialized out of the air and quickly walked over to the window. From fifty stories up he could see the chaos on the adjacent block. Golden eyes stared out the window at the throng of ant-like people beneath him.
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  • Heru's eyes widened at the sight as he got closer. He was just in awe at the destruction that had taken place. "This is as far as I can get you..." the cab driver declared. Heru reaches into his coat pocket and attempts to hand the driver the money, "Ok I guess this will be fine....keep the change." Heru remarked. He step out of the car and was immediately hit with a ill like feeling in the pit of his stomach. This can't be real... People were running toward the area, traffic was becoming a problem, and nobody seem to have any idea what was going on.

    Heru walked up on an old lady standing there just looking at the monastery. She seemed wise so he walked over and tried to ask her but she beat him to the punch. "Come on up here young man....." she murmured not looking in Heru's direction. Of course this startled Heru, he looked behind himself to make sure there wasn't anyone behind him. "Yes you come on..." She emphasized tapping her cain. Heru slowly approached her, his heart was almost in his throat. Are you serious I'm getting nervous about an elderly woman....Ewww. "Ye....y...yes maam?" He nervously responded. "Ahh you don't have to be nervous young man...I'm far to old to be a looker." She joked. Embarrassed, Heru grinned and quickly commented, "No!...noooooo you have the wrong idea maam I'm just, you see it's just, well to put it like this..." Heru becoming tongue tied seemed to entertain the woman. "Hahaha!...I only joke young man nothing to worry about."

    Heru sighed still embarrassed, he was at a lost for words. Great now an old lady made me speechless... "Your wondering what's happening at the monastery I assume..." She commented. "Yes maam I am, do you by chance know what happened?" Heru responded. "Hmmm....maybe left the stove on I don't know." She joked. "I don't have time for this...maam it would be a benefit to you if you'd get somewhere safe, you dont need to be out here." Heru remarked departing the presence of the old woman. "We would do well to slow down a little, focus on the significant and truly see the things that matter most." She stated. Heru instantly stopped in his tracks upon hearing the old lady's words. "So you heard me young man? Always think twice about those you encounter. Truth be told...It's your purpose that drives you." She added. Heru had become speechless after hearing the old lady.

    He didn't know what to say nor do. His daze was quickly interrupted by his phone vibrating. Without looking down he picked it up, voice cracking. "He...ahem hello?....Teri? Hold on I was..." His response was interrupted by presence of the old lady disappearing. What in the hell..... Heru looked around to see if he could see her. He looked in the store window, the alley, and any other possible places she could go. She was gone just like that. What?....where'd she go? Heru slowly picked up his phone, started casually walking backwards in hopes maybe he'd find her and then he turned around in the direction of the monastery. "Teri, have you seen the news at all? Gill maybe in danger. He called me telling me to get down to where he was." Heru explained. As soon as he turned the corner he felt Gil's aura fluctuate. "Teri head over here now!" Heru said as he quickly hung up the phone whilst running into the crowd. "Excuse me...pardon me...sorry I need to get pass." Heru was stopped midway and could only get a glimpse of Gil leaving. "Gil!...Gil! Wait up!" He yelled in hopes to grab his attention. These people have got to get out the way. Heru felt something strange coming from the direction of the monastery. He was to far away to get a good reading on it. What have we here?

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  • "Excuse me-" Hadley said as she brushed past a man that emitted a strange vibe. Pressing forward she brushed it off nonchalantly. Looking over her shoulder, she felt as if she were being followed, but could not see anyone in particular. The crowd was too thick. SMACK! Just then an arrow landed right next to her foot. Hadley jumped back and lost her footing on an uneven part of the ground. As she landed on her bum she noticed a letter attached to the arrow, so she reached for it and read "Who are you?" Hadley stood up abruptly and looked around seeing nobody that stood out to her. Who am I? I'm just a normal college student who has no idea what's going on! Looking to the monastery she noticed a small door on the side of the building that seemed to not have completely collapsed. She quickly rushed to the door and slid inside the semi crushed building. Breathing heavily, she peered outside the small window to see if anyone had followed her.
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  • Globs of blood materialized in the dark room. Small at first, but then they began to expand until they joined each other and began to shape into a humanoid figure. The creature which the blood solidified into was no human though. It was a demon, Andrealphus the arrogant. Alphus looked around the bleak room. It was relatively small and was simply furnished with a long wooden table in the middle surrounded by chairs. Torches positioned on the stone walls of the room gave it a soft glow, which illuminated the table, chairs and a small entrance to the room. On the ceiling was a large glyph written in blood. The ambiance of the room was, needless to say, very dark and ominous. Alphus took his seat around the table wearily. He didn't need to be alerted to know that there would soon be a meeting called in the tenebrous conference room. His body began to turn to blood again, droplets floating off into the air and evaporating, but this time his human form had been left behind, his more fearsome demon form shed in blood. He licked his lips, reliving in his mind the flavour of the souls he had just reaped and a small smile tugged at his lips. Whatever was decided in this unavoidable meeting, destroying the monastery would still have been worth it.
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