Ancient Order of Angels: Volume One The Artifacts

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What do you think?

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  1. I love the Idea.

  2. This is interesting but could be better.

  3. Not for me.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Here is the possible plot.

    After centuries of serenity in Hominibus, the demons from Infernum are appearing again. It is up to the new generation of the Order of Angels to protect the humans from this evil. There is thought that they may be in search of the scepter of Alexis Mikhailovich. This Scepter was once held by one of the first Archangels of the order, Sir Mikhail. This artifact was hidden by the Order from even the humans. It is told that it was used to seal Infernum from being able to access Hominibus freely without the use of portals. If in the wrong hands it may be able to combine Hominibus and Infernum together permanently. Will the angels find the scepter in time? Will the scepter end up in the wrong hands? Or will the angels end up dying and the story end? Only time will tell! Destiny awaits you!

    This RolePlay will consist of 7 Archangels and 5 Pencuri(Demon Chief) and 5 Centurione(Lieutenant to the Chief)
    Also a few NPC's that people can control.

    This is an Interest Check to see if anyone would be interested in joining. There will be many expansions depending on how the rp goes.

    5 positions available!

    Here is OOC/Sign-up

    Follow Your Destiny!
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  2. Yes please show interest.
  3. Ohhhhh!!!!! I want in!!!! I want In!!!!!
  4. Cool spread the word if you want and dont mind
  5. Sure I'll tage My pep's!
  6. Lolz I just noticed are pics are both demon XD
  7. Will taging them give the a notification about it? Cause I would really like for us to put up the RP.
  8. More interest would be greatly appreciated. We really want to see who else would be interested in joining us.
  9. I would be willing to try this out
  10. Tags will do that ^^
  11. Well keep em coming. Spread the word
  13. Sorry I didn't know. *Slides back into corner and waits*
  14. No I'm sorry For yelling *Hugs FortLine* I'm sorry! T^T
  15. I'm interested :)
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  16. Cool were getting there.
  17. I might be interested if I knew more. Mostly the powers of the angles and demons and most of all how...well...humans should need protection? Humans are damn resilient with their tech advancements.
  18. Definitely interested if you are still accepting ^ ^
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