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    The hot, dark, musty tomb barely gave the daemon enough room to breathe, let alone move his wings, or arms, or legs. Nothing had changed in the past couple thousand years of his entrapment... Except for his temperament. He was feeling exceptionally depressed, relatively pissed off, and partially vengeful. But he barely had enough strength in him to stay alive for so long. The sound of earth moving around him jarred him from his meditative state. He snarled as the tomb was jostled and he was knocked around inside of it. He could hear voices outside the stone prison. Had the thousands of years without so much as a whisper finally driven him to insanity?
    He clenched and unclenched his fists, slowly working on loosening up his joints. His eyes remained shut, knowing that no light had found its way into the darkness just yet. He could feel it deep in his chest, he would finally be free from this cursed tomb...
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  2. Charlotte Evergreen, #FFC0CB

    "Hey hey be careful with that!," A well dressed gentleman chided, scowling at several workers who quickly tightened their grasp on the buffed marble statue. He turned his attention back to the sleek black phone in his hand and chatted away with the person on the other line. The early stages of construction were all but finished and nearly if not all the top levels of the once decrepit mansion were refurbished down to the last silver doorknob. Everything was going smoothly until the client's sister-in-law decided to drop by to see the semi finished product. He quickly paced through the lavish hallways and into the newly furnished waiting room where a young lady occupied one of its mahogany and plush velvet chairs. Soft chocolate brown eyes met his own as she stood up to acknowledge his arrival.

    "Miss Evergreen, its a pleasure to meet your acquaintance"

    "You can call me Charlotte and its a pleasure to meet you as well Mr. Zimmerman," She responded, a light smile gracing her lips.

    "Well then you may also call me Henry if you wish," Henry offered before clearing his throat and adding, "What brings you here today Miss Charlotte?"

    Before she had the chance to respond however one of the workers entered the room and froze slightly when he spotted the new company.

    "Can I help you?," Henry questioned startling the man back to reality.

    "Ah yea...there's a problem back at the outdoor gazebo. We started digging up the foundation for it but some type of concrete mortar is blocking the progress"

    Henry visibly ruffled his eyebrows at the news before telling the worker to lead the way. He turned back to Charlotte to apologise for his abrupt departure but was surprised when she announced that she was coming with. So the trio headed towards the garden where a large excavator sat near a partially dug hole.

    "What in the world....," Henry breathed as he got a look at the 'concrete' semi buried in the ground, "It looks almost as if its a-"

    "Tomb," Charlotte finished, startling him slighty.

    "Yes...well I'll have it promptly removed then"

    He motioned for near-by workers to remove the obstruction. They proceeded to attach chains around its sides before promptly having it lifted by a crane and placed near a non-construction area. With a bit of curiosity, Charlotte followed by Henry approached the rectangular block. She slowly approached one of its dirt encrusted borders and ran a hand along its side. Her eyes widened slightly as glowing symbols seemed to appear where she had touched. The startled look on Henry's face all but confirmed that what she was seeing was real too.

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  3. • Leone •

    A sudden breeze finally found its way into the tomb. The seal was finally broken! The daemon attempted to create a ball of black flame known as hellsfire and blow off the lid of the tomb, but not even a puff of smoke emerged from his hand. 'What the... Why?!' His thoughts were tinged with disappointment and partial terror. Why weren't his abilities working?! His long black feline tail lashed in his blatant frustration. 'Maybe I'm just out of practice...' But he knew deep inside that those damned priestesses were to blame. One sealed his abilities and the other sealed him in the tomb.

    But the tomb's seal was just broken... By who? The magic energy in the air felt the same as the old priestess'. Could it be that they survived all this time? Foreign scents clogged his nose, preventing him from scenting out the magical entity responsible for opening the tomb.
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  4. ❋Charlotte Evergreen❋, #FFC0CB

    The glow continued to emanate from the appearing symbols until it had wound its way all around the visible surfaces. Thank fully it wasn't bright enough to alert the workers as they didn't spare them a single glance. Slowly the light seemed to fade revealing a slightly thin crack that ran all along the top part of the concrete slab. The pair were all but stunned into silence at what had transpired before them. It was Charlotte who was first to recover and take the first initiative. In an act of either bold bravery or idiotic naivety she once again approached the large object. This time she traced her pointy finger along the grooves of the newly appeared crack and realized with a jolt that air seemed to seep in and out of it. It hadn't been just a crack but an opening.

    "Henry help me push this!," She suddenly called, already attempting to heave the heavy stone.

    Still shocked and a bit fazed, it made him a bit slow to react before registering Charlotte's words. On one hand he thought it a terrible idea to go around opening enchanted possibly cursed tombs but refusing to help a client was out of the question. With their combined strengths they managed to at least displace the cover enough to let light filter through its left side. Dust escaped from the opening causing Charlotte to sneeze and Henry to cough. They still couldn't make out what was inside the tomb after their little progress.

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  5. • Leone •

    A cracking sound overhead and the feeling of a tiny shard of the old stone tomb falling onto his forehead finally tempted the daemon to open his eyes. A tiny amount of light had found its way into the ancient tomb, temporarily blinding him. His wings stretched out as much as they could in the cramped space. He was going to escape this damned tomb.
    He got a good grip on the stone above him, planted his feet firmly on the stone and gave it a shove with all of his strength. A cloud of dust puffed out from the tomb as half of the stone lid fell to the ground with a loud thud. A dark figure emerged from the dust and took to the sky with a loud clap of its leathery wings. In the process of the escape, the daemon had been temporarily blinded by the sunlight. He didn't see the crane until it was too late to avoid it and ended up whacking his wing against the large metal beast. That ended his ascent in a heartbeat. The creature instead went off at a speedy glide towards a nearby forest and disappeared into the trees.
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  6. ❆Charlotte Evergreen❆, #FFC0CB

    It was just as surprising that only a gasp managed to escape Charlotte as the winged creature that had suddenly emerged from the tomb. She stumbled backwards at the sudden gust of wind that blew her way as it flapped its wings and burst into the air. Henry caught her before she could collide with the ground and helped her regain stability. They both watched as it rose higher and higher into the sky when Charlotte noticed that the crane was blocking its ascent. She assumed that it would avoid the metal obstruction but it continued to speed its way towards it until it was far too late.

    "WATCH OUT!!!," Charlotte screamed but the damage had been done as it collided with the crane and seemed to glide into the surrounding forest.

    Shouts of disbelief echoed among the workers as they pointed at the falling creature in the sky before it disappeared among the treetops. A strange sense of energy seemed to resonate within her as she unconsciously ran through the unfinished gardens, ignoring Henry's surprised shouts. Charlotte only stopped to regain her breath when she was deep in the cover of the trees. Whatever had burst from that tomb was hidden somewhere in the forest she had entered. But instead of feeling scared of the unknown she felt as though it was her duty to find whatever it was.

    In the mean time Henry was in absolute wreck as he looked after his client's sister that disappeared into the unknown wilderness. He eventually mustered enough energy to call Charlotte's brother in an attempt to regain what little normality of his day was left.

  7. • Leone •

    The daemon crashed into the earth with enough force to displace the soil and clearly show where he went down. The wing that had hit the crane decided that it didn't want cooperate for a gentler landing- causing the crash and leaving him struggling with conciousness as he laid there on the forest ground. He took a deep breath, his eyes finally adjusted to daylight after his escape. His gaze ventured over the lush green plant life and a question that he felt incredibly stupid asking himself. Where was he?
    This place looked much different than where he remembered getting sealed away in. Had so much time really gone by that even the earth had moved and changed in his absence? It seemed like even those pitiful humans had changed into a more powerful opponent.
    His head was killing him. His wing was killing him and probably broken from either hitting the metal beast or the insuing crash. He felt dizzy, though he had no plans of passing out in this unfamiliar territory. He slowly brought a hand up to feel his temple and blinked when he felt something wet. He blinked, his vision sharpening with the relization that he was bleeding. He slowly pushed himself up to a seated position, trying to take things easy on his pounding head. Water would be first on his list of needs. A harsh cough escaped him, clearing his lungs of the musty air of the tomb. He could hear a stream flowing nearby and carefully got to his feet. His steps were slow and steady as he made his way to the water and began to clean himself up a little.
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  8. ❆Charlotte Evergreen❆, #FFC0CB

    Within several minutes of aimlessly wandering the woods Charlotte was slowly feeling the small prickle of regret forming in her stomach. It only grew as she realized that there was an evident lack of cell phone single out in the middle of the mountains. But despite her initial fear of becoming lost in the endless maze of green foliage, Charlotte's nerves remained ever strong and eyes vigilant as she scanned her surroundings for any sign of flapping wings. For a brief moment she wondered why she was so infatuated with finding whoever or whatever had came out of that tomb. Ever since she was a child Charlotte was known for being far too curious for her own good but this was something that she thought was beyond her. She shook her head and continued to walk forward with a bit more determination. Whatever the reason she was sure would be revealed when she found the 'person' of interest.

    "Hello is anyone out there?," She called into the peaceful silence of the trees. Her soft voice echoed through the forest and time seemed to still at the foreign disruption before continuing again at the familiar sound of wildlife.

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  9. • Leone •

    The daemon went very still as a human voice sounded over the babble of the small stream he was able to find. She was far too close for his liking, considering how his abilities were capped and most humans from his time jumped at the chance to off him. At least he was feeling a bit better now that his head wasn't hurting so much. He went to fly away, forgetting the state of his wing for a moment, until he jumped a good four feet into the air and went to flap his wings when a sharp pain went straight through him. He fell into the stream and a string of curses that would probably make a sailor turn his head escaped him. So much for hiding from the human, but what's a daemon to do about it now? He hauled himself out of the stream dripping wet and chilled to the bone. His wing was back to killing him, but at least the little cut on his temple stopped bleeding.
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    ❆Charlotte Evergreen❆, #FFC0CB

    To say that Charlotte was startled from the sudden string of obscenities that wrang across the area was an understatement. At least whoever it was, it knew how to speak her language even it did consist of a few color vocabularies. Taking tentative steps forward she peered over the bushes and very nearly gasped out loud at what she saw. The person looked human...or as human as having wings could be. At first she only stood there, partially hidden in the shadows and watched it in wonder. That was of course until she began to notice the less than desirable state he was in. It appeared as if he had taken a bath...with his clothes on as well as having injured his wing by the way it was tucked protectively in on itself. She wasn't exactly sure she could be much help with his injured appendage but her coat would at least be enough to keep him out of the chilly air. Disregarding the possible dangers of her decision, Charlotte stepped out of the brush and slowly began approaching the man.


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  11. • Leone •

    The daemon narrowed his eyes and turned to face the human once she stepped out from the bushes. A low growl sounded from deep in his throat and he took a defensive stance as he looked over the approaching human. His long black feline tail slowly lashed behind him, water still dripping from the thick fur. His defensive and dangerous look was discredited, however, by the subtle shivering that kept him from making any big moves towards the human. Daemons were definitely not dangerous when soaking wet and freezing.
    However, he wasn't going to let that fact show to the human. His gaze was sharp and untrusting as he inched backwards away from her. He could sense the magical aura around the woman. It was the same as that one priestess... The one who sealed him in the damn tomb. He already had a strong dislike of her, and she had only said about one thing... The annoying part was that he couldn't do one thing about it. "Who are you and what do you want from me, priestess?" He growled lowly as he realized that one more step would put him back in the stream.
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  12. ❆Charlotte Evergreen❆, #FFC0CB

    A look of confusion crossed Charlotte's features as she tried to discern his words. Where had she being a priestess come from? She quickly pushed the thought aside however as she surmised that he must have been still slightly dazed from his previous run in with the crane. Though she did get the feeling that he was just generally wary of her in the first place. The reason being she hadn't the slightest idea since she couldn't recall ever meeting him before or doing anything thing to invoke his apparent dislike for her. Though Charlotte did find him to be strangely familiar she was sure that she would remember meeting someone with a pair of wings and a swishing tail. Letting a small reassuring smile cross her lips, she slowly came to a stop a good four meters away from him.

    "I'm Charlotte. Not really sure if I could qualify for a priestess but maybe a jacket will do?"

    The soft imported fabric offering lots of warmth and shelter from the wind. Charlotte slowly but without hesitation slipped it off her shoulders and held out in front of her.

  13. • Leone •

    The daemon watched as she appeared to look slightly confused. What was going on here? He narrowed his eyes as she smiled and began to offer her coat. How hard did I whack my head when I went down? He didn't move, his gaze cold and untrusting. "Why did you release me?" He asked suspiciously. Why would a human let me go? Does she want to use me for my powers? Heh, good luck with that one. If I can't even use them for myself, what makes you think that I'd use them for you? He kept these thoughts to himself as he waited for her to explain herself. He shifted his weight slightly, showing his discomfort with the situation.
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