Ancient Greek/Greek Gods

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  1. It was a silent day in the city of Athens. It almost seemed like night. The sky was grey, the streets were bare and the wind was silent. Jordan Flapjack was probably the only one who was outside. He had long, dark brown hair, blue eyes, pale skin, a red hoodie, denim jeans and sneakers. He had no point walking outside. There was nothing to do. All the shops were closed. There was a bridge ahead and Jordan slowly broke out into a sprint. "Why..." He wailed as he ran. "No-one cares about me." He said to no-one in particular. "Goodbye." He whispered. Then he jumped.
  2. Before he plummeted to his death,

    A hand gripped his. A warm one. Radiating with energy.

    The girl above him had speckled eyes, different colors. It was beautiful. Her hair was black, and long, a bit curly as it fell down over her shoulders. Her skin was pale and if she stood up she would be 5'7.

    "No." She said, trying to haul him up. "Give me your other hand." She commanded. Her dark eyebrows knitted.