Ancient Adventures Untold (MxM or FxM Partner Needed)

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  1. Hey everyone! Wizardess of Nightscape here! However, you just call me Wizardess. So, I was inspired by an otome game I was playing (cheesy, I know, but just stay with me) and I really got the urge to roleplay something having to do with ancient Egyptian Gods. Don't you worry now. I know my Egyptian Gods fairly well and I can assure you that this idea I have will be a fun one! I am open to having at least 3 partners for these roleplay ideas. If I have more interest, then I will not turn you away! Never be afraid to message me and let me know your interested. Also, I really like doing Romance centered roleplays and will do Libertine if you want to go that route.

    So, now, I will leave a summary below about what my ideas are.

    1- God on Probation
    Oh no! One of the Ancient Egyptian Gods has been lacking in doing his godly duties (this will depend solely upon which God is chosen) and is punished by being sent down to earth to live as a human for a year. With only the instructions "you are to live as a human for a year. Any relations with them, however, is strictly forbidden as this will keep you out of heaven and stuck on earth as a mortal human". With full knowledge of these instructions, you begin living your life as a human. Soon, however, you meet someone with whom you start to grow a close affection for, yet, they are a human. Will you give up your godhood just for a chance at love?

    2- Perfect Partner for my Kingdom
    You are told you must find a suitable marriage partner or your eligibility for inheriting the throne you so desire will crumble (Again, this will solely depend upon which Gods are chosen for this one). However, there are rules. One, it cannot be a human. Two, it has to be a God of Egyptian Origin. Three- Gender is of little significance, but true love must be present. What kind of Shenanigans will go down in this race to find a suitable marriage partner? Can you woo the God or Goddess you feel would be a perfect fit for your kingdom?

    Here are a couple ideas, however, I'm open to any other ideas you may have about the wonderful Egyptian Gods. Please message me on this thread or via PM if your interested! ^^
  2. Hey Wizardess! I've been looking at this thread and got a idea for an Egyptian god. Do you want to talk here or pm?
Thread Status:
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