Anatomy of Affinity

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    [size=+1] How do you define a "good" relationship, Iwaku?
    What things are important to you and do you have different standards for friendship versus romantic relationship?
  2. I think friends have to integrate well, and be ble to stick up for each other - me and my mates are like brothers, in the sense that we all cover each other's weaknesses. We laugh together, we work together, I wouldn't be surprised if we cry together at some point in time. I just trust those guys with my life, because I feel they're perople who'd feel reassured knowing we're all there for each other.

    I also believe "being in love" is synonymous with "suffering from delusions."

    Both in a romantic relationship and in a friendship.

    Balance in what we enjoy doing with each other, how we respond to things. Respect for each other's interests and personal space.

    I am not friends with people who don't respect what I enjoy doing. You can love whatever you want to love, so long as it's not hurting you or other people. So let me enjoy what I enjoy without treating me like shit for it or trying to make be feel stupid. >:[

    And I tend to avoid people who don't respect my need for non-friend time. No matter how much I adore someone, I can't staaaand when someone gets really clingy or demanding of me. .__. I am a separate human being, I need me time.

    All balance and respect. 8D
  4. TBH? Sexuality is a pretty large part of a romantic relationship. In fact, I'd argue that sexuality is what separates friendship from a relationship.