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  1. The night was quiet, almost eerily so. It was common knowledge that the uprising of a few weeks ago had all but disintegrated, leaving the weaker supporters of the rebellion to bide their time in the shadows. Residents of the capitol's upper ring were at peace, for their pristine porcelain world was no longer in any danger of being shattered. For those less fortunate, however, a sort of suffocating silence covered the streets.

    On the roof of a building adjacent to the palace crouched a petite figure, clothed in black and keeping her eyes to the balcony across the way. If the information she'd been given was correct, this was where the quarters of one of the royal family lay. Fattened, spoiled pigs... Seraphine Regis had no love of the rulers; in fact she felt quite the opposite. Due to their lavish spending on a refurbishing of the palace, her family had died in poverty, from starvation and brutality at the hands of "keepers of the peace."

    Gritting her teeth, she peered with dark brown eyes through the transparent curtain that hung from the balcony doorway across from her. It was barely past supper for the royals, or so she'd been told, and so hopefully her target would appear for observation soon, whichever member of the family it was. Tonight was not for an elimination, but to see what she was dealing with. That was the mission that had been granted to her. Adjusting her position, Seraphine shifted her slim frame a bit closer to the edge of the tiles, ready to flee if it became necessary.

    Seraphine Regis (open)
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    Lord Sora Duvonet, future king of the Duvonet throne, a throne he didn't wish to have or want. He always wanted to be a commoner so he could feel what it was like to have to fight and work for a living. Even if he couldn't get out of the situation he would fix the way his kingdom worked. He promised himself and keeping that promise would be the most hardest to keep but it was surely for the best. He was young but his mind was at its strongest and as he watched the men of his fathers gossip about their wives and sleeping with their maids. As usual Sora stayed silent and listened, his fancy tuxedo feeling tighter then usual and his cheek resting on his palm jsut listening to them gossip and observing how stuck up they pretended to be. Until one of them brought up his plans to find a wife. His mood changed from boredom to intense anger that never showed on his face but was burning in his eyes. He sat up straight and listened. His mind rummaging through files as if he were a computer, he needed to find a wife before his father died or the kingdom would have no queen and that was horror to his parents and their wishes for him to find a good woman. That's what set him apart from his family, he wished for no wife just a woman to bed for the night and be done with her. He was a male after all and couldn't excuse those urges. He excused himself and took a walk down one of the many halls that surrounded the main foyer. Taking time to stop in front of a window and examine the moon and to his surprise a glimpse of a woman before she vanished. It seemed he would be having an unwelcome visitor soon. Though he couldn't make out what she looked like.