Anarchy or Order?

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The basis of this rp is simple. well, not really,'ll get the idea.

Premise: In a sci-fi/post apocalyptic universe, a large group of young adults awaken from a cryo-stasis. As they step outside, all they see are ruins, desert, and more desert. Some will follow order, creating organized democracies and governments. While others who drift towards the side of chaos will become raiders, bandits, and other such things.
Which side will your character pick?

The Plot: After the initial setup period of awakening and establishment. Characters would go on to begin the large scale struggle [instigated by yours truly...hehehe.] Chaos Vs. Order. [A note: while there may be neutral characters, they will eventually have to choose a side as sitting in the crossfire will likely be too dangerous. [They also may have made friends with characters on one side or the other] Overall the skill of writing and ability of the total of characters on each side will determine who will ultimately win the battle. This is also partially a test, can an Anarchistic group work against a group of Order? Vice-versa? Only time will tell.....If I amass enough people behind this idea.....

[Feel free to ask any questions and I will answer them, if and when possible.]

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