Anarchy and what is it to you.

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  1. Due to a broken leg I've had a lot of free time on my hands. I've used this free time in any number of ways but mostly I've been delving deeper into the philosophy I hold near and dear to my heart. And that is anarchy, the desire to abolish the state. To rid the world of it blinders.

    Because lets face modern society is nothing but a joke. We are obessed by the Hollywood stars in all their shame and glory. We laugh at lol cats. We worry about the most trivial matters. Millions die from preventable causes and all we do is make sympathetic noises. Kids are lazy and overly sensitive cry babies. We complain about our leaders and yet we never step forward ourselves to show them their mistakes.

    This is why I believe the status quo has to go one way or the other. But that is the real question. Exactly what is the path any particular anarchist should take? Is showing people the light the way to go? Or is dragging people to the light the way to go? And if so how does the use of force separate one from the enemy as it were? For the state uses force to keep us in line. Whether through the law or in some cases a soldier's rifle.

    Is it merely because the end goal may be the 'right' choice that justifies any means an anarchist uses?

    And should the state be abolished what then?
  2. O.o I am a chick, and anarchy would not do to good by me.

    There is a reason anarchy doesn't work and it's because fear of things actually keeps us alive and out of danger more often than if we were to just thrust ourselves into chaos. I understand,however that being consumed by fear is what is actually damaging humanity. I think that anarchy is a poor way to handle things like silent warfare and the injustices that occur, because, well, anarchy would bring about a lot more injustice it would just be the same thing.

    No one person on this planet is going to take down the state. Ultimately, people will continue to be ignorant assuming sarcastic assholes that like to be fed what they know instead of learning from life itself, we are reaching a new era as humanity and not the chaos of anarchy or the peaceful protesting hippies are going to do much for the future. The only thing that will change is your own world and how you choose to view it and that's really what it is, a choice. That is a freedom you get because it is something you can give or take away from yourself.

    What I can suggest to anyone, not just an anarchist, is to evaluate each and every one of the choices you make yourself before you even consider entertaining the idea of taking on all the choices that every other person makes and what those choices to to the world. Today we live in a world where darn near every person is making the same choices in how, where to spend money, and more than half of it is conditioned into society. We have to buy gas because we have to drive cars because we have to have jobs. Focus only on the things that you can control, not the things you can't.

    You never know who is watching you and the choices you make will inevitable influence others in ways you may never know. In my humble opinion, Anarchy is just not going to happen unless some rather unlikely situation were to occur. The idea of anarchy is fun at first but for most people it will mean death, rape, or worse.

    People will choose to do what they know and what they believe will work and so far EVERYONE IS CHOOSING TO DO DIFFERENT THINGS!!!!! Sure we get groups that are on the same page but generally, as far as status quo goes, there are two things that keep us divided.

    Fear and love.

    And for those who find it hard to choose I'll give you a hint; Love is the answer. >:[

    love is the answer and most people are just chalk full of excuses and reason to say other wise. To me it boils down to the choices we make out of fear and the choices we make out of love. you can really only worry about the choices of one person in this world and that is yourself.

    P.S. - I wish you a speedy recovery and keep thinking outside the box. <3
  3. @Fijoli

    I find a certain amount of confusion. that's not the right word but it'll do for now, in your linking of anarchy and chaos. The two aren't mutually inclusive. Chaos may be a tool some anarchists may put to use but it is no more a part of the true end goal then the State is .

    Regardless though I do not think any sane and rational anarchist would want chaos
    Chaos breeds fear and fear just breeds the same problem that you may or may not have fixed.

    And speaking of fear it isn't the state of being holding humanity back. It is the sheer laziness and indifference of our race doing that. There is no such thing as a problem a united human race shorn of our preconceptions can't solve. Our race started out naked with only our bare hands to work with. Now we've sent people into space. If we could harness that level of intelligence and creative thinking into bettering ourselves both as individuals and as a race then anarchy wouldn't be needed.

    But even if anarchy was chaos would it be a bad thing? Good steel is after all thrust into a flaming inferno and hammered upon. And it is only strengthed by the process not weakened.
  4. Anarchy doesn't exist unless their is complete isolation.

    Even if you are in a group of friends and you have a 'leader'... that's technically a form of government because that person is governing your group of friends. There is no way to consistently maintain anarchy. No way in hell, especially in largely populated areas.
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  5. Society's fine. It doesn't need to be torn down or anything so dramatic. Sure, it's not the be-all and end-all; it's the extension of the species that created it (ie. us crazy lot), complete with it's beauties and flaws, it's shining beacons and it's miserable depths. Things will go wrong. Shit will get pretty fucked up at points. But the perks of living in a democracy, of having a society, is that there are established checks and boundaries in place to try and prevent this from happening. Do they work every time? Of course they fucking don't: nothing does.

    But when a major government agency spies on its citizens, this information can be leaked to a free press that will promptly stir a shitstorm about it. When a Mayor abuses his power and position, modern communications and the right to free speech, to regular elections, means that his corruption can be exposed, that his position can be toppled. When a criminal steals from someone, they can be caught and put on trial by a jury of their peers to act as a warning to others who might do something similar.

    It's not perfect.

    It's not perfect because we're not perfect.

    And as Churchill was fond of saying, "democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time."

    The temptation exists to get completely disillusioned about society, I guess. But personally, that seems a pretty defeatist, childish approach. It's the "I'm taking my ball and going home" attitude to politics. If it's not working, why not try fixing it instead of just burning the whole fucking thing down.

    So yeah, I guess you can go full Tyler Durden on it.

    But that's kinda stupid.

    For as the line goes at the end of Fight Club (the book, not the film)...

    “We are not special. We are not crap or trash, either. We just are. We just are, and what happens just happens.”
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  6. I'm sorry, I thought the title of this thread said "Anarchy, and what it is to YOU"

    Compared to the society we have today, anarchy would be chaos. Not chaos in the sense of the universe whirling and whirling aimlessly about, but as in Vastly different from the way we have come to do things today. Maybe it was a bad metaphor.

    I'm not saying I like the system we have now but I think anarchy is not the best option we have on the table.
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  7. We have less crime today than we did twenty years ago, and less crime then than we did two hundred, and it's safe to assume less then than two thousand years in our past. People are living longer and working less. We have more leisure, more freedoms, more culture and beauty, but less pain and less suffering and less war and strife.
    Society isn't perfect. The powers-that-be are most assuredly corrupt and do not always serve either the will or the better interests of their people. Nevertheless, the gradual changes and institutions of law and order have a track record. They're time-proven to provide slow but almost guaranteed improvement. Anarchy doesn't have a track record to speak of. Things might get better. Things might go to Hell in a handbasket.
    Honestly, I prefer the philosophy with proven results. Also I want to go to college and work in a museum, two institutions that are unlikely to last (at least as we know them) without government regulations.
  8. Change is human nature. There's no two ways about it - whether we like it or not, humanity is always going to be changing. For better or for worse, I can't say. Sometimes those in power make it happen, sometimes the people have to force it. It doesn't matter - change can't be avoided.
    Just look around you. Look at your home, your country, the world, the universe. Everything and everyone is in a constant state of flux. As has been said, change may be slow, but it happens.
    To me, Anarchy is - by and large - obsolete in this day and age. We need organisation, a chain of command, something to keep everything in order. The system is flawed, and I won't deny that. But destroying it doesn't have any merits that warrant it. We don't need an overhaul of the system, we just need it to change.
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