Anaphylactic shock stories

Do you have an allergy that causes Anaphylactic shock?

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When I was Six years, old I learned that I had an allergy to Spearmint. I was so young and tiny, the allergy almost killed me. I also swallowed quite a bit of it at the time, Now that I am older, I've been slowly learning all the different toothpastes I'm allergic too with a much less severe consequence.

Aim has now been added to that list. Monday I used Aim Gel toothpaste. Most gel toothpaste use a mixture of Mint oils to create that refreshing and cool, minty, mouth cleansing experience. Low a behold a few hours later, My lips and throat swell, the entirety of my tongue feels burnt, blisters on my gums, inner cheeks, and the corners of my lips dry, cracked and began to puss.

This is known as the onset of Anaphylactic shock which consists of a few of the most uncomfortable symptoms known to human kind, and in many cases be life threatening. If you ever show these symptoms its important to be aware of even the smallest changes in your routines. If these symptoms occur its important to stop using said product immediately.

With close care the symptoms haven't spread and I am able to swallow foods and my breathing is and continues to be normal. I came very close to going to the emergency room and I'm happy I just got to stay home and rest.

A lot of people suffer from a food allergy or allergic reactions to commonly used products, I even knew a girl once who was allergic to WATER. People even die from these reactions coming on fast because of the ingestion of the allergen, luckily, I don't have to consume toothpaste and its mostly topical.

Lesson learned; Never use gel toothpastes ever again O____O​

In my state of feeling like a balloon head, I was just wondering what you guys are allergic too, How did you find out you had an allergy, and how does it effect your daily routines?


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I treat maybe one or two cases of this a year.

Benadryl, solu-medrol 60-80mg IV q8H and titrate down, epi-pen. Intubate prn.
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Pretty much all asthmaticshave allergies, most don't know they do however. Ours usually isn't that extreme but we'll end up with asthma symptoms like wheezing, shortness of breath, chest pain and maybe even a tightening feeling of the throat.

Milk (cow/soy) is bad for us because it causes excess mucus which causes inflammation and then asthma. Peanuts and sunflower oil is also bad for us o.o.

I'm actually going to an allergy specialist later this month to find out exactly what it is I am allergic too because sometimes going outside and breathing air can cause my throat to swell bad enough to were I end up in the er. So..D:


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Selsun blue products
Not sure what it is in those exactly, but I can't touch the stuff.

I borrowed my brother's shampoo once because I ran out and it was to late to go to the store . . . spent the next week and a half trying to get rid of the hives.
everywhere the soap touched. Hands wrists head neck, down most of my back because my hair was long then, add in a bad case of puffy eyes . . . it was not fun.

I'm also mildly allergic to one type of mold. When it rains for long periods at a time I get really stuffy.


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Penicillin. I took the stuff when I had a lung infection when I was like, 8? or so, and woke up in the middle of the night covered in hives. Woke up my folks and on the way to the ER my throat started closing up. Lucky I woke when I did, I guess! As a kid though, it was mostly just a boring and not scary experience. Dunno how severe the allergy is, though I was on those fancy oxygen machines for awhile. Don't remember much else. They were playing Sleeping Beauty or something, but the machines were loud as fuck and I couldn't hear anything.

Also, I have this weird allergy to whatever chemical they use in dry cleaning? Weird story, but I didn't have a problem wearing my prom dress for several hours, but other clothes I'd gotten and was trying on (some point when I was 10 or 11) gave me another hive reaction. Was SO weird. Was mostly just itchy and annoying, though. Nothing serious.
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