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  1. So first things first - my name.

    Many people have insulted my name, making many "anal" jokes about it, and otherwise insulting me while feeling clever about making a bad pun. However there's actually a story behind my name, and I'd like to tell it before anyone feels witty.

    I've been on many different role playing sites, which I'm not going to name. On one of them, I met someone I considered to be a true soul sister. Her username was Ananfal, and mine was something different then. We wrote and played and talked for over a year together...

    And then she died.

    So I took her name in memory, and I've had it ever since. My nickname is Ana, one N, and I've heard it more than my real one some days. I'm a good person, at least I hope, and I'm not easily offended. I have a funny sense of humor (well, others may not agree) and I always do my best to please my writing partner. I tend to adapt my writing style to fit with my partner's, so please don't think I'm copying you!

    I've had a rough life, and it's still crazy, so sometimes personal problems will keep me away from my writing. But I will always return and I will always want to continue writing with you!

    Thank you for reading, and I hope to write with you all soon.
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  2. I'm sorry to hear about your dear friend. It's a shame people so meaningful are sometimes lost to us. I think it's sweet that you've taken her name, and I hope you feel warmed by that even here. <3

    Welcome to Iwaku, Ana. :3
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  3. Hey, Ana.

    First off, I like the intro. Seeing that I'm a petty bugger myself, one that probably wouldn'tve hesitated to make such a detestably lame joke, I'm glad to have read it before seeing you elsewhere on the site; actually I'd surmise that in another dimension somewhere I've already made it, so I'll apologize for him here.

    Second, drop me a PM maybe if you're interested in writing, got a bunch of clunky crap in my resume' that defines me pretty well. I had a longtime RP partnership dissolve recently, and am looking for someone who is able to tolerate my idiocy ;D

    Regardless, enjoy the site!

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  4. Hello Ana, and welcome to Iwaku! Please make yourself at home. We have plenty of cookies for all the new faces! I'm sorry to hear about your dear friend. Death is a part of life that I'm sure everyone wishes would cease to exist. Make her proud. I've seen plenty of usernames that could easily have a lame joke made, but I tend to stay away from that for this very reason. You never know when someone has a story and/or meaning behind it.

    *Has he other-dimensional @Val banned somehow* There, yourself in the other dimension has been knocked senseless with the justice of the other-dimensional ban hammer.
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  5. That's a beautiful story, Ana. Thank you for sharing it.

    Welcome to Iwaku! There are plenty of great stories and writers alike here, so I'm confident you'll find what you're looking for. ^^

    If you ever feel an itch to say hi, hop into the Cbox and chat it up with some folks! I am there often, as are a lot of other Iwakuans!

    Feel free to shoot me or any of the other Staff and Community Volunteers a PM if you ever have a question. Staff are all denoted by purple names with the Staff Member flag, and CVs are all light blue with the Community Volunteer flag under their avatar.

    We hope you enjoy Iwaku!
  6. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. she had a good friend in you, and I'd bet she would be honoured for you taking on her name. Welcome to Iwaku, I'm Logic.
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