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  1. [size=+1]Does Your Name Make Any Interesting Anagrams?
    If you've never tried to make an anagram using your name, it can be a lot of fun!
    (Psst, if you're not sure what an anagram is, look here!)
    So tell me, what can you make of your name?
  2. Sac It

    . . .
    I feel violated now.
  3. I have two that I really liked xD
    A darn Axle
    Lax and ear
  4. I just got some weird words, but these were at least forming words.

    Darn As
    Sad Ran

    My middle name was way more fun, over 30 anagram possibilities:)

    Cage Nail
    Acing Ale
    A Nice Gal
    Clan Age I
  5. Nag Me and Mange. D:<
    I HATE MY NAME! jbzgdlkjhdasgjkfadjklfhd
    And my online one too... "A Rash"

    This is awful...
    My middle name has no anagram, according to that anagram maker!


    Nevermind, Seiji just called me "El Jew"

    It's still better than a rash, though. I'd rather have el Jew than a rash or mange.
  6. Mine came up with "Lie In Enchant".
  7. Garcon Grocer.

  8. Mine has too many to list. Sorry.
  9. Rack Pit
    Rack Tip
    Track Pi
    Tack Rip
    Crap Kit
    Carp Kit
    Pact Irk
    Cart Kip
    Park Tic
    Kart Pic
    Pa Trick
    Par Tick
    Rap Tick
    Tap Rick
    Pat Rick
    Apt Rick
    Tar Pick
    Rat Pick
    Art Pick
    At Prick
  10. Anal I I....

  11. Some of my favorites

    Rad Rich

    Deny Ken

    Candy Herder Ink

    Harden Icky Nerd

    Darn Hickey Nerd

    Acne Lure

    A Recreating Hell Hut

    A Cereal Lighter Hunt

    A Creature Hell Thing

  12. October

    Cob Rote
    Cob Tore
    Robe Cot
    Bore Cot
    Boot Rec
    Rob Cote
    Bro Cote
    Orb Cote
    Cob Re To
    Be Cot Or
  13. No anagrams for Myrnodyn

    my favorite for my real name was

    rared fag fans