An "Updated" prefix for certain forum threads.

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Vio, Sep 3, 2015.

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  1. I was thinking a prefix signaling that the thread has been updated with new content would be very useful! Especially with interest checks and the one on one general partner requests. I am not really sure where else this would apply and be very useful; maybe the counselling thread? I dunno, I just the idea could work xD​
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  2. I'm not sure how this would be implemented, but could be useful in all OOC threads around the site, especially group roleplays with news rules or partner search threads with more ideas/plots added in.
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  3. That's pretty much what I was thinking. Or Interest checks that revamped their ideas recently or added more content regarding the idea they already posted. I've seen several occasions where people have commented "maybe if there was more information" and then go on their merry way totally forgetting about the interest check. xD
  4. Hehe, and I love your signature by the way! Markinplier is awesome ^.^
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  5. I reckon folks wouldn't be using it as a filter to search through the subforum, which is what these categories are for, however.

    If you're running an interest check and you've got some new information which you'd like a particular user to see, you can always @tag them, which will alert them even if they have not followed the thread. This also can be useful for when you're running an OOC thread and you need your players to take a look. Just write a new post in the OOC thread tagging them all and referring them to the OP, and they'll surely see the new information! :D
  6. It's been a long time since I've been a non-CV/Staff.

    But are regular members able to edit the title of one of their threads after it's been created? If so, you could always just tack on an [Updated on 9/3/2015] or something similar to achieve the same effect.
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  7. This would help not just for Interest Checks/OOC's but also for certain organizing threads.

    Like, when I was updating the Gamer ID list in General Chat, or the "Skype Card Game Group" forum, or the XCOM playthrough.
    This would have been a great help for all three if we didn't require staff approval first.

    I know a manual name change might fix it.
    But that still doesn't bump the thread to tell people "Hey! New stuff!" without you having to post a bump post.
  8. Prefixes don't bump threads, though?
  9. You are correct, changing the prefix does not bump the thread.
  10. Yes. But if you're updating it to give everyone new info, a bump letting people know would be nice.
  11. To add on to what Gwazi mentioned:

    Bumping a thread with something like "bump" or any other type of post that adds no useful information is against the rules.

    BUT if you want to bump the thread with a post to let folks know that something has been updated, that is totally okay!
  12.   If you have to make an update announcement post to bring the thread back up anyway and you can just edit the title itself, then an update prefix would be kind of superfluous. Especially if the update-prefix sticks around indefinitely unless manually removed and it may, in fact, be a while since there was an actual update.
  13. What I'm saying though is it might be useful that if the OP was edited that they thread was bumped without the person needing to make a new post to begin with.
  14. That is what I intended with the Updated Prefix. The updated prefix is for something like the first post, or the original post, being updated with more/new content. Nobody in their right minds would add new content fifty pages into the thread. That is horribly disorganized and I cringe just thinking about it. The only time I ever do that is when I'm doing announcements like "Oh we got new players!" or something. That also isn't really how one on one threads work either.

    Though editing the title to say [Updated] works just as well. I'm glad my idea was able to generate some conversation/debate. xD
  15.   As I pointed out above - prefixes do not bump threads (and you can generally have one at a time with the current system, and you will have to manually remove and add them). A function that automatically bumps the thread upon the opening post being edited would be an entirely different, new function. I'd encourage the implementation of such function as long as it can only be triggered once every 24 hours or so - if the frameworks supports it -, but I do not see the point in an "updated" prefix.
  16. Which is what I'm suggesting.

    I don't run the site so I don't know the specifics as to how it could work.
    But coding something to relate to the Prefix's to bump a thread upon editing would do wonders.

    And I do also agree with the timer.
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