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    It's several years after the major events in the worlds of Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts. The worlds have been connected by the use of gummi ships and airships travel. But there's a whisper that there's something a miss going on. Dark Figures are appearing, and nightmares from days past are being resurrected and showing up, causing panic. No one knows if they are just shadows, or a rumor of someone who has post-stress syndrome... but someone's gotta check it out and find out, right?

    We begin in a place known as Traverse Town: A quaint and calm town, Traverse Town features a sky of eternal night, where stars can be seen clearly. Survivors of the worlds lost to the Heartless find their way here after their world has been destroyed.
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    Feel Free to use this template to post your character. ORIGINALS (open)

    Character's Name:
    Character's Age:
    Character's Race:
    Character's Class:
    Character's Equipment:
    Character's Skills:
    Character's Summons:
    Character's Appearance:
    Character's Personality:
    Character's History:

    Stock/Canon Template (open)
    Desired Character:
    Game Character is From:

    My Character (open)
    Name: Rose Amelie Tribal
    Age: 18
    Race: Half Hume-half Genome
    Class: White/Holy Mage Ranger
    Trances: Heaven’s Wrath – uses a ton of strength. She tends NOT to use it, in fear of collapsing during battle.
    Magicks: Full-life – revives ally from KO fully; Curaga – restores large amount of health to surrounding allies; Esuna – removes harmful status effects from ally; Dispelga – removes beneficial status effects from surrounding enemies/allies; Holy – deals heavy holy/light damage on enemy; Flare – deals massive physical damage on enemy. [She has to be careful when using spells, because if she uses too many spells in one battle it will drain her strength and it will make her vulnerable in the next fight and until her strength returns.]
    Skills: Doublecast – gives ability to cast two spells consecutively, with out wait time, wears Rose out quicker; Steal – steal item or gil from enemy; Flee – run away; Quick Hit – allows for consecutive physical attacks with out wait time.
    Summons: Shiva – deals ice damage to all enemies; Madeen – deals holy damage to all enemies; Fenrir – deals wind damage to all enemies; Carbuncle – casts protect on allies.
    Physical Description: Height: 5’6”, a foot shorter than her ‘older’ brother. Body Build: thin, yet very well built, as she has been training in sword arts/archery/fighting since she was ten. She is also well developed, like any princess should be. Skin Color: Tanned, amazingly enough. Many years of training, even in a misted area, will do that to you. Eye Color: crystalline blue.

    Other Distinguishing Features
    : upon using Heaven’s Wrath, it casts a sort of berserk spell upon her; it also forces her to sprout wings, painfully, and she will fly at her opponent, and practically destroy them. The wings tend to stay for a x-amount of time, before dissolving into feathers, which seems to be less painful then gaining the wings. The wings represent those of Alexandria’s, on a much smaller scale of course. Rose gained this particular trance from years of studying holy magic; it seems she has created it her self and is continuing perfecting it.
    Personality: Rose is a very outgoing, loving girl; she’s always worrying about something or someone, especially when it has the people she cares about involved. She loves to pry into things that most think she shouldn’t, but it ends up helping the person in the end. One of Rose’s favorite pastimes is to find a high area and stare at the stars, wondering if there’s anything MORE out there… and if she could some how get to it. She also has a knack for airships, which would surprise any normal Prince that comes her way. She is currently working on one that she hopes will be able to do inter-world travel, to find out where all these strange people are coming from.
    History:Rose, in brief, to present time –
    Rose was born in Alexandria of Gaia IX, to Garnet Til Alexandros XVII and Zidane Tribal on a quiet rainy night, five minutes after her brother. As they grew, Coronas took pride in the fact that he was in fact “the older one”. At the age of ten, the mercenary known as Cloud Strife was hired by the princess’ mother and father to train their young daughter in the arts of battle. She began with basic skills, building up to the ones she knows today. She is always learning, however. She enjoys training on her own, sometimes, especially when she tries to combine her magic skills with her swordsmanship; such as applying holy magic to her sword. She also continued her princess studies as she grew, learning about her land, along with her brother, its history, its people, and anything more she could pick up. For one day, there will be a need for her to rise up, and defend her land, and people from a coming enemy.
    Extended History

    Sample Post:

    Her mind raced as he kissed her back. It swirled but then came to a slamming halt. This was… This was… This was not the same… person. Her shining blue eyes gazed on at Cloud as he spoke. Yes. He was indeed… different.

    We hold power that no mortal can comprehend? Nani? What is he talking about? Underworld? …Together…with…him? He was saying things she would have died to hear, but… something about those words, didn’t sound as pleasing now. He had indeed sacrificed his heart to the darkness, and her mission now, was to dig it back up, bring him back to the light.

    She stepped away from him, out of his grasp. Her had going up to her lips, they were slightly bruised and swollen from the hard kiss she had just earned herself. Her eyes were confused as she thought her words through. He’s nearly asking me to do the one thing he wants to prevent happening. Does he not… Her eyes widened. “Cloud! You are not yourself! Snap out of this!” She rushed to him again, her hands going up to his face to cup it, she brushed her thumbs over his cheeks lightly.

    "Please, Cloud… come back, come back to me. Give me the Cloud I love back." Tears had formed in her eyes now, and she was pleading with him, not by words though. By her touch, her presence, her eyes gazing into his, digging deep, searching for the Cloud that she KNEW, that she LOVES.

    His grip was tight on her wrist and she nearly mewled in pain, but she kept quiet. At least he cannot kill me where I stand… or can he? This magic is new. So very new.

    I do hope my actual physical body has died… Coronas would probably be tearing up things…….or would he turn… turn into this? Is this what it was like in Coronas’ head while he was controlled by the darkness?
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  2. IM CRYING. that was so lovly with cloud
  3. XD my samples are awesome. 8D

    i added a link to some extended history.. XD
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  4. Quick couple of questions, since this is a FF/KH roleplay are keyblader's a class or are custom styled classes available such as specialized pugilists or special weapon classes such as cardist or mystic weaponry?
  5. Matsuki (open)
    Character's Name: Matsuki
    Character's Age: 17
    Character's Race: human
    Character's Class: Striker
    Character's Equipment: (If we are allowed to use the keyblade) Way to Dawn and Oathkeeper (If not) Two katanas known as Cross and Sanctum
    Character's Skills:Chaos Star Blade: Strikes the enemy with his weapon five times in a star shape

    Rebellion:Dashes forward and strikes up sending the enemy into the air, He then jumps up and send them into the ground and fires a fireball into them

    Tri Sync Blade: Allows him to use three weapon instead of one or two

    Aku Soku Zan: His weapon is imbued with dark and he charges straight forward damaging anything in the way. Has a chance to cause doom or instant death.

    Dual Strike Raid: Throws two weapons multiple time before they come back

    Dark Splicer: Stops time completely and slices either one opponent multiple time or different opponents a few time before moving to the next

    Kasai Kougeki: His blade get covered in fire and he either spins hitting multiple enemies or he swings the weapon multiple times hitting one enemy

    Dark Fire: Fires a fire ball imbued with dark magic

    Triple Firaga: Fire three normal fireballs or holy imbued fireballs

    ((Still working on it))

    Reflect: A barrier appears that blocks attack and explodes when hit.
    Light Fire: Shoots a fire spell imbued with holy element
    Firega: Fires a large fireball at the enemy
    Curera: Heals a medium amount of health to himself and allies around him
    Stop: Freezes everyone except allies

    Character's Summons: Slyph: Deals moderate wind damage
    Undine: Deals high Ice damage

    Character's Appearance:[​IMG]

    Character's Personality: Calm, Gentle, Kind

    Character's History:He was living happily in his world before the heartless attack. He grabbed his fathers blades and fought them off while trying to escape, He saw his mother and father die and their hearts float into the sky, When he looked at the sky saw something odd falling. This falling thing hit the ground and slowly stood up. Matsuki looked at it as it landed sowing a large heartless. He was slowly losing as more and more heartless appeared and more people died, he wondered why this was happening but before he could move he blacked out. When he woke up he noticed he was in some town and decided to start searching.
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  6. Character's Name: Kyysucara Namosaka AKA Kyy

    Character's Age: 16

    Character's Race: half elf

    Character's Class: Lagoon/Ninja

    Character's Equipment: Dual spears. Each are about 6 feet in length and lightweight. Not big on armor so he only wears a robe.

    Character's Skills: Firaga Blitz: Knocks a fireball into the air that then rains down more fireballs
    Sonic Blade: A series of thrusting attacks with seven total strikes
    Ars Arcanum: A combo attack that consists of 13 total strikes, the last being an overhead somersault attack

    Character's Magic: Firaga: Fires a large fireball at the enemy
    Stopra: Freezes the enemy longer
    Aero: Creates a vortex of wind around him
    Cura: Heals moderate damage

    Character's Summons: Bahamut: Deals heavy non elemental damage.

    Character's Personality: Outgoing, As hyperactive as Yuffie at times, trusting, protective of his friends, unforgiving to his enemies.

    Character's History: Kyy was born in Wutai and grew up with Yuffie. The day their world was taken over by darkness he finally decided to tell her how he felt but was stopped by it. He swears he will protect her at any cost.