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In the Kingdom of Adreni, the king and queen had their first born. It was a joyous night for the kingdom, yet something unexpected had occurred. A mysterious man in a black hooded cape had made his way into the castle and reached the young prince. The cry of the young baby had caught the king's attention so he rushed up to his room. The hooded man wasn't there, a window was wide open, and the poor prince was left with a mark on his arm. Ever since then, the prince has been locked in the castle. He had been isolated from the rest of the kids in town, leaving him to be awkwardly social.

"PRINCE ELIOS! IT'S TIME!" screamed the nanny. It was the day the prince left the castle for a vacation. He had spent years inside training his swordsmanship skills and the aged king and queen had awarded him with a long well deserved vacation and a fiancee. Elios' twentieth birthday had just passed and it was about time he had found a suitable partner.

"I'm coming. Don't yell... Kleio! Are you packed?" Kleio was his first and only friend as well as his personal maid.


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Kleio stumbled out of her little hole in the wall that provided her with what had been her sleeping cot for the last three years ever since the prince had requested that she be his personal maid. It wasn't anything grand like many of the other city serving women wished it was. A three by six room with just enough space for a cot to fit her five foot three frame and a chest to hold her clothes. At one point during the course of Elios' life been a wardrobe for the young prince. "Aye your highness, I'm all ready," she said as she straightened her skirts a little and pulled a small pack over her shoulder. It held two changes of clothes of which one was for royal occasion when they would visit noble houses along their way and one for any other time. It also contained the small amount of pocket money she had been able to save up since she began to work at the palace.

The outfit she wore now was a plain white cotton dress with a singular design on the left sleeve at the cuff--the royal crest to signify that she worked for the royal house. It was a hard blow to the back of the knees to any person that put the design there but did not work for the rulers of Adreni.

She blew upwards to get a few stray hairs out of her red-brown eyes. Most of her waist long hair had been pulled back into a braid to keep it out of her way as she worked, but a few stray locks always found their way out of place to fall into her eyes or to frame her face.

The young woman was nervous to say the least. This was the first time that Prince Elios was to be let out with only one person as an accompaniment and to be told that she was that one had caused her to stay up many nights wondering if she were even ready for such an assignment. She wasn't useless. By far, she knew enough to protect any royal member--hand to hand fighting, dagger work. But to protect the Prince of whom she had been friends with for a long time, nearly all her life, seemed to bee too daunting a task.