An unseen mystery

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  1. Krystal Tokko woke up in her room as her alarm clock went off, plating what used to be her favorite song. She rubbed her eyes trying to wake up as she held back her urge to shoot her clock. The alarm grew louder and louder to the point she was overly annoyed. So Krystal sat up, grabbed her alarm clock, and threw it across the room. The alarm turned off but Krystal was already awake.
    "Why the hell does my mom torture me in the morning like this. She complains I'm too lazy, she won't even get up out of bed to wake me up."
    She muttered to herself as she walks into the bathroom. Krystal did her usual routine. Brushing her teeth while taking a shower, washing her face, drying her hair, the usual girl needs in the morning. When she finished she walked out her room and down the stairs to the kitchen. She opened the refrigerator looking for breakfast but couldn't find anything that caught her interest.
    "Mom! We have no food!"
    She yelled to her mother across the hallway.
    "Then go buy some!"
    Her mother yelled back. She checked the clock to see how much time she had before school started.
    "It's 7:30, I only have 15 minutes til I have to be at school!"
    She yelled back to her mother. There was no reply and Krystal sighed. She decided that she'll get the groceries when school was over and ran upstairs to pull on her uniform. When she was fully dressed she left the house and started running towards Katsuna Academy.
  2. Serrif Wroth, sower of chaos, prince of darkness, immortal warrior, and trapped on the plane of humanity.... oh the indignity. He sighed loudly into his drink, languidly staring out into the streets," I was summoned, I fulfilled the girls wish, I took her soul.... why pray tell am I still here?" The muscles in his hand clenched until with a slight crack the mug hed been holding splintered, sending coffee shooting into the air. As other patrons at the little cafe turned to stare he quickly tidied up, gesturing for the waitress," Forgive me for my clumsiness, um... do you think I could get this food to go?" When she smiled and told him yes he sighed again.

    Well If he was going to be stuck in the human world he was at least going to experience it a little.... coffee for instance was a good start. The cakes in the to go box the waitress handed him were also a good pay to begin. He grinned at the sheer ridiculousness of his situation. Well he could handle it.

    As he walked out into the streets he noticed students walking past, happily chatting and laughing as they walked off to continue their everyday lives. For a moment he wondered what it would be like to be like that, happy and carefree. Sarrif stifled a laugh as he realized.... he could. If he wanted to. With a shrug he waved a hand shifting his clothes from the mundane street clothes hed been walking around in to a fresh, crisp, school uniform identical to the others he saw moving past save for its obviously higher quality material and a small gold pin at the collar.... demons arnt without their vanity after all.

    Once he was fairly certain hed pass for a student he began walking, merely following, and then joining the stream of students heading off to school... He couldnt wait to see what trouble hed cause.
  3. Krystal continued running towards her school. She had 5 minutes left to be in her seat before the bell rings and she gets counted as tardy. While running everything she had to do for that day was being listen off in her head.
    "I have to go to school, buy groceries, tell mom I'm off for work, show up at grandpa's house for training, go back home to do homework..."
    She reached the front doors of the academy and ran up the stairs to her class room. She dashed to her seat and once she touched her chair the bell went off. She let out a sight of relief and laid her head on her desk.
    "And during all that I have to watch out for any signs of demons..."
    She mumbled out loud.
    "What was that Krystal?"
    Her best friend Kimmiko asked while being nosy as always. Krystal sat up straight and laughed nervously while scratching her head and replied,
    "Oh, ha! Nothing Kimmi! I was just talking nonsense. Ahaha!"
    She poorly said to her. Krystal then slammed her head back on her desk muttering the word stupid over and over again.
    "Ok class, English room 01-A is now in session."
    The teacher said.
  4. He arrived at the school in a cheerful mood, the walk having lifted his spirits. Hed watched these students, chattering, merely enjoying each others presence. No violence or rage required. He was intrigued, that he couldnt deny that. Now that he was here he took a good look at the building it was large, two stories, a running track winding around a large playing field, and there was even a large second building that he suspected would be the gym... Not bad, not bad at all. He grinned as he strode into the building, already figuring out a plan to explain his sudden presence.

    Once he was inside, and had removed his shoes (common courtesy you know), he made a beeline for the principles office. He easily convinced the secretary to let him inside the main office, a man across the room looked up from his papers," Yes? Who are you?" He smiled winningly and whispered in an... enticing tone," Why sir... im the new foreign exchange student. Dont you remember?" The mans eyes glazed over for a moment, his body shuddering. He seemed to almost hold out against his compulsion... Interesting. Sadly for him his will was not strong enough and he nodded his concession," Ah yes I remember now, Must have lost the paperwork... well no matter ill.. introduce you to your new class." He led him out of the office and down the hall until they reached a room labeled 1-A.

    The little bald man slid open the door," Sorry for interrupting your class but I have a last minute transfer student. I think hed like to introduce himself. I leave him in your care." Serrif nodded quickly, and the man turned away released from his duty.

    He walked into the room with a wide grin and turned bowing to both the teacher and the class," Its a pleasure." Whispers broke out among the students at the unusual interruption, and he couldnt help hearing a few choice whispers,"Hes Cute~" "Is he rich?" "Looks like a model." He hid his satisfaction, finally the teacher asked him,"And your name?" He flashed a blinding grin," Oh sorry about that." He turned to the board and scribbled his name," Sarrif Wode, At your service."
  5. Krystal looked up as a new guy walked into the classroom. He introduced himself as Sarrif.
    "Hmmm, Sarrif... Interesting."
    She whispered and examined him from his head to toe. Stunning. He's handsome. But she tried to show as little interest as possible. Her friend Kimmiko on the other hand was mesmerized by his charming looks and started drooling on her desk. Krystal looked at her and smirked.
    "Teh, how pathetic."
    She whispered under her breath. Krystal started fidgeting with her cell phone trying to avoid staring at him and in the end got her phone pulled out of her hands.
    "Miss Tokko, there's no phones allowed in class. You know that."
    The teacher said while walking off with her cell and placed it in her desk drawer. Krystal once again slammed her head on her desk in annoyance.
    "Today is gonna be a bad day..."
  6. Sarrif grinned slightly as he watched the general commotion around the room his focus switched from one person to another as he scrutinized his new 'classmates.' Many were whispering among themselves or outright staring, taking in the new kid, as it were, and yet his attention was drawn to the ones who paid him little heed. The obvious class bully, lounging lazily across his desk, a few nerds generally talking in hushed whispers only paying him occasional glances, the sleeper by the window, but especially the raven haired beauty trying her best to look him over without making it obvious.
    His grin only widened as the teacher noticed the phone the girl was trying to distract herself with and took it up. With a small nod to the teacher he walked himself to the back of the class and took an open seat right behind little miss raven hair, on his way he couldnt help but hear her little prediction..... a bad day, what a fun idea.
  7. Krystal heard Sarrif sit in the desk behind her and her muscles tensed up. Of course the new kid would sit behind her. Krystal was the only one that was trying not to pay attention to him. She felt as if she was in a High School Manga. She sits up straight in her chair and pulls out a notebook and a pencil. If she was gonna try to get by today with a decent mood, the best way for her to pass time is to draw. Krystal stares out of the window and tries to spot something interesting to sketch. Her gaze then fell upon the reflection of the new kid sitting behind her.
    "Oh... what the hell..."
    She says under her breath and starts sketching Sarrif's image. She tried to cover her paper with her arm so he wouldn't know that she was drawing him at all. She didn't want him to think anything odd of her. Truthfully she really didn't care if some "eye candy" was in her life or not. She's already too busy in life as it is. She has no time to become friends with him.
  8. As the teachers voice picked up and began to drone on Sarrif took a quick glance around the room. A few furtive glances, a little giggling, but in front of him..... His eyes focused on the one particularly interesting thing in the class. Odd she seemed to be drawing something, while she was preocupied he leaned forward to get a quick glance... a picture... of him? He smiled but quickly covered it up," Must give her my good side." With that he turned his head so that he would be facing outside giving the girl a particularly good angle on his face.

    What fun, beautiful, artistic, and interested. No matter how much she wants to hide it. He let a small smile play across his face before he turned back to his paper and began to draw as well. A beautiful raven haired girl, strands floating in the air as if through water.... wonder who that could be?
    At the thought Serrif barely stifled a laugh and continued his sketching...
  9. Krystal looks back at the reflection of Sarrif in the window and noticed him drawing as well. She didn't think of him to be the artistic type at all. Most rich boys are stuck up and coincided no matter how gorgeous they are. She looks back down at her paper and saw her picture turned out better than she though it would.

    The bell rang which startled Krystal a bit. She looks at her watch and saw it was 8:50.
    "Shit! I need to be at grandpa's in 10 minutes!"
    She yells out as she gets out of her chair and grabs her belongings. She turns around sharply, forgetting that Sarrif was sitting behind her, and as she heads to go to the exit of the room she trips on his foot and her papers scattered across the floor.
    "FUCK IT ALL!"
    She screams and hurries to gather her papers.
  10. The bell barely registered for Sarrif, he was so engrossed in his drawing. However he did notice when the girl in front of him suddenly jumped up cursing.... must be late for something. He grinned slightly as she grabbed up her stuff and tried to rush out only to trip herself up on his foot, for a moment he was stricken. He hadnt meant to do that, how surprising, something he hadnt anticipated. But possibly a good oppertunity?

    With a languid grace he got up from his seat and crouched down next to the girl his hands nearly a blur of motion as he gathered up most of the papers shed lost, and making sure to brush his hand against hers at least once, before standing up next to her," Im so sorry, you just surprised me, moving so fast. I didnt have a chance to pull my foot back." He looked down at the papers in his hand and grinned mischievously," I believe these are yours... Mrs. Tokko is it?"