An Unninteresting Landscape

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  1. This region's people resent their political leaders. They are bordered on three sides by rivers. Their relations with their neighbors to the southeast are contentious, while relations with neighbors to the east are peaceful. There are five major cities, the largest of which is located in the center of the region. They are often troubled by severe weather. The people observe a local religion. They are proud of their local patriotism.

    A small roleplay experience where a dark elven girl tries to find her way in this strange city.

    Crab Claws, come here.
  2. Hey-o. Any sort of particular type of character you want me to play?

    If not, I could always just play this boy I made on a whim.
  3. Looks good enough to me. Now we have to create the thread, isn't?
  4. Yup, thats pretty much the next thing to do since we got everything else covered.
  5. Another thing: how far do Libertine Roleplays allow us to go?
  6. Oh, I should add if thats what we want to do, you should ask to take this thread to the libertine section or just do it by pm. Can't do that stuff in this section!
  7. I'm just curious, that's all.
  8. Oh i know, just don't want us getting in trouble or anything. As far as I know, its pretty much fair game as long as we are both okay with it.
  9. Understood.
  10. Are there any other questions you may have?
  11. Cool, I made a post, but I'm going to be gone in about 30 minutes and will come back around 5pm PST. Gotta go do that college and all! Why I decided to choose a friday class I will never understand.
  12. So, I'm feeling kinda lost without a Game Master or any kind of focus in this narrative; too many years with a mindset, this format is too alien to me. What do we do?
  13. Well, we can always discuss what exactly we want our characters to go do at this point. We basically get to set up all the plot and jazz.

    You mentioned that the town had a resentment for beastmen and elves, we could always have something like a group of ruffians interrupting our characters eating food or something similar. That's just a suggestion, we could also do something with the harsh weather around the city, or even the local religion if we want to expand on what the religion is about.
  14. Reasonable. As for religion: monotheism?
  15. Alrighty, monotheistic it is. Do we want it to be a race exclusive religion, or one anyone can join?
  16. We could use these guys or just the Nordic pantheon for brevity.
    And I'm slightly happy with the vote for a Dice Forum.
  17. So this town will only be worshiping one of these as the one true god right? It would polytheistic otherwise.

    Also I'm happy for the poll too, I feel dice are a great way to settle physical conflicts between two players.
  18. You know that christianity works somehow like that, don't ya? One god, various "saints". However, we can choose only one for a real monotheistic cult and forgot the others. I'm curious how a city that worships Freya would supports their hypocrisy in this setting of racial hate.
  19. I'm not that knowledgeable on Norse Mythology, but could we attribute said hypocrisy as being fuel for the harsh weather? This could have lead to even furthering hatred of the differing races by blaming them for the bad weather.