An Unlikely Romance

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  1. Name- CodeName: December CurrentAlias:Jake, just Jake.
    Age- 21
    Appearance- Fairly short black hairthat is a bit longer in the front but not quite in his eyes. His eyesare a deep ocean blue color with a hint of green near the middle. Heis tall, about 6'4” with a medium build that edges on the leanerside. Currently the only clothes he owns are a pair of ratty jeansand tennis shoes, a white t-shirt, and a long sleeved orange and redplaid button up that he wears open over his t-shirt. He also has anecklace.

    Bio- Taken into the project at 1 yearold. Grew up there, in a small room with 4 white walls and no window,has no memories of the outside world. As a small child he wasincredibly emotional. He cried, a lot, and some of the staff feltsorry for him but it didn’t last. He was taught that emotions werea weakness and the more he cried the worse he was beaten and soeventually he stopped crying. Then the brainwashing began. That washis life until he turned 16. By then he was at a total disconnectwith himself and they began to experiment on him and introduce him tothe other soldiers. They all began taking tactics classes togetherand battle training classes. He worked best with October, andtogether they watched as the others slowly went insane. When theorder came through to have them killed they planed their escapetogether but were separated during the attempt. He is confidentOctober died, and isn’t bothered by it (so it would seem). He chosehis alias, granted he doesn’t understand the concept of last namesyet, and is trying to figure out the best way to survive and stayhidden.

    Soldier modifications- His right armlooks normal but it is actually bionic, hidden within it is a machinegun and a small laser cannon (tech the gov. wasn’t suppose tohave), and a small magazine rack to hold ammo. His left eye is alsobionic. It scans and gives a readout of weaknesses and tactical infoon enemies. He was also genetically engineered to be faster than theaverage human. He received so many modifications because he was oneof the few that didn’t loose his mind.

    Ok, so clearly your character wont have the soldier work done but I felt I should include it. If you dont want to make a sheet we can jump right in!


    (Realized this would be easier if I had given some form of a character going to do that now so you will have something to work with. XP)

    December was cold...though that wasnt the right word for it. Perhaps numb was better. Whatever it was, he didnt feel uncomfortable anymore. His clothes were all soaked through and his body shivered but he didnt seem to notice. He was looking strait up.

    Rain was pouring down. All around him people ran for cabs or buildings or walked with umbrellas over their heads. They wore rain coats and over coats against the wet and cold, but he didnt. He stood there, stoke still, dripping wet, on the side walk staring up at the sky. He had never seen or felt the rain and he didnt know any better. He would probably catch his death standing there but he just didnt know any better. He also didnt know where to go because in all honesty he didnt have a place to go.

    So, expressionless, he just stood there as people dodged around him and stared up at the rain.

    (yes its short...ugh...but I have this image of this bimbo standing out in the rain like a drowing turkey in my head...I couldnt help myself... XP at least it gives an interesting, weird setting of sorts.)
  2. Name- CodeName: May
    CurrentAlias: Trinket
    Age- 19
    Appearance -
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    Outside of isolation
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    inside of isolation (figured it fit cause of the abuse you mentioned in the story line)
    Please don't reuse these, they're my drawings.

    Bio- An abandoned child picked up off the street, used to test out the ability to meld metal into flesh and nerves.

    Soldier modifications- Survives blast explosions, forms with shrapnel (metal) to create a ribbon that can uncoil from underneath her flesh to form a sort of armor. The tests failed and scars her physically and wiping out her emotional state. So every time she uses this ability it causes her extreme pain and may result in infection from open wounds

    Trinket had woken up, shivering. She had become a danger and was lashing out on the scientists. So she confined to a metal room and a steel bench, it was similar to what jails used. She didn't seem to recall the other day's attack. So she freaked out at her apparently new surroundings and pulled down at her white gown. It made her embarrassed and exposed. She curled close to her chest and yelled.

    "Izzie!" She calmly waited for a sign of a quiet voice. But nothing came. Izzie was another failed experiment. Trinket didn't know what caused her to get so sick but she was looking after her for quite some time. When they decided to try and terminate Izzie, also known as June, that was when she decided to attack. She stood up when a face appeared in the window outside of her cell.

    "What did you do with June!?" Trinket was furious, she didn't realize that she was still in her healing phase. With a quick pop her stitches ripped open and became white. Flecks of blue spots spun around her before the person behind the door swooped in to catch her.

    "She's been terminated." That was all she could hear before she passed out again. Attacking was the last thing on her still mind. Her stitches were repaired and she was released. Actually it was more like she was shoved out the front door for being so much trouble. Nothing was given to her, only a few bucks and a suitcase with clothes.

    "What gives!?" She kicked the doors and security escorted her off the property. it was raining awfully hard, it flung at her face hard enough to sting. It must have been mild acid rain. She thought. Where was she to go from here...
  3. December finally just sighed. He found the rain beautiful, but standing in it was clearly a bad idea. People were starting to stare, so he moved on. He trudged through the rain in a random direction. Only later did he realize where his feet had lead him. He was standing in the shadows of a building within eyesight of the compound. It looked like an ordinary military base...but the horrors within...if only people knew. He watched for a long time, the rain beating down harder.

    He had been condemned, that ment the gov. would terminate him if they found him. Just like they terminated October. He had been staring for a while when there was motion. He moved further back into the shadows and watched. A girl in a white gown, he vaugly recognized her...which one was she, June? no it was June's friend...May. That was it, she was May. The armer escort took her beyong the gates and left her there. At first December was confused. They had released her...?

    That ment one of two things. Either she had been dubbed sane and safe enough to be released from the failed program, or she had done something that warented release. There was also the chance they were using her to lure out anyone who had escaped the project like him, but he didnt want to believe that. Want. It was such a foriegn concept but he was adjusting to it.

    When she was alone he decided to risk getting her attention. He was curious...why had she been released? What had happened? He stepped from the shadows and whistled at her. He waited until he knew she had seen him before disappearing into the shadows again. If she came after him he would run, at first, put some distance between them and the compound. Then he would talk to her. It was strange to see a familer face after so long...
  4. She shivered from the cold wind blowing up her skirt. Her head kicked back, her eyes demanding to see for herself what had happened to Izzie. Trinket scuffed her red hair with rubbing her thin fingers through it at the scalp.

    "I'm coming back for her." She gave a low growled protest to no one. No body would be standing in the rain waiting for her to leave. So she figured she should get out of the rain. She knew that it was rain but she didn't know the sensation was so wet.

    Her curls clung to her face when the sound of a bird chirped into her ear. Her head spun around and she tried to place it.
    "Izzie? Did they kick you out too?" She called out and her bare feet slapped against the water that pooled on the cement. She ran half way to one end of the fence and heard the chirping again. This time she was certain that it came from behind her. Her eyes caught someone ducking behind the wall into the shadows. This made her feel it was most likely Izzie, she loved to play hide and go seek with the security.

    Her numb feet carried her to the shadows and she saw someone larger than Izzie take off. "So... what am I to do with you? You're not Izzie." She frowned as she seemed satisfied talking to herself. She clung onto her suitcase and took off further into the rain. She wanted to follow this man. Maybe he could tell her something she needed to know. Her breath turned to fog in the chilly air as her breath and body grew warmer. Her heart raced with excitement as she finally caught up to him.

    (June is Izzie btw, she was the one terminated, not october. Unless you're adding another character had been terminated too.)
  5. (October was decembers friend who was terminated when they tried to escape. December is supose to be terminated but he got away. sorry for the confussion XP)

    December stopped a few alleys away. He wasnt even short of breath, but then their run had been more of a jog for him. He looked the girl over, it was May...but he hadnt seen her in so long. She didnt seem to recognize him either. They were standing under an awening, so the rain wasnt pellting them, which was almost nice...much less cold at least.

    "Your..." he wasnt sure how to word the question and he was more than defensive. Someone could have followed her "Your May, correct? Did anyone follow you?"

    He looked around for a moment. No one appeared to be after him. He took in her suitcase then. "Why did they release you?"

    He was full of questions, but he had to get the basics out of the way. He needed to know they were safe before he went any further.

    (sorry its short, im braindead tonight)