An Unlikely Pair

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  1. This is an idea that is very simple, but I believe with the right ideas behind it can really take off. The plot is simple. I'm a regular human male and my character would be seen as attractive in all the ways its possible. I'd be able to get anyone that my heart desires. Just at the height of such things a character who is seen as ugly and hideous and even monstrous kidnaps me for whatever reason. While secluded within themselves they fall for each other, but dont know if it would work out so well.
  2. ((I'll delete this question post later, but are you looking for roleplayerers? This sounds interesting.))
  3. Im looking for players yes. At the very least someone to play the monster. All the details can be discussed and played with.
  4. (Alright, so the monster is the really bad person who kidnaps the hot guy?)
  5. Not exactly bad person he is just bad because everyone sees him as he is a monster becuse of his looks so he will act like one type of deal.
  6. Alright -- I see what you mean.

    Do I need to make a character sheet?
  7. If you want. Although I must warn you I'd like him to be very dominate of a creature. Sex was a big part of it, but since your a ten Ill have to cut that out.