An Unlikely Duo

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  1. Irabelle Hills or, Ms. Malleable, was sitting straight up on her couch as she silently watched the news from her small television set.

    "The super villain known as 'Havoc' has once again struck Blue River. Posters have plagued the streets of various neighborhoods featuring vulgar, descriptive images of bombs and explosions around the city, but officials have yet found any explosives. They are currently unsure of what Havoc is planning but- "

    Irabelle turned the box off and sighed to herself. Usually she knew exactly what Havoc was up to, but he had been so quiet lately and the bombing pictures left no clues for her to follow. She had never felt so hopeless before in her life. How could she protect anyone from the bombs if she didn't know where they were? Or if there were bombs at all?

    "Irabelle, think...think..." Irabelle rubbed her temples slowly, trying to remember anything that could help her. Random thoughts scurried through her mind, but none came to her that were really helpful.

    "I know he often travels to terrorize other cities..." Irabelle tried to piece together something, but since she was so flustered from the news, nothing valuable could really surface. With a louder, angrier sigh, Irabelle shot up from her small couch and started pacing around her small apartment. She couldn't wait much longer. She was paranoid of bombings. They were too quick for her, one minute a guy walks into a bank drenched with sweat and eyes darting from side to side, the next minute the headlines are up all around Blue River:

    30 Dead in Blue River Bank
    -Bomb threats were given but no one took action. Where was security?

    The pressure of it all was immense. She had never felt so lost before. The thought of sitting in her apartment while Havoc detonates the bombs around her hometown was driving her insane. She wanted to scream in her frustration.

    But, she didn't. And probably never would. She was too somber of a being for that. So instead of throwing a tantrum, she put on her all black suit and eye mask, a long trench coat, and headed out of her apartment. Maybe the neighborhood cities would have more information on the bombings. Any plan would be better than just sitting down.