An Unlikely Attraction?



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Zoe cast a bored glance over the crowd in the bar, nothing interesting today it seemed. No tasty looking man that could satisfy her thirst or lust. Twirling a delicate whine glass in her hand, her brown eyes left the boring humans and started following the lines in the red liquid. The whine of course was only a trick as she neither needed nor benefited from its effects anymore, to her the whine tasted no more than flavoured water. Raising a slender right hand she flipped back her dark brown hair over her shoulder, the soft locks tickling her bare back. Giving a barely audible sigh she finished her whine and stood up, her short dark jade dress, slightly crinkled by design, fell down to her knees as she went towards the door. The evening air of Portland greeted her, a slight breeze caressing her skin where her back and sleeveless dress didn't hide her skin it was a lovely night as she didn't feel as cold as she would've normally.</SPAN></SPAN>

Her high heels clicked audibly against the cement and she gripped her small purse in one hand, a lot of people was out in the city centre but outside the city core it was a bit slower paced, only a handful of people on the street at once. Zoe liked being around people most of the time but she preferred peace and quiet where she lived and had chosen her flat with that in mind. Her stomach growled slightly and while she could have waited until the next day or even one more day Zoe's lust for blood won in the end.</SPAN></SPAN>

Looking over the street she was pleased to see a person cam towards her in the street, male it seemed.Good, she smiled to herself, it was always easier tricking men in her experience. Just as they passed each other Zoe feigned a trip and gripped the man to keep from falling. "Oh, I'm so sorry," she said quickly, firing off an apologetic smile to him. "I must have had too much to drink, I must really get some self control," the last she said with a slight seductive tint to her voice and smile. It's so easy, she thought with an inner smirk as the man relaxed and got interested. Inching closer as she seemingly steadied herself she took the chance and bit down on his neck, sinking her sharpened canines into the soft skin.</SPAN></SPAN>

Forcing herself to stop in time Zoe licked the blood from her lips, smirking down on the man who sat slumped against the a building, someone would soon find him unless he woke first. Straightening out her dress Zoe continued home without a look back, planning out an evening in a hot bath and some reading maybe. All her way home a slight burning feeling stayed in her mouth, a craving for more blood, but she'd long since learned to control that feeling and it faded away as she entered her apartment.</SPAN></SPAN>
Alexzander Ashford Cast a lazy glance around the room. There hadn't really been anything intresting as of late. He had needed to hunt but had capped his thirst by going to a special Bar at the other end of town. It was in the costly but it was alright. The krusnick lived in a large, high end, high rise apartment since he had decided to come and stay in the city. Luckily the bar wasn't to far of a walk from his home. The bar served Vampire blood which his kind feasted on. Alex tucked his elegant wings against his back, pulling on his trench coat. The coat covered his wings despite how large they were. Alex fixed his shaggy but somewhat styled dark brown hair and went out into the streets.

He had, had enough to drink...more then he should have auctully. He chuckled to felt good though. This would satisfy him for now, though he would need to hunt for fresh blood soon. His phone buzzed in his pocket; automatically he knew who it was. It was his business partner McKay. The krusnik knew it was about time to go meet him. When Alex arrived there McKay was laying in a puddle of his own blood. He crouched and felt for a pulse. Good...It was still there but that would mean he would be on bed rest for awhile. Oh well...He would manage.
Then there it was! The scent he had been trained and that he had trained himself to recognize.

Vampires...The bloodthirsty killer of the night. It was all over McKay...The Krusnik growled to himself. He had been so careful! Alex thought that he had kept that territory clean of the Vampire Kind. The Krusnik Prince dialed 911 for an ambulance and waited there till they came then tracked the scent to an Apartment building. He knew she...or he was in there for sure. Alex looked up and scowled mostly in irritation at himself, looking at the windows of the buildings. His heightend senses could compete with a Vampires but Whoever this was had a good cover established. He sighed and turned his head before starting to walk home...tomorrow would have to bring more investegation into this.
A ray of sunlight shone in through the large window in Zoe's bedroom, striking across her face, waking her up effectively, curling up Zoe put a pillow over her eyes, she was still relaxed after her bath last night despite the odd feeling she'd had after getting home but in the end she couldn't lay still any longer. Yawning, she stretched lazily and got up and stripped out of her large t'shirt she used as a pyjamas and pulled on a pair of black jeans and a jade green long shirt with 3/4 sleeves that left her shoulders bare on her way to the large kitchen, not that she used it that often, if ever, for anything else than as a show for the few people that had ever seen her apartment. She feed entirely on blood and even if she were to eat normal food it tasted nothing to her and she only drank alcohol at bars to don't seem out of place, she could never get intoxicated by it nor could she get a hangover. Another good thing with being a vampire in Zoe's eyes, except for the first weeks when she'd realised that human food didn't give her nutrition anymore and that her body craved blood she'd panicked then of course she'd learned to handle it and later learned to enjoy it. The brunett smiled askew to herself as she picked out a special bag from her fridge, red liquid clung to the plastic sides of the bag, blood she'd taken from some victims instead of feeding on them directly. Those years working as a nurse back in England hadn't been wasted it seemed.

Pouring blood into a glass Zoe carefully placed the bag back in the fridge and took her glass out on the balcony overlooking the city, the smell of the blood wafted up from the glass teasing her and caused her mouth to ache for the slightly thick fluid. Her content, almost feline smile, was broken as she sipped the blood, its taste lingering in her mouth and she licked some stray drops from her rosy lips. A slight breeze played a bit with her dark chocolate hair and carressed her skin, times like these she was very glad that she'd been smart enough to save the money during her long life, it was so much easier to live like this than in a flee ridden house where you had to give up your money to avoid starving. No this was a life worth living, and if a few humans had to die when she wasn't careful enough then who cared, they were so many anyway.

Finishing her blood Zoe walked back inside, the wooden beaded curtains russling as she swept them apart, the sound always made her feel more at home, and ever since she'd been a kid had she wished to someday have curtains like that in a door way. At the sink she washed her glass and put it to dry, Zoe used so little in her kitchen that she had never bothered to learn how to use a dishwasher or even a microwave for that matter, so she always made her dishes by hand. Deciding to stay inside a little longer today Zoe went to her spacious living room, the balcony doors stood open, fresh air and sun light stremed inside, filtered a little by the beaded curtain, Zoe picked up a book with slim fingers and slumped down on the couch to read, starting the CD player with a remote control as she sat down and classic music filled the apartement on a low volume.
Alexzander woke on his expensive four poster bed, the morning light streaming in though the french doors leading to the balcony. He sat up, fixing his shaggy but elegant deep brown hair. He ran his tounge over his teeth, feeling his fangs. They had protruded from his gums since he had drank at the bar last night. Harvested Vampire blood wasn't going to cut it anymore...he needed to feed from the source. The krusnik stood up and streached his lean, but muscly body and his pitch black wings. They extended twelve feet each way. He folded them against his back before, covering a yawn, walking into his living room.

Alexzander took his cellphone from the kitchen table, slipping it into his pocket. He sighed slipping into the hall and took the elevator down to street level. He was on his way to go visit his business partner in the hospital. But first...Alexzander slipped down the street where the scent lead yesterday. Today was different...he could hear music playing from a topfloor. The scent of human blood in the air...not Mckay's either. Alexzander slipped his trench coat off and draped it over one of his arms. He looked up at the balcony the music was coming from. The Krusnik looked around, making sure the coast was clear.

When he saw it was clear, Alexzander focused his bright silver eyes and took off. He silently landed on the balcony, the music now louder. The man moved out of sight and peeked into the house. Lying on the couch, sprawled across the couch was a woman, reading. He couldn't take his eyes off her...who....just who was she? And did she have something to do with McKays Attack?
The soft piano music soothed Zoe as always. a nice piano solo could calm her from anything and it was almost always her choice for every occation, like today for example, despite what those hardworking humans she'd been part off once it was actually quite boring having nothing to fill your day with. Maybe she'd find some simple day job to ease her boredom, then again a job got boring pretty fast as well. Concentrating on her book again Zoe stroke back her brown hair over her shoulder, sighing slightly, it was hard concentrating on the text, like something was wrong and tickled her instincts.

Zoe stopped reading again as a nagging feeling spread through her, like cold fingers traced her neck, casting a glance over her shoulder she saw nothing, the balcony was empty, only the curtains moved slightly but no breeze had blown in from the open door, puzzled Zoe put her book down, she'd lived long and learned that sometimes things that seemed like nothing turned out to be important things. She sat still for a moment then went into her adjoining bed room and grabbed her cellphone, if it was a burgler who had somehow managed to get to her apartment without her noticing it the best way would be to scare him with the police instead of sucking him dry or pushing him off the balcony.

Walking back into the living room Zoe put her smart phone in her jeans pocket and held the beaded curtain to the side and stepped outside, she was certain there was someone there now, she could feel it but the prescence wasn't the same as a humans, it was something she had never felt before. Puzzled she looked around to find the intruder.
Alex Moved away from the windows as she sensed something was off. He smirked, she had good senses. To him...She smelled like a vampire but how recently she had been turned, he couldn't tell from this distance. Even still, Alexzander was four-hundred and twenty four and probably out aged her by a couple hundred years. Even still, he looked about to be in his mid twentys. As she got up and looked around she came towards the door, he held his breathe. He scooted to the side more as she stepped out, silently. Before she saw him, he reached forward and grabbed her around the waist, covereing her mouth, pulling her back into the apartment.

He held her agaist his body tightly, tucking his mighty wings against his back. Krusniks were dark angels, hunters ment to hunt the hunter of Mankind. Whatever strength she had, with his training, strength, and wits she wasn't going anywhere. His voice was smooth and warm, gentle, and not harsh in anyway. He was more soft spoken but firm in his voice and words.

"I know what you are and I'm warning you...You hurt another human I can track you down and End your life with a single blow. My business partner was just about killed by one of your kind yesterday. I'm kindly warning you...I want my business and friend intact so, please, back off. Now...Can I let go of you and just go on my way? Or Are we going to get into a scuffle here?"

He waited for her awnser before letting go of her. Alexzander moved away and looked at her, pulling on his Trench coat over his professional looking outfit.

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Zoe suck in some air as a stranger moved out behind her grabbing her around her waist, clamping a hand over her mouth, the instinct to scream long gone but she instantly tried to wrestle free, pushing with all her might against the man's grip, yet no matter how hard she tried her strength couldn't get her free. "What are you, no human could have this kind of strength," Zoe said coldly, her anger only visible by a slight tightening in her jaw. She wasn't an old vampire by any means when compared to how long they lived but she'd never encountered anyone stronger than her yet and this put her at a disadvantage and Zoe strongly disliked feeling inferior.

Listening to the strange man Zoe's eyes largened slightly, how could he know so much about her kind? Stepping back slightly when he released her she smoothed her shirt and raised her brown eyes up to his eye level and curved her lips to a smirk. "Oh, him, yeah I remember it, his blood was tasty, not the best but still good." Zoe licked her lips, her eyes narrowing slightly as she cocked her head to the side a bit. "Relax now, don't get all fired up. I have perfect self control, I've not killed for over two decades now, I can't think of any strange deaths around here since I moved to the city, can you?" Zoe asked, well aware that around her life there'd been nothing of the sort. It may be a risky game she played though, the man was not friendly to her kind so much was obvious, but what was life without risks, boring thats what.

"I prefer not to fight inside if you don't mind, I don't like cleaning and I'm quite fond of this place." Of course this didn't mean she wouldn't fight inside, if he went for her she'd defend herself alright, but Zoe had never been much of a fighter, argumentative and cold maybe but not an actual fighter. "And I must say your wings are quite interesting, I've never seen anything like it, if I believed in heaven I'd bet my money on an angel, but as that's not it I'm curious, what are you really?"


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She struggled against him and he chuckled warmly, his british accent clear in his voice

"If course I'm not human, I never have been so I couldn't tell you what it's like but..." the Krusnik ran his pale hand along her pretty jawline. "No need to sound so cold or be so...tense."

He gently realeased her, turning her to look him in the eyes. Alexzander smiled at her charmingly, his bright sliver eyes flashing in brillience as light caught his eyes.

"See...I got in trouble with my kind for showing mercy to another of your kind. I don't like to kill but I am capable without even trying so As long as you keep your feeding area out of my area then I won't be a bother to you."

He took a few steps back to get a look at her better.

"I am relaxed, this is rather fun. This is more fun then I've had in a long time. See...I'm probably old enough to be your grandfather's grandfather so I've seen plenty of strange deaths, espeilly this place that is crawling with Vampires. I don't mind though, plently of me to feed on."

He paced a bit back and forth, looking around before looking back to her. His movements graceful and silent. "Of course I wouldn't make a mess of your place here, It is quite nice, though it is a downgrade of what I'm used to."

He listened to her, and spread his wings a bit as she noticed them.

"Well you see, I'm a distant reletive of the Angel but nice try. I'm A Krusnik, part of the royal family the Ashfords. My name is Alexzander Ashford..." he bowed gracefully, then stood up strait.
"I do remember how it's like to be human," she said quietly, giving up her struggling as it was no point. "That's how I learned to be cold, in a way humans are on par with us so called monster." Zoe regretted her words instantly, she wasn't quite sure why she'd said it either but in a way this stranger was more like her than any human could ever be despite him probably not understanding what she meant.

Falling silent she stepped away from him and took a better look at him, he was handsome, pale grey eyes and dark hair, normally Zoe would definetly have gone after the man but now after having him assult her and entering her apartment she was too irritated at him to go down that road, at the moment. "Well," she said and glared at him. "As this is the first time you've threatened me near my home and I've lived her for awhile I can only conlude that this isn't your territory so I would say that it is my turf here." Zoe's English dialect was almost gone, hidden by years of living in the US, it was a barely noticable tint of her speech. "Your buisness friend walked on my normal hunting ground, so fair game in my eyes."

"Don't assume anything," she snapped sourly. "I may not be as young as you think." It was a white lie, the age he hinted at was four times her own give or take a few years but Zoe preferred to keep her younger age hidden, only a tightening in her jaw gave away some of her tension. This wasn't quite what she called entertaining, not when she was on the surprised side, but it was for sure a lot more interesting than her normal day, and against herself she was curious about him as he was something she'd never encountered before.

A Krusnik. Zoe had never heard of them before but his wings were impressive, especially inside as they looked bigger then they probably were. "I'm Zoe," she said after pondering slightly on what to do. "Zoe Walker." If she'd still been human she would have been quite intimidated or even flushed to be near someone who called himself a prince, now she was not so naive and unexperienced but it was still an odd feeling.

"So, I'm in presence of royalty, such and honour for a simple English girl." Zoe smiled askew, her head tipped slightly to the side.
"You say this being cold is directly related to you using to be human? Well Let me tell you right now I know a few people that have never been human and their dispositions are so Cold they could make a Vampire freeze to death which is saying alot. Your kind put up a fight, don't die easily...but your are correct in the manner of that humans have a certain cruelness in them, unique to them..."

He stepped towards her, sighing.

"I've lived in this city for a long time, this city is my territory. I tolerate the hunting in this area Only because I know Vampire need to eat too; but..."

Alexzander stepped closer to her, gently sliding two fingers under her chin, making her look up at him. A handsome but devious smile played across his perfect lips.

"When your hunts start to interfere with the lives of those who affect my job and standing here in the city, then I step in and dispose of the problem. But since your a woman, not to mention a beautiful one, I'll give you another chance. Just don't blow it cause I'd hate to see such beauty to go to waste."

He waited for her response then chuckled warmly, his fingers falling from her chin. A playful smile came across his lips.

"I know for a fact that you were turned recently but not too recently, in other words you are a baby in Vampire standards. I've learned alot in my four-hundred and twenty three years here on earth. I deal with Vampires almost every day. You can't fool me."

He listened as she told him her name. Zoe...a pretty name he hadn't heard in quite some time. Then she mentioned being in the preasance of royalty. He smiled a bit, taking a step back.

"Yes, I am of the Royal Krusnik family but your kind, Vampires, have a royal family as well. Not quite as well know but My younger brother is the King of it. He himself is a vampire...his name is Rylan Ashford. The only Vampire to be born a Vampire, and not created into one such as you. He is about thee-hundred and ninety years old. Definitly not the oldest but definitly the strongest. I don't know if you know about him since he prefures to live in his hidden away house somewhere outside of London...but stay away. He likes to toy with people and creatures alike...not the most friendly to those inside or outside his race..."
"Maybe I formulated myself wrong, I didn't mean that only humans are cold but that us so called monsters have no privilege to cruelty."Slight shivers run down her spine at his words though, the thought of such creatures did scare her a little.

Her stuborn brown eyes met his grey ones as he tilted her head upwards, "and how would I know which people know you?" She asked pointedly and jerked her head to the side so he lost his contact with her chin, annoyed at his words and slightly smitten as well, what woman didn't like being called beautiful? "But for a handsome man like you I guess I can make an effort to keep out of your way," Zoe said with a charming smile, albeit with an undertone of a smirk, her eyes narrowing slightly.

"Actually it's over 65 years ago," she snapped sourly her seductive smirk vanishing, not able to take being called a baby by anyone.

"Actually I didn't know that," Zoe admitted lowering her gaze momentarily. "So even vampires have royalty," she said and looked at him again. "Well it's not that surprising I guess, all humans crave a leader or to lead so why not other creatures then."

Zoe stretched slightly before leaning against a wall placing her hands in her jeans pockets, her chocolate brown hair falling past her shoulders. "So, if I promise to do my best to keep away from your colleages can I trust you wont feed on me?" He had after all admitted to feeding on vampire blood and she wanted to feel safe when she wanted to.
He took in her beautiful brown eyes as she looked him in the eyes. There was something different he coudn't quite pick up on, he studied her, trying to figure it out. Then her words caught his ear, she called him handsome and that she was willing to atleast try and stay out of his way. An absolutely alluring smile crossed her lips. It made him catch his breathe in his throat despite the fact that Krusniks were never to marry or date outside thier race. It was frowned upon in just about every race besides humans, including his own, to date outside of it. Krusniks were supposed to be pure creatures with a pure bloodline. A smile slid across his lips as she snapped at him, telling him that it had been a little over sixty years since she had been turned.

"Well..." he said with a smirk. "When I was eighty I looked like I had just turned twelve so sorry about the baby reference. Your just so young it's hard to believe."

He chuckled a bit and went over, sitting back on the sofa with a sigh, listening to her. Alexzander looked over at her, not taking his eyes from her. She went over near a wall and streached, her lean body moveing gracefully as she leaned against it. Her elegant chocolate brown hair tumbled well past her shoulders in a beautiful cascade. The sunlight coming in the window beautifully showing off her features. She asked him to consider not feeding on her if she stayed away from the people he cared about.

"Sure...I guess but Krusnik feeding is a whole different experience. Nothing like a vampire is...refreshing."

He stood up, streaching his huge wings a bit, the sunlight playing off the pitch black feathers magnificently. Slowly he approached her, backing her into an inescapable corner, a charming smile on his face.
Looking at him sit in her couch Zoe liked what she saw, the striking effect of his dark hair and bright silver eyes was alluring in her eyes, if he had been a human she'd gone for him instantly but the sheer fact of their differing races, and not to mention that a Krusnik apparently fed on Vampire blood made her vary of that, not taking into account that the very same applied to her relations with human men. So Krusnik aged a lot slower than humans then, interesting, Zoe was very unknowledgable about other races and even her own race, she had learned what she knew by herself. She liked the look he gave her, the same rush as always but she was still careful and slightly on edge, Zoe didn't hold grudges really but she had learned to be careful.

"Well nice to know that if we had been the same age I'd still look older," she was teasing and not seriously mocking him.

Zoe's eyes fell on his wings, they were truly magnificent really, the idea of a real creature having functional wings was a bit odd but still so cool, it would have been so amazing to fly but sadly vampires, while having the ability of enhanced strength and speed they could only jump high and not stay airborn. She hated to admit it but she was jealous of his wings, that was the reason she had bought the top floor apartement, Zoe loved heights. Suddenly she snapped her eyes to Alexzander as he rose up and backed her into the corner, she eyed him varily.

"And I suppose you know how it feels becasue you have experienced it first hand?" She said, sarcasm evident in her voice. But even if Zoe was apprehensive it didn't lay in nature to shy away in fear, she had a determined look on and her askew smirk came back on, lifting her hands out of her pockets she crossed her arms lifting her head to ba able to look him in the eyes.
He listend to her, her looking him in the eyes with her beautiful brown ones.

"In fact...Yes I have and I'd have to be suprised if you havn't. A krusnik's bite is like...Let's put it this way. It's the pleasure without becoming physical; powerful but not so powerful it tempts us to mate with our prey. Just enough to lure them and keep them in the same spot while we feed from them."

Alexzander leaned in closer, his warm breathe caressed her pale skin.

"Now I drank at the bar last night but...I find myself hungry this morning. See...It's been about seven months since I've hunted for fresh blood. Most of the time I drink from the bar and tolerate the hunger till I get back to it but standing here...It's much too much of a temptation. So you must forgive me as I take the blood that you spilt last night, revenge for my business partner and satisfaction to feed my thirst."

Slowly he leaned forwards more and pressed his lips against her neck. Following that he sunk his teeth into her neck. His body shivered in pleasure from welcoming fresh blood into his pallet and from the feeding. It felt great to not drink that flat tasting blood...this...this was for real.
The way he described it seemed a lot better than a vampire, when she'd been bitten it had hurt like hell for an instant, despite that though she had not been able to scream but then the pain slowly ebbed away as she lost more and more blood, of course she didn't know that until afterwards, back then she was conviced a human murderer or rapist had grabbed her.

Sometimes Zoe did think about how it felt for those humans she fed on, they must feel the pain as she felt it in that alley long ago, but if she didn't feed she'd die, besides they should be glad about the pain as it meant she wasn't drinking them dry. She could see his point, she'd fed of his partner and now he fed on her, but seeing the logic is far from accepting it and Zoe was apprehensive about his intention but also curious, that part of her that wanted to know everything about all new things she found, and he was both new and mysterious so she stood still.

At first first her curiosity kept her in place as he came closer and leaned in, but small tendrils of fear fought their way into her heart and then she felt a quick sharp sting when his teeth sank into her neck, like the stung of a needle, but pain was pain and Zoe was about to fight back when the feeling kicked in. She couldn't really describe it, it was like Alexzander had said, but more, nothing she'd felt so far, neither good nor bad could come cose to this experience. She could feel her knees weaken even and Zoe was glad she had the wall as support her stubborness refused her the support of grabbing onto his clothes. Far back in her mind a lone thought wafted around, what if he drank too much, she would never gain the strength to stop him but in the pleasure that filled her head that thought soon vanished like a single leaf in a vast ocean.
Alexzander could practically smell her curiosity then fear as he sank his fangs into her neck. The Blood trickled into his pallet, relief flooding his body. He was very much pleased to be drinking something besides preserved Vampire blood. This was fresh...good. Then Zoe started to relax and that in turn helped him relax a bit more. Any tension in his muscles faded away. Alexzander was aware that her knees became weak as often times happened to his prey. He bit down a bit harder, his fangs sinking in a bit more. Then her body tensed a bit as fear dripped into her thoughts. She must be frightened of him drinking too much, but he had only killed when he wanted too and now wasn't the time.

He would only pull his fangs away once he felt her entire body go weak. Then he would go and gently help her over to the couch and look down at her with increasing curiosity...
As her worry drifted away a gentle calm settled in her, for once Zoe was entirely calm in the prescense of another person. She felt him let go and the pleasure ebbed away bit by bit but it left her calm and relaxed as Alexzander guided her to the couch. She was even to relaxed to get irritated over the fact that this stranger made her feel so powerless, and in her eyes powerless meant weak and if she met someone dangerous that meant death, now though she had to trust that he wouldn't harm her now after letting her live thorugh the feeding.

Taking a breath to gather her wits she looked up at him, a small smile playing on her lips. "okay I admit it. This was a lot better than being fed on by a vampire, that feeling is all about pain until bloodloss dulls your senses."

Despite her calm state of mind, at her own words she was transfered back in time to a dark, dirty back alley and a person attacking her, she'd never found out who it was or if it was a man or a woman, shaking her head slightly Zoe sak back into the calmness left by his bite and pushed away her past again. "It is quite strange that I have never met a krusnik before, not that many vampires either actually, you don't seem so easy to miss with those wings." She said and stroke back her hair from her eyes.
He looked down at was almost as if he could see her pleasure and relaxation corsing through her veins. She would be annoyed at him...if she could feel that way now, but he knew she couldn't. Alexzander had fed too much for her to be coming down off her high anytime soon. He listened as she took a breathe to compose herself, she looked up at him with her beautiful eyes. A small smile played across her perfect lips.

"Okay I admit it. This was a lot better than being fed on by a vampire, that feeling is all about pain until bloodloss dulls your senses."

looked at her, a charming, curtious smile came across his lips.

"Of course it is...the pain is dulled by the senses every creature has...the prey feels so good it dosn't want it's attacker to stop feeding. Therefore the struggle is taken away and no commotion is caused. Good for both sides, beneficial to me all the time, benefical to their prey if it lives through the feeding. Most of the time we aim to kill but I"m letting you off with a warning."

He went over and leaned on the arm of the couch closest to her feet. After his words it looked like for a few brief moments that her mind went someonewhere else. Zoe shook her head and sank back into the peace and calmness that followed the bite. He listened as she spoke.

"It is quite strange that I have never met a krusnik before, not that many vampires either actually, you don't seem so easy to miss with those wings." She said.

He extended his wings a bit more and looked at them like he never had them to begin with.

"Your right, they can be seen alot but the humans have accepted out exsistance. They have witnessed the bloody, horrific crime scenes of a Vampires feeding. Since the sightings of our kind here the attacks have decreased. The human race believes us to be the protectors of thier city...kind of like Batman was to Gotham. When in fact we are here to feed because of the enormous amount of Vampires here in this city. Still I walk around wearing a trench coat, it hides them pretty well. I'd rather not have all the media attention..."

His gaze shifted to the city. Still from up here, due to his hearing that out did a Vampires hearing, he could hear the sounds of the city and it calmed him. Silence meant danger and danger wasn't what he wanted to get mixed up into at the time being. Alexzander relaxed, his stiff muscles in his back, neck, and arms went limp and he sat there...enjoying the view.
Slouching back against the couch Zoe looked at Alexzander, that single action was about the biggest action she felt like doing at the moment though her head began to clear as the fresh air wafted in through the still open door. The krusniks advantage when hunting was more dangerous than the pain from a vampires bite, even she who knew what happened couldn't even raise a finger and then she even wanted him to continue feeding, now that her head got clearer her irritation over her own weakness came back, ever since her childhood she'd been inferior in many ways and she still hated it. To meet someone stronger than her that could attack her and leave her wanting it, but the trust that started to grow kept that irritation in check.

"I've never seen or read Batman actually but I get the point," Zoe said with a slight smile and straightened slightly, gaining her composure again. "That could also explain why I haven't noticed any vampires during my time here, but I haven't lived here all that long either." In fact she could barely remember how many times she'd moved since she'd been bitten, all to hide her ever lasting youth and the killings that happened around her previous homes, that continued until she stopped killing her victims to be able to stay longer.

She moved her brown eyes from his face to his wings, a vague glint of childlike interest visible while the rest of her was collected with a cool interest. She'd been impressed by them ever since she'd calmed down from his first appearance. Large and black they towered over them when he stretched them out and it was actually quite hard realizing that Alexzander could fly for real, just until today she had believed that the largest creatures able to fly were birds.

"It's quite weird actually," she said. "I myself have turned into a creautre from horror stories and yet I'm still surprised over your race, that can fly and is even stronger than vampires. It makes me wonder what more strange creatures there is out in the world."
"You probably havn't seen any because I usually keep my territory in check with the help of a few other Krusnicks in the area. We only need to feed once and while so we take turns. If you've slipped past them to me, the top of the chain then you've hidden yourself pretty well then. Most just let thier feeding insinct take over and they get themselves killed. Neither of them will be too happy I let you go but what they don't know won't hurt"

He looked back over at her with a warm chuckle and watched as she examined his wings once again.

"If your that instrested in them it's not like it's the first time anyone has asked to touch them. Alot of people think thier fake but I just tell them...If I didn't have a use for them then I wouldn't have them."

He smiled and watched her as she spoke, her perfect lips moved fluidly, each word coming out smooth in texture and tone. Alexzander moved, standing up and going over, sitting on the side of the couch, on the floor, his back to her.

"It's not havn't been a Vampire for too long anyways. Yes there are alot of strange creatures out there. The ones I am most familar with are Kelpies and Hellhounds. Kelpies are creatures that can take on human form but usually are in a form of a horse. They attract humans and when the humans touch them they become trapped, stuck. They are then dragged into the water and eaten by the Kelpie. As of late recent years...the last two hundred years, they have taken to a diet of Vampires and criminals given to them by the Magical World counsil. Kelpies are the servents of the Krusniks...Mine is out of town at the time being...feeding. And Hellhounds are usually bred by a group of Vampires. The Hellhounds don't like to venture far from thier breeding grounds near and around extinct, active, or dormant Volcanos.

"That is why seeing one here in this city is very unlikely. They perfure to take thier human form and like to stay near thier masters. Krusniks don't like to be around hellhounds and Vampires do what they can to avoid Kelpies. Taking on servents...or pets as some callthem...It's helped us stay out of scuffles that would reveal too much to humans.But there is other things out there. Like Faeries, Trolls, ghosts, changlings, etc. They are all controlled by the Official Magical World Association. Keeping a lid on all this is for the best. For us creatures and humans alike..."