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  1. Evalyn woke up in a cold sweat, breathing heavily. The nightmares are getting worse. She sighed and got out of bed walking to the bathroom in her little two bedrroom apartment. Her long black hair was a mess and her blue spaghetti strap shirt was wrinkled up showing her flat stomach. She looked in the mirror at her sleepy face, small bags forming under her bluish purple eyes. She turned on the water waiting for it to get warm then washed her face. She stood there a moment then brushed her slightly wavy hair knowing there was no point in going back to bed now. She sat on the couch reading a book until the sun came up. She decided it would be best to get out for a while and get something to eat. She threw on a pair of shorts and a different spaghetti strap shirt, grabbed her phone and keys, slipping on her flip flops on the way out the door. She locked up and headed to a little diner down the street. She ordered herself a coffee and some breakfast and watched out the window as the small town started to come alive. Being in a small town she knew most of the people around or at least recognized faces, but someone caught her attention. He was gorgeous and was definitely not from around here. Her eyes followed him as he walked down the street.

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  2. Theo felt as if a single pair of eyes were on him, however catching someone's attention was the last thing he wanted to do in this town. He needed to get away from where he came from. And what better way to do it than start over in this small town that wasn't even on the map. He walked a bit longer and still felt as if he was being followed. He wasn't sure if it was someone that could get him into trouble. He felt as if it was something else. He turned his head only slightly only to notice out of the corner of his eye a woman who seemed to be attracted to him. He could tell by the way she was looking at him. He turned back around to face the direction he was walking in. He put on his Clubmaster sunglasses as the sun started to rise. He still wasn't used to how bright the sun was in this town. Back where originally was from the sun was usually blocked by large towers and buildings, and the only way you could ever see it is if you looked directly up. But here this doesn't seem to be the case. He glanced back once more, but this time turned around completely. "Umm...can I help you?"

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  3. Noticing the stranger realized she was staring, Evalyn turned her attention back to her food but couldn't help to keep glancing up at him. She wasn't near him when he spoke but she heard him clearly, looking around to see if anyone else could hear him she was surprised to see that nobody had. She looked over to him once more a little confused then shook her head and looked down at the table. She didn't say anything in feat of looking like a weirdo talking to herself. She looked back up at him after a moment to see if he was still there, her heart pounding against her chest as she did.
  4. Theo scratched his head and smiled a little. His senses were quite enhanced. He didn't think a "normal" human male would have noticed her staring from behind a glass. He actually found it a bit peculiar that he even noticed her. With him being "different" and all his senses were enhanced, but not to that extent. He looked up at the sign of the building he noticed the girl in. I am pretty hungry. He looked back at the girl then walked towards the door of the diner only to walk in to face the girl awkwardly. Theo wasn't too good with awkward situations, so instead of explaining himself or apologizing, he smiled sweetly, and sat down with her. It's as if he completely forgot about what'd just happen merely 60 seconds before. "Um...sorry about what ever...just happened," he said as he took his clubmasters off. "My name's Theo." He stuck his hand out to shake hers over the table. I am so dumb, he thought to himself.
  5. She stared at him not believing he was walking toward her then smiled and took his hand shaking it softly "Evalyn" she told him gently. "And it's alright.. I actually heard you.. Although it doesn't seem like anyone else did. I'm sorry for staring" she apologized as if she had offended him greatly and hung her head a little, looking down at the table.
  6. "Hey! Don't worry about it! I um...get it a lot. But probably not for the same reason you were staring," Theo watched as the waitress walked up to him and asked for his order. "I'll take a coffee. I need to look at the menu," he said before returning his attention to Evalyn. "Evalyn...that's a beautiful name by the way," he said giving her another sweet smile.
  7. She blushed softly "thank you" she thought for a moment "why do you get stared at a lot, of not for the same reason? If you don't mind me asking" she raised an eyebrow slightly and started thinking about how people have always found her a bit strange, as if there was something wrong with her.
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