An Unexpected Romance (❖BadDεεr❖ & Silver Shadow)

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  1. ~Description~

    A new student arrives and a known bully at school begins to pick on them. The two begin to form a bond that they didn't expect to happen... A romance roleplay between a new student and a bully.

    Character Bios:

    Note: This section will be updated whenever a new character is added into the story.

    [BCOLOR=#000000]BadDeer's Character(s):[/BCOLOR]

    ChaseA 19 year old boy who is the quite a well known bully at his school. He's tall and quite strong, making him rather intimidating. He enjoys picking on the newbies at school, and his most recent victim happens to be a girl who just arrived. Chase tends to act very cold towards others but when the right person comes along, he starts to show his softer side. He's very stubborn and doesn't like to admit how he feels. Chase is the jealous type, so when he falls in love with a girl, he tends to get rather overprotective

    Chase is also rather lazy. He tends to sleep a lot and is usually late for class. Despite this, he still does reasonably well in most classes. His best subject is biology.

    Birthday: July 7, 1997

    Likes: pumpkin flavoured anything (He's basically a white girl around halloween... to starbucks!!), Biology class, the color green, sports (mostly tennis because dem strong manly arms)

    Dislikes: Math just oh god anything but math please... and insects. And germs. Also don't touch the neck. He's very ticklish there.

    Character traits worth knowing: Despite being a 'tough guy', Chase is actually a germaphobe. He is choosey about being a germaphobe though. He doesn't like people being near his food or random people touching his face for example. He's all a sissy when it comes to bugs, but he's managed to hide this fact most of the time. As long as the bug doesn't land on him, he's fine. Chase also tends to drink a lot of black coffee, but it doesn't really effect him since he can still fall asleep quite easily. He can't really drink coffee with milk since he's lactose intolerant.

    Backstory: This will all be revealed in due time. Patience young padawan~ ;D
    [BCOLOR=#000000]Silver Shadow's Character(s):[/BCOLOR]

    ValerieValeri 'Val' is a 17 year old Senior. Smart, Inquisitive, and yet very shy, Val isn't one to go out and make her own friends, yet she is extremely loyal to those she becomes friends with. She is cuddly and loves to make others smile and laugh. She can fix almost any problem with a computer and is very good in math. She moved to a new school because her father got a new job.
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  2. ChaseLeaning back in his chair with his arms behind his head and his legs crossed, Chase stared at the ceiling and sighed. Today was a boring school day. Most of the newbies had learned to avoid him by now and he couldn't really pick on anyone else. No one was as fun as the newbies in school. They would always get easily annoyed or frustrated whenever he did something. He found it fun, even if it did cause a lot of people to dislike him. He didn't really care.

    The bell rung just then, and everyone began packing their school bags with their textbooks, notebooks, and pencils. Chase did the same before slinging his backpack over one shoulder and shoving his free hand into his pocket. With the rest of the class, he made his way out into the hallway and was about to go to his next class when he noticed something was going on. Some students were fussing over something down the hall.

    Squinting at the group of students, he tried to make out what they were so excited over. Then he spotted her. Her face was so unfamiliar to him, he was sure she was new. Perfect timing.

    Grinning to himself, he waited for those students around her to leave before making his way over to her position, towering over the girl menacingly.

    "Well, well, well! What do we have hear? A new little mouse in our school? How lovely.~"
  3. Valeri 'Val' opened her locker, and the next thing she knew the bell rang. She looked around, her music playing in her ears. She gently pulled them out as a few kids crowded around her. She waved shyly, biting her lip a little as she tucked a stray strand of dyed red hair behind her ear.
    she said softly as they walked off. Just as she turned towards her locker, she heard another voice. Turning, she squeaked a little.
    she said quietly, fear tingling in her skin as she backed into the lockers a little. Her unusual red eyes flickered between his.
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  4. ChaseJust then he saw the perfect opening to corner her and maybe mess with her a bit. Grey eyes locking onto her red ones and a mischievous grin playing on his lips, the boy swiftly moved his body to be in front of hers. Without another moment of hesitation, he quickly put his hands onto the lockers behind her, slamming them on either side of her head. Chase had her exactly where he wanted her now, trapped between him and the lockers. He leaned in closely before lowering his voice to just barely above a whisper.

    "Listen up freshmeat. My name is Chase, the 'Alpha' here in this school. I reccomend you stay out of my way, or else you will have a problem on your hands, missy. Capisce?"

    After he said what he wanted, he backed away from her, smirked, and then turned around to make his way to his class.

    "Glad we had this chat.~" He remarked back at her, chuckling to himself.

    ((Sorry if I seem kinda stale with my replies. Still trying to get back into the swing of roleplaying since I took a break for a while. xD))
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  5. (Stale? O.o this is great!)

    Valeri 'Val' felt like she was shrinking. She pressed back against the lockers, staring up at him a little fearfully. She said nothing as he spoke, her eyes flickering between his. As he walked away, she shuddered.
    She said very quietly, taking a deep breath. She knew that maybe if she'd just not let him get to her, he wouldn't pick on her. That actually worked, right? She shook her head slightly and got the things for her next class. Looking at the map, she started walking along, trying to find her class... The bell rang and she flinched a little. Late twice in a row on her first day, great.
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  6. ChaseChase waltzed into his class triumphantly. Ah, biology! His favorite subject! Today would be a discussion about... Hm... Chase actually didn't remember. He sat down and took out his notebook and textbook. It was a very thick text book since he took the high level class for biology. He enjoyed reading from it though.

    After all the other students came in, the teacher also made his way into the class. Setting her bag on her desk and taking out her own teachers books, she began to write something on the white board.

    "Okay class! Today we will be talk about... the reproductive system!"

    Chase froze, wondering if he heard right. Soon after his face began to flush a bright red color, spreading across his cheeks and up to his ears. Out of embarrassment, he hid his face in his hands, wondering why it had to be THIS topic today of all days. Slumping down in his chair to hide himself more, he opened his notebook and began taking notes, cheeks still tinted with crimson.

    ((I had to xD))
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  7. Valeri 'Val' finally realized she was completely lost. She peeked into an empty classroom and saw the teacher at her desk. She looked up.
    "Well hello there! Do you need help?"
    The blonde smiled.

    Val nodded. "I uhm... I'm new, and-"

    The teacher stood.
    "I'm guessing you need help finding a class? No worries, I'll show you. I'm Ms. Gardner by the way."

    Val was relieved that she didn't have to explain the whole situation.. she showed the lady her schedule.
    "Thank you.."

    "No problem... Valeri?" She had spotted the name on the schedule. "That's such a pretty name! Oh and look, I have you for English as your last class today!" Ms. Gardner laughed softly.

    Val nodded as she followed Ms. Gardner to her science class.

    "Where'd you transfer from? Around here?" The teacher asked curiously.

    "No, I'm from out of state.. my dad got a new job, so we moved.." Valeri said softly, glancing around as she tried to memerize the path..

    "Ah, that'll be a bit tough, but I think you'll do great." Ms. Gardner said as she stopped outside of the biology class. "Here we are! If you ever need my help, let me know, I'd be glad to help."

    Valeri nodded as Ms. Gardner knocked on the door lightly.
  8. Chase"Come in!" The teacher said aloud to whoever was outside of the classroom. The door then opened, and everyone's head turned to look. Some people got very excited, while others looked more surprised to see a new girl walk into the class.

    Meanwhile, Chase was in his chair looking rather shocked to see her again so soon.

    "Ah! I'm guessing you are the new student? Please come in! Don't be shy!" The teacher ushered the red haired girl to stand in front of the class. Everyone stared silently.

    "Please, introduce yourself to your classmates!"

    Chase, now over his shock, began to lean forward over his desk, resting his head in one hand and smirking. Well now, this would be easier than he thought. Or... so he thought.
  9. Ms. Gardner waved at her and then left to go back to her own class.

    Valeri 'Val' stood nervously in front of the class.
    "I-I'm Valeri..." She said quietly, holding her books close to her. She glanced around, her eyes flickering over the students before they met Chase's... her breath caught and her eyes dropped before slowly rising again to meet his. She hesitated, then looked up to the teacher, then back to the class before she went to take a seat, which happened to be behind the desk that was beside Chase's desk.
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  10. ChaseChase turned around to look at Valeri, still smirking at her.

    "My my... What a surprise.~ The freshmeat just so happens to be in the same class as me!" he chuckled. "Remember what I said in the hallway. Get in my way and you'll have a bad time. Keep that in mind, clifford."

    His smirk grew as he felt a bit too proud of himself for that analogy. I mean... Valeri does have red hair but... Really? Eh, let him bask in his own pride I guess... Just then, the teacher spoke up.

    "Now, I know Valeri is a very pretty girl but now is not the time for flirting, Chase." she teased, a smile working her way onto her face.

    Chase looked around at the rest of the class frantically, clearly flustered by the teacher's comment.

    "Wha!? I-I'm not!"

    The class broke out into muffled giggles as Chase sank back into his seat, utterly defeated.
  11. Valeri simply looked down to her book, opening it to the chapter written on the board... Her eyes shot up at the teacher's comment, a blush spreading over her face. Did the teacher just say that in front of everyone? She looked back at her book... only to blush more. Reproduction?! She shook her head ever so slightly, pulling out her notebook. She just needed to take a deep breath and relax, there was nothing to be worried about...
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  12. ChaseTowards the middle of the lesson, the teacher announced that she was giving out a paper which everyone had to do in pairs. Chase was about to choose one of his friends when the teacher then added, "Work with the person sitting behind you." She then gave one paper to every other person in each row.

    "The first part of the paper is just labelling each part of the heart on the diagram as well as writing an the function of that part. The second part you will need to draw a diagram yourselves of the digestive system and label those parts as well with their function. This is just a revision from last year, and of course if you absolutely need to, use your textbooks. Try not to use them though if you can remember." She smiled, and then sat back down at her desk to do some paper work.

    Meanwhile, Chase reluctantly turned around to face Valeri, having no other choice but to work with her on this.

    "Well... guess we have to do this." He sighed, sounding somewhat annoyed. "Well, this should be easy enough... Did you learn about this in your school?"

    Some students were giggling and gossiping already, thinking that Chase had a crush on the girl or something. He tried to ignore the giggles and whispered words about them.
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  13. Valeri hesitated, then nodded a little. "Okay.. Y-Yeah, we learned this. It's a-a good review." She said quietly as she started to fill it out. "Are y-you good i-in this class?"
    She was very quiet, but was trying to sound confident.
  14. ChaseChase grinned devilishly as she asked that question, his huge ego inflating all the more.

    "Well... this is my favorite subject.~ And I won't lie, I'm quite good at it.~" he bragged, confidence oozing from him.

    "What about you? What classes are you good in? ...If any." He smirked at that last remark he made.

    While speaking, Chase was filling in some blanks on the paper, seemingly with great ease.
  15. "Math.. English, Web Development."
    She said quietly as she filled out her own paper. "Are you good at any other classes?"
    Valeri asked softly, tilting her head a little.
  16. ChaseChase brought a hand up to his face to tap his chin with one finger, trying to make it look like he was deep in thought over Valeri's question.

    "Well, I guess you could say I am quite good in the creative writing field. So yeah, for me English is also my forte."

    He paused before asking his next question.

    "Do you enjoy writing?"
  17. Valeri nodded with a smile. "I love writing... i.. I have a whole notebook just for storytelling..." she said quietly as she continued working.
  18. ChaseLooking up from the work in front of him, Chase met Valeri's gaze with a surprised expression. The male didn't really think that she would like writing stories. He didn't know why, but that wasn't the first impression he had gotten from her. Trying to now cover up his surprise, Chase cleared his throat as his eyes darted to look somewhere... anywhere else but at Valeri. He too, enjoyed writing stories in order to practice and enhance his English abilities.

    He just didn't want to admit that out loud.

    "Ahem... That's uh... cool I guess. Extremely nerdy though. I bet you are a huge book worm too, aren't you?"

    Quickly composing himself, Chase went back to being a smug jerk. He grinned his signature grin at her and raised an eyebrow, all the while leaning the side of his face against his hand that was propped up on Valeri's desk.

    "Do you just sit in the corner and read all day? Wear those big nerd glasses that make your eyes look huge?"
  19. Valeri hesitated a moment.
    "No... not really.... I don't need glasses... I like to code websites in my free time.."
    She responded honestly, glancing down at his elbow a moment before looking back up at him. She shifted a little, scribbling down the last answer on her paper before resting her elbows on the very edge of her desk, resting her head sideways on her hands.
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  20. ChaseChase began to open his mouth, about to comment on what she said last, when the teacher then cut him off and spoke up herself.

    "Okay class! Is everyone done? If so, you are dismissed from this class!"

    ((That moment you take a "nap" and wake up hours later, spasming in bed and being like oh god what day is it oh no I have roleplays to reply to wot do. xDD))
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