An Unexpected Romance...(Archmage Jeremiah)

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  1. Nulgath looked at his new armor, it was...colorful, to say the least, it matched Samus' in it's color scheme, and to a degree, style, though it was of his own making and design, so it bore the resemblance of his demonic form on it's shoulders and it's knees, they were in her colors, however, and had green eyes, instead of the usual red, to match the accents of green on her own armor

    "It's..." he looked at her for a moment and managed a smile "It's very nice" he says at last, knowing that insulting his armor would no doubt lead to her teaching him a lesson with another fight...

    "So..." he says, climbing up into the ship with a slight frown at how small it was on the inside "We're after...some Pirate captain, threatening to kill a space cruiser full of innocents?"

    He looked at her for a moment and smiled widely "I sure hope all those months of training pay'd be a damn shame for me to die on our first mission"

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  2. Samus quickly boarded her ship ahead of Nulgath, hopping into the cockpit and readying it for takeoff even before he came in behind her. She shut the hatch after he had entered, and fired up the thrusters. She glanced over her shoulder at him with a short smile before redirecting her attemtion towards her controls again.

    "The Chozo were incredibly advanced for their time. They equipped their armour with an invisible layer of energy shielding, and they were generous enough to pass one of their most sacred sets down to me before my departure."

    With the flip of a switch, the spacecraft smoothly began to rise and rotate around. While she pushed her steering mechanism forward, her ship began to take them gently out of her secret launch base on a miniature, uncharted planet. The perfect place for an ambiguous bounty hunter to call home. It wasn't long before they soared through the clouds.

    "And, yes, you're correct. They're attempting to retrieve information from them on the Metroids, and on the one who threw them into extinction. Thank the moons of Zebes they haven't attacked the station where the last Metroid resides, yet..."

    The transition through the atmosphere was seamless, and clean. But it was only when they left it did they begin to pick up speed.

    "Any other questions? Now's the time to ask them."
  3. "What's the plan? Go in guns blazing, killing everything in sight, or are we gonna co-ordinate some roles, sniping, suppressive fire?" he asks, his Betrayal Blade appearing from behind him "I can do close quarters easy if we're gonna pick roles, that'll be my area"

    He smiles happily and then stops "But...that's only if we're doing that...if not...I guess..." he holds up his gun and frowns at it "I can do the other way too, I guess"
  4. "If the Space Pirates learn of our presence, they'll surely attempt to use the hostages as leverage against us. We need to keep a low profile, use silent weaponry, and eliminate those that stray from their squads first. The captain will no doubt be heavily guarded, so I'll take care of him with a carefully aimed smart bomb. Without him, they'll be in disarray. Then we can attempt an assault."

    She glanced towards Nulgath's blade.

    "Try not to swing that thing around too much, and aim for vital areas, got it? We don't want you accidentally swinging at an innocent. But once phase one is complete, try to keep the pirates off me, my aim is horrible at point-blank range."

    "And keep your helmet on, and visor down at all times, and speak to me through our coms. The Space Pirates only know me by my armor, so seeing two of me could intimidate them."
  5. He smiles a little and the blade bobs "I'm not using it by hand...remember, it's psionically controlled...I'll still be careful of innocents...we don't need any deaths on our hands..."w he murmurs with a nod

    In regard to there being two of her, he chuckled "I don't know if I should be excited or scared about the idea of two of you" he says with a chuckle

    Setting down his visor he smiled a little, testing the coms "So...this is silent to everyone but us two? Interesting" he mutters