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  1. An Unexpected Meeting @flack

    “Jack and Coke, Sal?”

    “Ah, what can I say? You know me all too well, Cass.” Sal slid onto the barstool halfway, placing one pale arm on the bar. As an appreciator of the arts, he always admired the somewhat exotic décor of the place. The bar itself was illuminated and filled with water, giving everything a blue glow.

    He sat sideways, half-acknowledging the bartender while scanning the room for any potential candidates. It was a long day at work for the vampire, a long and hot day, and it was fair to say that he had worked up an appetite. The Night Glow bar was a magnet for humans – ones who he could feed off of with no consequences.

    “So will it be a boy or a girl, today?” asked Cassie as she slid him the drink.

    She still thinks I’m looking for lovers…

    “I don’t know, Cass. We’ll see,” he said with a gentle smirk. The cool air of the inside felt good against his skin, which was bare under his tank top.

    Soon, the vampire’s concentration was broken as his senses seemed to detect something odd. This place was full of humans, and humans only, besides him, right? For a second he thought he detected something nonhuman in the room. His brown eyes narrowed as he searched for the source of the strange feeling.

    Then he locked eyes with someone across the room.
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  2. Lewis was new to town, he'd been there maybe two days. He didn't really know not that it mattered much. There was nothing interesting, here so he planned on moving on after he got his first pay check. If you wanted to eat you had to work or hunt. But hunting wasn't something Lewis was keen on doing. The last time he went for a hunt he hurt a human. Being a werewolf meant you hid who you we and a wolf attacking a human didn't scream low profile.

    So he moved on quickly and decided to try the human way of doing things. He got various jobs, usually something with construction. This town was the same he got hired on, and worked hard. He was just waiting for that first check so he could move on to something exciting. Today was a hot one and being outside all day had taken its toll. A bunch of the other guys from the construction site kept talking about this get bar The Night Glow. It sounded interesting and he enjoyed meeting new people. So he tagged along with them.

    The bar was nice and cool, and the beer was good. People talking and being friendly it was nice. He was getting comfortable when someone new came into the bar. One whiff and Lewis knew, he wasn't the only nonhuman there anymore. The guy was probably just there to hunt, so as long as he didn't start anything Lewis would be content to do the same. That didn't mean he wasn't going to keep an eye on the guy though. He watched him scan the room until he was looking right at him.

    Great now I'm not gonna be able to finish my beer. Lewis bit his lip, he might as well attempt to keep things some what calm. He didn't feel like losing control in a crowded bar, and the guy staring at him was already putting him on edge. So he got up and slowly walked over to the man with a smile on his face, he hoped didn't come off as threatening. Lewis sat down next him, "So look I would rather not get into things here, but if you want to go outside that'd be fine...uh I'll be gone in a week or so if that makes a difference." He whispered.
  3. Sal's eyes widened as the other nonhuman approached him. He quickly waved a dismissive hand after the other male stopped talking. "Oh, no, no, you've misunderstood me. I wasn't trying to pick a fight, or stare, really...I just wasn't aware that any other nonhumans even lived around here," he said. His voice was light and airy, but his tone was serious. Even though most people lived completely unaware of the existence of nonhumans, he said the word in a hushed tone, lest someone was listening in on them. The last thing Sal wanted was to start a fight, in any situation, especially since he owned a store in the area.

    He took a sip of his drink and exhaled deeply, before looking up at the other male, this time with a softer expression. He idly scratched his neck, where the band-aid covered his bite marks. "So, what does bring you here, stranger? That is, of course, if you don't mind me asking."

    He hadn't intended on engage in conversation. Originally, it was going to be the usual process. Walk in, grab a drink, grab a person, and get them alone. If anything, his hunger was a constant reminder of his true goal. But now, his attention was diverted by curiosity. What type of creature is this guy? He's definitely not a vampire. Why is he here? Is he hunting, too? These were all questions surging through Sal's head, but he forced himself to shake them away and be patient. All things revealed themselves in time, anyway.
  4. Lewis watched him carefully he seemed to be telling the truth. He relaxed a little but kept his gaurd up, just in case that was part of his plan. Get him comfortable then strike. "Really? Well uh good I guess..." His reaction was still a bit odd to Lewis, the guy seemed frimilar with the bartender. Not to mention he was more than likely in this guy's turf so why didn't the guy want to fight and show him who was boss? He have to keep an eye on this one.

    He watched him take a drink, and his expression change. Lewis shrugged like it should have been obvious, "I was hot and thirsty. Some of the guys mentioned this was a good place to hang out so I followed them here." He eyed the man up and down, and then frowned, "You meant the town, didn't you not the bar, man I can be dense. I was bored, and needed to get some more cash, this was the first town i found a job in." He answered matter of factly. He felt he hadn't given him to much information to make him a threat.

    "It seems like your frimilar with the area, is there anything fun or interesting to do while I'm here?" He asked looking around this encounter was the most exciting thing that had happened happened. "Not that I'll stay her permanently...I'm just bored is all." He quickly added. The guy didn't seem to territorial but that could change if he felt like he was trying to stay longer. Sure a fight would be fun and exciting but we'll he was still trying to place what this guy's was. I should know what he is I've smelled it before, should I keep talking with him? Will he attack me if I leave or if I stay? Lewis needed answers so he opted to stay next the guy for now.
  5. Sal finished off his drink and relaxed, leaning on the counter with his head propped up by his hand. The slight burn sent a warmth through his body that contrasted with his natural coldness. It was strange, being a vampire in a hot place. He'd think that by now, he'd be used to it, but he never quite was. Fun and interesting? Here? Hmmm...

    "Yeah, I've actually been living here for the past..." he paused and looked up, at nothing really, "oh, I don't know, four years?"

    Sal himself wasn't a very territorial being; he didn't care who or what passed through his city of residence. However, if this guy were to claim this spot as his own, that would probably cause a problem for the vampire. At least he really didn't seem to want to stay there; Sal guessed he could work with that. Especially if he wanted to find something interesting...

    His face changed yet again, this time showing off the first hints of a smile. "But if you're looking for something...out of the ordinary, you should stop by Salamander's Travels. It's my antique shop - a collection of the many things I have accumulated over the course of my travels. Most of them have an extraordinary connection to ancient civilizations, specifically the ancient city of Alexandria. Books, scrolls, relics - you name it. And since you seem to be a traveler yourself, you might find something of interest there."

    "Sal, are you rambling on about your crazy knick-knacks again?" asked the bartender, who had just slid the vampire a second drink, one he hadn't even asked for. She chuckled and motioned over to Lewis. "Who's this, by the way? Your new plaything?"

    "Cassie, don't be rude," he chided playfully, accepting the drink from the short woman. "But I'd like to know the same thing. Who are you, exactly? or at least, what's your name?"
  6. Four years? Huh I wonder if I'll ever stay that long somewhere. Lewis thought to himself four years seemed like an eternity. He only stayed in places long enough to earn some money so he could travel freely again for awhile. So a couple months maybe three was the longest he'd ever stayed in a place. Since he left his home anyway.

    He watch every move the other made ready for anything, except a hint of a smile. What is wrong with this guy? Does he not see me as a threat or something is that why he doesn't want to fight? He was starting to get on his nerves. Lewis knew he wasn't the most powerful werewolf but he still shouldn't be taken lightly. Until he realized the man was smiling because he was talking about his store. Lewis grinned old really old thing if his wail would have been out it would have been wagging back and forth.

    Lewis glanced at the bartender, apparently they did know eachother well. He bit his lip at being call this man's play and let out a low growl. He turned red and cleared his throat, "Sorry but I'm no one's plaything." He said through gritted teeth. Lewis took a few deep breaths Stay calm, she didn't mean it stay calm. He reminded himself he look back at the man, "Oh I'm Lewis, Lewis Grey, I think I'm a hobo, or a drifter maybe I'd have to look up the definitions again to be sure."

    He just hoped he hadn't scared the bartender she seemed nice and was only joking. It didn't help that he couldn't get a read on this guy though. But he would have to check out his store maybe there was something in there about werewolves and reversing the curse. He would have to make sure he stay on his best behavior going into this guy's store after upsetting someone he knows could upset him. And Lewis really didn't feel like fighting now that he knew the guy might be able to help him out. Lewis finally looked back at Cassie sheepishly, "Sorry I uh growled at you...I guess I'm a bit sensitive tonight." He rubbed the back of his head and chuckled slightly.
  7. Cassie stepped back a little in surprise, and her face registered guilt for a split second before she shrugged sheepishly. "No, uh, don't sweat it. That was my fault," she said. "I just assumed that, well...Sal over here just has a way of picking up strangers." She shot a brief, pointed glare at the vampire.

    The white-haired male laughed at her. "Yeah, and Cassie here has a way of insulting the crap out of people and running them away. I wonder sometimes what she would do without me..." The vampire returned his gaze to the man in front of him. "Anyway, Lewis, it's nice to meet you. I'm Sal, Sal Khalid, as you've probably heard this one over here call me." He extended his pale hand to Lewis. Normally, he would be wary of physical contact with others. Considering that he was so cold despite the fact that he lived in Nevada, it tended to make people raise eyebrows - unwanted attention for the shopkeeper. However, he didn't feel the need to be so cautious around Lewis, as he wasn't exactly human, either. But then what is he? Sal wondered. And what are his capabilities?

    As Sal took a sip from his second drink, he couldn't help but feel a surge of excitement run through him. Finally, someone interesting would stroll through his shop. How long had it been? As his mind trailed off into his thoughts, he noticed that the bartender had walked off to tend to some other customers.

    "And to add to what I was saying before - my shop has plenty of interesting artifacts. Many of which pertain to people like us." He lowered his voice again, dropping below the general volume of the crowd. "I'm sure we're both just as curious to figure out each other's species...but we can discuss that some other time, hmm? If you come by around three, there shouldn't much of a...y'know, a crowd."
  8. Lewis nodded, and listened to the two tease eachother. He smiled, "So I look easy is that what you're saying?" He chuckled, "I'd rather do the chasing in most situations to be honest." The guy seemed harmless for the time being, and there were lots of witnesses around. He might as well relax some more, and try to enjoy himself.

    He looked back at Sal and then his hand. It seemed harmless, sure Lewis was constantly running a fever by human standards. No one ever complained about warm hands though, but he wasn't human so maybe he could tell Lewis was warmer than most. He shrugged and took his hand firmly in his and shook it. Man this guy is freezing, maybe from his drink or is he always cold?Lewis pondered, "It's nice to meet you Sal." He replied and let go of his hand.

    Lewis watched Cassie leave, she was probably alot of fun bartenders usually where. This however was not the time to be thinking of fun, at least not till he got Sal figured out anyway. That was frustrating him, cold and didn't smell right, oh and he sleeps around too. It was right on the tip of his tongue, but he just couldn't put it together.

    He put his focus back on the man with freezing skin. Lewis could hardly contain his excitement, things that pertained to nonhumans, now he was hooked. "Three tomorrow, I'll be sure to stop by. I guess we can talk about our personal lives then." He bit his lip this could still be a trap. Going into his shop alone with no one there...but it would worth the risk if he could find information on the cure. "Well I'llsee you tomorrow. Have a good night Sal." Lewis said as he got up from the bar and left.

    He wanted to get plenty of rest just in case the how passive friendly guy was an act. But he was starting to think that Sal was probably a push over. He made his way to thst cheap hotel or motel whichever it was. Crawled into bed and slowly drifted off into a restless sleep.
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