An Unexpected Joy (Romance/Pregnancy Roleplay)

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  1. I dunno why, but lately I have been craving to play as a pregnant character, or a Mother to be. PM me to see if we can work out any plot details.
  2. Interesting... I'm trying to think how I could make it fantasy/adventurous enough for me to want to do it and commit...
  3. It a not often you find a pregnant character in a fantasy setting.
  4. Why not? People in fantasy worlds make babies and get married all the time. I have a character with child.
  5. Well, in roleplays that I have been in. I think it's cute, especially when everyone starts pampering the expecting mom and get all protective and whatnot.
  6. Oh, I understand. You are looking for something that is more 'Slice of Life'.
  7. Ƭнαт ѕσυη∂ѕ ƒυη. σ_σ;
  8. i'll rp with ya. I got nothing better to do. XD
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.