An Unexpected Discovery..

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Would you role play with me, perhaps?

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  1. Well, hello there everyone!

    My name is Asura and I have just joined Iwaku~!
    I'm not too sure what to really say here, so I suppose that I'll just tell you a few things about myself.

    To start, I am a male.. I'm seventeen years of age and was born and raised in Nagoya, Japan.
    I am currently studying Language and Sociology in the United States to become a translator.. ("I would love to be able to help English speakers communicate effectively with non English speakers in South-Eastern Asian Countries!"<3)
    Over the years, I have taken part in many role-plays in order to practice the English language and I would say it has paid off.
    I also really enjoy writing stories and collaborating with others, so I suppose I prefer group role plays if you were wondering~

    (Love me O uO.. please?)

    Hmm, what else.. what else.. I don't know.. I'm not a very interesting person, haha!
    Oh! For those who are interested in how I found Iwaku.. *rubs head timidly*
    It's actually quite an interesting story, I was browsing the internet in search of a new RP site while watching my brother when he began to horse around (he's eight years old),
    one thing led to another and he ended up hitting me square in the face in the process of climbing on me ; A ;
    Then, I sort of slammed my face into the keyboard/mouse during one of my searches and this was the first site I saw on the role play site list.. so here I am!

    With that said, I hope to meet some nice people here!
    Don't hesitate to message me or something.. because I'll most likely be on.. or not.

    [ By the way, I love Fantasy as well as Realistic styled role plays.. <3 ]
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  2. こんにちは Asura-さん! Iwakuへ ようこそ!

    Wow, the way that you found Iwaku is incredible! Super lucky! We're really really really really glad to have you here!

    There are tons of group roleplays here in Global Signups! I hope you can find something you like! There's also a Roleplay Resume that you can fill out so that people know what kinds of roleplays you are interested in and what you'd like to play as! If you click on your name and go to your profile page, your roleplay resume is the last tab there. You can edit it~ and if people looking for players, they might contact you! Otherwise, you can just go ahead and join what you like, too! :)

    :) If you have any questiosn ask me! I love Fantasy & realistic roleplays as well (though I find more sci-fi lately..) but I'd be happy to hook you up!
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  3. Thank you for the warm welcome, Sakura-chan~!
    I'll definitely look into the Signups soon, as well as the RP Resume.
    I really appreciate the help!
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  4. Welcome to Iwaku! You sound like a very interesting person :) Browse around and if you see anything you like, don't hesitate to join in!

    Have fun!
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